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lost little bunnies should be careful of the hands that want to feed them

{ implied little space, sexualized little space, forced infantilism, forced headspace, non con, rape, manipulation, mind break, drugging, mommy/daddy kink, kidnapping (?), more tags added later }
“what about that one?” taehyung pointed out to jimin.

from between the stacks of tomatoes and herb plants, jimin peeks over at the boy that’s caught his lover’s attention.
the boy is small, skinny, with unruly curls that he hides behind. he wears a very worn oversized black hoodie that gives him the cutest little sweater paws that he subtly chews on and his little feet point inward towards each other.

his appearance riles up a darkness in jimin
the boy is currently standing next to a produce shelf that contains bananas, apples and oranges with a sign that says:

“parents! kids may enjoy one free piece of fruit from this bin as a healthy snack.”
jimin and taehyung notice that the boy nervously looks around and hovers a little hand, curiously covered in bruises and cuts, over the banana and apple, as if he’s not quite sure which one to choose or
if he’s allowed since he’s not here with a parent and he may be too “old” to be a kid. he bites his lower lip at his inner conflict. and jimin wants to bite that lower lip for him.
the boy grabs an orange, eyes fluttering closed momentarily at how it fits so perfectly in his little hand. he holds the small round object in between his two little hands and gently rolls it over his lips and cheeks,
cooing at it, like he’s petting the most adorable little baby bunny he’s ever seen.

all that time debating between a banana and apple, only to choose the orange makes taehyung and jimin chuckle.
the boy walks away, rather hobbles as if tripping over his own little feet, sticking to the edges of the grocery store aisles while he peels his treat, little pink tongue darting out in concentrated effort.
the silence and watchful dark glint in jimin’s eyes tells taehyung that he’s interested.

very interested.

wordlessly, jimin and taehyung follow the little boy throughout the store, ignoring the shopping they originally came there for.
today is sample sunday and the store was offering samples of food in almost every aisle. while the boy patiently waits in line while nibbling on his sleeve for a sample of a pasta dish, it becomes evidently clear that this boy must not have the means for food.
he doesn’t even have a basket for items and doesn’t seem to be carrying money to purchase anything.
as the boy greedily finishes his pasta sample near the side of the aisle, jimin walks over and purposely reaches for a jar of garlic roasted pasta sauce right over the boy’s head, coming within inches of the boy.
the sudden closeness alarms the boy and he looks up through his messy curls to see a beautiful man staring back at him and his eyes go wide and he stops in his tracks, cheeks stuffed full of, admittedly yummy, pasta.
jimin notices the way the boy gawks at him and cheekily says, “sorry, excuse me.” while languidly draping his eyes up and down the boy’s body, internally undressing him, holding his gaze for longer than necessary.
the boy is completely oblivious to jimin’s sneaky ways but not to his charm. before turning back to his cart, jimin boldly takes his thumb and wipes a bit of rogue pasta sauce from the boy’s mouth and achingly slow, sucks it off his own finger.

and walks back to taehyung who’s grinning at the boy and they take one more glance at the boy as they saunter over to the next aisle. the boy is absolutely shocked. just standing there in the pasta aisle like he short circuited.

face as red as the sauces behind him.
the next time jimin and taehyung encounter the boy, jimin purposely bumps into him as the boy tries a sample of iced chocolate soy milk, effectively spilling it all over the boy’s hoodie.
“oh my! i’m so sorry!” jimin feigns concern. “please, let us help you!” and before the boy could protest, jimin and taehyung grab his surprisingly tiny little wrists and drag him to the bathroom, leaving their cart stranded in the aisle.
as they walk into the multi stall bathroom, taehyung subtly locks the door behind them.

jimin and taehyung rush to crowd the boy into a corner and jimin grabs some paper towels to soak up the milk from his hoodie.
jimin sneakily lifts the boy’s hoodie and oh! he’s not wearing a shirt underneath! he gently grazes his hand over the boy’s bruised waist, eliciting a shiver and a quiet little whimper.
the boy tries to distract from his response by pulling down his hoodie, but taehyung grabs his chin, gently brushing back his messy curls, and dabs a dampened towel over his cheeks to remove the sticky chocolate almond milk.
taehyung moves closer to the boy, hips barely touching, a leg between the boy’s that forces him to stand taller on his little tippy toes, and their faces so close that he can hear the boy’s breath hitch.

lips dangerously close.
taehyung makes a move as if to kiss the boy, and the boy instinctively closes his eyes and grips onto jimin’s shirt in anticipation.

but the kiss never comes.
and jimin ghosts his hand over the boy’s chest, just barely touching a nipple. and the boy gasps at the unexpected touch and his eyes fly open, taehyung teasingly grinning back at him.
the boy is embarrassed.

mortified at his own eagerness and his reactions. wishes the floor would swallow him whole.

why would a stranger want to kiss him? and yet he’s the prettiest shade of flushed pink from all the attention and hands touching him.
he shrinks in on himself in an effort to hide his blush, but that only entices jimin and taehyung to press further.
“what’s your name?” asks taehyung.

the boy doesn’t say anything, just nibbles on his lower lip, looking off to the side.

but taehyung’s grip on the boy’s chin stays firm and he gives him a little shake.
“i said. what’s your name?” taehyung asks again, gently squeezing the boy’s face into a pout.

“mmhm!” the boy struggles to say between his squished cheeks. “n-n-name? um, i, ummm, ‘m jungk-...umm..jungkook.”
“good boy.” taehyung playfully slaps kookie’s soft cheek as he lets go and the boy blushes and smiles at the praise.

“i’m taehyung and he’s jimin. remember our names.”
“jimin and taehyung, jimin and taehyung...” the boy quietly repeats.

“i’m really sorry, kookie,” jimin interrupts with a sigh. “but i think we’ll need to wash your hoodie for you.” kookie bites his bottom lip and blushes at the mention of his new nickname.
“is that alright?” jimin asks, gauging the boy’s thoughts. “why don’t you come to our place and we can wash this for you and you’ll be as good as new?”

“...ummm,” the boy quietly responds, brushing at his hoodie. “...is ok...y-you don’t have to...”
“no it’s not,” jimin answers. “please. let us wash it for you. you can come home with us and we’ll even make dinner for you as an apology.”

hook, line and sinker.
the thought of another meal catches the boy’s attention and he nods in agreement.

the boys exit the bathroom, taehyung taking hold of one of kookie’s tiny little hands. and kookie marvels at the warmth of taehyung’s much larger hand /actually holding/ his.
jimin and taehyung finish shopping while the boy obediently tries to follow them, tugged along by taehyung despite that he occasionally trips over his own feet, nibbling on his sweater paws.
at the checkout, the boy’s pile all the food for tonight’s dinner on the belt. and lastly, taehyung places a box of condoms down for check out, chuckling at the boy’s reaction.
kookie’s eyes go wide and he swallows thickly. looking back and forth between the smug smiles on their faces.

“don’t worry, little one,” jimin winks. “you won’t be needing these.”
“ok-k-ay jimin...” blushes kookie, missing the underlying lilt behind those words, focusing only on the effect the words “little one” have on him.
once checked out, they quickly exit the automatic double doors and as they near the end of the grocery store side walk, kookie goes still.

they only notice once taehyung doesn’t feel kookie moving with him, only slightly yanked downwards.
taehyung looks down and sees that kookie’s fallen on the hard floor.

he irritatedly tugs on the boy’s arm, motioning him to move, trying to ignore the passing onlookers. quiet little whimpers come from kookie’s direction.
“what’s wrong?” asks taehyung with more irritation than concern.

but kookie is silent.

“kookie, i believe taehyung asked you a question.” jimin sighs as he kneels to his level.

“...ummm...h-h-h...urt..” kookie manages.
jimin runs his hand through his blonde locks and pulls the boy up his other arm until they’re eye to eye.

“don’t cause a scene.”

kookie frowns, pouts a little, heart aching and little fingers tingling at having disappointed and angered his new friends.
so he tries, he really tries so very hard to walk properly as he’s quickly ushered toward their car. doesn’t understand why they seem to want to leave so quickly.
when the boys load kookie in the back seat, he starts fidgeting. somehow doesn’t really like the feeling of his pants crinkling where he sits, trying to fix his pants. but jimin smacks his little bruised hands away so he can properly fasten him in the seat.
“stay. still.” he sternly instructs.

and kookie immediately obeys, quietly repeating those words to himself until they fade because he’s distracted again.
he looks at jimin.

he’s so close.

he smells so nice, warm and comforting that barely hides a heavy, musky and dark scent underneath. skin so beautiful, so pure like porcelain, blonde hair so pretty and shiny and fluffy.

and those lips. so pretty and pink and so.

they must feel so soft, he thinks. he doesn’t realize he’s staring. caught in a daze, mind blank at the beautiful man before him. he doesn’t want to stop looking at jimin. and he blushes once again at how beautiful he is. an angel before him.
jimin finally looks at kookie, face less than an inch away from his. he looks at the boy’s big doe eyes and long lashes through his messy curls, and then trails his eyes to his little mouth.

how perfectly tiny.

he’s definitely going to bite it whether kookie likes it or not.
“where w-we go jimin?” kookie finally asks in a quiet whisper, heart in his throat, subconsciously playing with his delicate yet bruised little fingers.

“home.” jimin whispers back.

a hint of lust hidden within those eyes that again, kookie doesn’t understand.
“...is...fun there?”

“oh /very/ fun, little one.”

“okay!” kookie excitedly squeals, kicking his feet up.
“okay okay okay, jimin an taehyung say is fun. is fun, is fun, is fun...” kookie mumbles, gently rocking himself, seemingly forgetting where he is, pawing at his ears with excitement and nibbling on his left sweater paw.

jimin and taehyung smile as they look down at the boy.
“there’s something wrong with the boy jimin.” taehyung whispers as they’re in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“i’ve noticed that too,” he answers, glancing at the boy, who they’ve busied with some paper and colouring pencils.
“look at him, he’s going nuts with those colouring pencils you gave him.”

“i think we picked a good one, jimin-ah.”
jimin peers over at the dining table at their new guest and indeed he does see that he’s furiously colouring. holding the colouring pencils so hard in his little fist that jimin thinks they might actually snap.
and because they don’t reach the ground, he’s gently swaying his little feet back and forth, in those dirty, loose and untied shoes. ripped shoestrings swaying in time. his little pink tongue darts out with that same concentrated effort like earlier.
with a curiously uncoordinated motion, he tries to tuck his long messy wavy hair behind one ear but it just keeps falling back over his large doe eyes. so he huffs and blows upwards intermittently to get them out of the way but they keep falling back onto his cherubic little face
“he’s perfect. but i’m really curious who put those bruises on this boy.”

“yeah. too bad huh? ” taehyung says with a cocked brow.

“LOOK!” screams kookie from the dining table. “LOOK LOOK JIMIN AN TAEHYUNG! PLEASE LOOK!”
jimin and taehyung quickly whip their heads around, startled by the sudden high pitched squeal coming from the other room.
kookie’s holding up his drawing, tapping on it with an unusual amount of excitement. eyes so wide, chest puffed up and a smile from ear to ear. impatiently waiting for their responses to his masterpiece.

jimin and taehyung exchange quick glances, not knowing how to respond.
“that’s a very cute little bunny, kookie.” jimin finally says, approaching the younger boy.

“what’s his name?”

the boy’s brows furrow in deep concentration for a few seconds.
“um...uh...c-cooky! him COOKY!” the boy comes up with. and then takes a deep breath, bouncing in his chair, tapping on his picture and continues, “an an an...LOOK I GIVE HIM LIL HEART ON HIM LIL BUTT TOO!”

kookie’s voice rings shrill in jimin’s ears, especially from this close.
“he is very cute kookie.” jimin praises. “you did a very good job. we’re really proud of you.” and kookie blushes from the praise, something that jimin doesn’t miss.
“hey kookie? can you use your inside voice for us? you don’t need to shout for us, we’re right here. you just need to call for us and we’ll come to you, okay?”
“oh...okay. i’m sorry jimin. i’m sorry. ‘m sorry...” the boy quietly keeps repeating. face showing all signs of disappointment in himself for annoying his friends.
jimin kneels down next to kookie so that the younger boy can look down at him, gently tucking his messy dirty curls behind his left ear.

the boy darts his eyes away and bites his left sweater paw as a blush peeks through his cheeks once again.
‘what a shame, it’s such a cute ear too’ jimin thinks as he places his other hand on kookie’s leg, right above his knee and gently strokes and grips a little farther up his surprisingly thin leg.
and kookie grips his picture so hard he almost rips a hole in it, blush growing another two shades deeper. he tenses but leans into the touch and he quickly licks his pink lips as he shakily exhales in response.
‘just as i thought,’ he thinks as a few vivid images flash in front of jimin’s mind.
“don’t worry kookie,” jimin coos out loud, doing his best to give the boy gentle, understanding eyes. “you didn’t know. but that’s alright, you’re learning ok? you’ve got a lot to learn and taehyung and i will teach you everything from now on. how does that sound?”
‘so so much to learn.’

kookie perks up immediately, sweater paws tapping on his ears with fervent excitement.
“yes! yes yes yes! want to learn!” kookie whisper-shouts at jimin. “please teach kookie! please?” and before jimin can answer kookie brings his little finger up to his mouth to shush himself in an effort to display that he’s learning to be quiet.
taehyung quietly coughs to announce his presence and jimin looks over at his lover and smiles while kookie is still staring at jimin.

“dinner’s ready.”
there’s a huge spread of food before them, winter melon soup, galbi and samgyeopsal, soft fluffy white rice and small dishes of kimchi, marinated beansprouts and pickled radishes. as soon as the smell wafts over to his little nose, kookie’s eyes light up.
he’s staring so intently at the food, little tongue popping out like he’s about to lick his lips but he doesn’t. he’s bubbling with excitement because he’s never ever seen this much food before and doesn’t even know where to start.
kookie motions to grab a spoon but he’s met with a tap on his small hand. taehyung takes it upon himself to lift the boy, who makes a small squeak, and places him right on his knee. he bobs his knee up and down a few times and it makes kookie giggle and settle down.
“little boy’s don’t feed themselves now do they?” taehyung asks.

“...not a little...boy...” kookie shyly responds looking down while he busies himself to play with his sweatshirt sleeves.
taehyung runs a finger along kookie’s jaw and lifts his face as he grabs a bit of galbi and rice on a spoon and playfully swirls it in the air, taking joy in watching kookie eagerly follow it with his eyes and mouth.
finally, he places the spoon gently into kookie’s eagerly waiting mouth.

‘the things i will do to that mouth’ taehyung thinks to himself.

“are you sure you’re not a little boy? you sure do seem to enjoy being fed like one.”
“mmnoth!” kookie says, cheeks stuffed with food in such a cute way.
they carry on like this for a while, taehyung rubbing small circles into kookie’s back, bite after bite with a fit of giggles mixed in as jimin watches with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes from the nearby seat, languidly dragging a finger over the lip of his glass.
he doesn’t notice when taehyung’s hand moves further and further down kookie’s back until he once again bounces the boy up enough to slide his hand underneath to cup his soft little butt.
and cup he does, fingers firmly grasped onto the boy. fingers especially close to a very sensitive spot. kookie nearly chokes on his food at the touch.

“taehyung...w-what..?” he stumbles out.
“just need to get a better grip on you so you don’t fall backwards and hurt yourself.” he easily replies with a cocked brow, looking at kookie’s lips.

an answer which jimin chuckles at in the background.
“oh okay! thank you taehyung!” kookie excitedly says after a moments pause, sweater paws once again tapping on his little ears, thankful that his friend is so mindful of his safety.
kookie is beside himself!

he’s got new friends who are so nice to him and invited him into their lovely, warm and safe home. and they even made dinner for him and they are feeding him too!
a few more bites in, and sleep suddenly starts to creep into kookie’s vision.

he tries so hard to fight it, but his eyes become heavy with sleep. he chews a little slower now, and starts to slump a little in taehyung’s hold.
jimin motions to remove kookie’s sweatshirt, making sure to ghost his hands all over the boy’s upper body as he does so.

gentle, warm touches that lull him closer and closer to slumber.
and kookie so easily lets him, sleep crashing over him like big ocean waves. kookie leans into taehyung for warmth and support, head softly laying on his shoulder.
“just one more bite, baby.” taehyung softly whispers into the boy’s disheveled curls in between gentle kisses as kookie hums at the sweet term of endearment.

and he obliges, lazily opening his mouth to swallow whatever’s on the spoon.
“chew.” and he does.

“swallow.” and so he does.

“good boy.”

kookie gives a small smile as he finally lets himself drift off to slumberland, not caring that he’s still in taehyung’s lap.
and kookie misses how painfully obvious it was that neither jimin nor taehyung have taken one bite of their shared dinner.
and down the hallway, out of sight, jimin tosses the boy’s worn sweatshirt into their trash bin.

he won’t need it.

not with what they plan on doing with their new toy.
it takes a while, but eventually kookie wakes up.

he blinks away the remnants of sleep until he realizes that he’s laying down on something soft.
he finally registers that it’s a bed and starts to stretch and squirm to take in its softness but he stops when he feels a cold draft blow over his little body.

he looks down and finds that he’s completely naked.

not a single thread of clothing on him.
and he also notices that taehyung’s hovering over him like a starved predator who finally caught its prey.
his eyes are wide with panic and before kookie can move to cover what’s left of his dignity, before kookie can speak, taehyung firmly grips his chin and forces it to his right.

forcing him to look at jimin, who’s now silently sitting in a chair looking back at him.
relaxed in a plush armchair, legs crossed, right arm draped over the arm rest. jimin’s left elbow propped up, delicate fingers now dressed with shiny rings that cup his sharp jaw. middle finger caressing his plush lips.

the same lips that just earlier made kookie blush.
but his eyes.

his eyes show something that kookie hadn’t seen before. they’re heavy lidded, eyes solely focusing on kookie, boring holes into his. his beautiful face void of any visible emotion.

and yet, kookie can feel anger radiating off jimin.
it sends shivers throughout his little body. makes him hyper aware of his own heavy breathing in an otherwise very silent room.

and kookie wants to look away.

he doesn’t like the way jimin’s gaze makes him feel.
“tsk tsk” tuts jimin. the deepness in his voice frightens kookie. it’s not the same gentle light voice he heard earlier.

“we’ve seen something very interesting, isn’t that right taehyung?”
and taehyung yanks kookie’s face to look at his.

“yes we did. and wow jungkook. who knew?” taehyung smiles at kookie.

he pushes his face back to look at jimin.
jimin runs a hand through his blonde hair, sighs and leans forward in his chair, spreading his legs and leaning both elbows on his knees, fingers intertwined.
“we’ve seen some...unexpected things on your little body. besides the obvious marks on your hands and your body, you seem to have some cuts and bruising on your tight little asshole, jungkook.”
fear pierces his heart, air quickly rushing out of his tiny little lungs.

mortification and sheer panic running through every vein in his little body.
and above all, it’s the second time they’ve used his proper name. and he doesn’t like it.

he prefers to be called kookie. likes the way it sounds softer, there’s a gentleness, a warmth to it as if he was getting praised for having done something good.
“what /have/ you been up to jungkook?” jimin teases.

jimin slowly walks over towards kookie’s head, gently running a hand through his disheveled hair until he’s cupping his soft cheek.
‘this has to be a nightmare, it has to be,’ kookie thinks. he prays that jimin will rescue him from this horrid nightmare. help him wake up.

“but i guess that doesn’t matter now does it, jungkook?
taehyung runs his nails along kookie’s chest and it elicits a little hiss and induces more fear in him.

“not. yet.”

jimin commands taehyung even though he’s still staring at the boy. and kookie swears he hears taehyung whine.
“it’s a shame, you know,” he says, kneeling so he’s eye level with the boy, and a disappointing sigh escapes his beautiful lips.

“a real shame that we weren’t the first to ruin you.”
the room is quiet, save for kookie’s heartbeat in his ears.

kookie doesn’t understand.

kookie is so confused and he’s so so scared.
why are his friends scaring him? why are his friends being mean to him?

is it because he was greedy and ate their food? was he a rude guest? was it because he’s ugly? is it his dirty hair and torn clothes?
and before he can ask them what he did, jimin speaks to taehyung.

“go ahead.”

kookie tries to look at taehyung. to beg him to stop being mean to him, but before he can really turn his head, jimin snaps it back to face him.

“keep your eyes focused on me. at all times.”
“j-j-jimin, please...” voice shaky, hopes that jimin will stop taehyung because he knows he can’t articulate his pleas well enough with how fast he’s saying it all. “please, p’ease, p’ease. m sorry, m sorry, so sorry for what i do..i didn-“
thin arms flail around, little hands unsure where to grab. so jimin does it for him and grips both little hands in his own and pins them to the boy’s chest.
taehyung sloppily lets his spit slip from his mouth to land right on kookie’s bruised little asshole, knowing full well that isn’t enough to make this painless.
and he knows damn well that neither jimin nor himself really care at all.

they want it to hurt.

and they want to hear how much it hurts.
and kookie lets out blood curling screams, one after the other as taehyung pushes past his tight little asshole, certain that he’s reopening just barely healed cuts.

and god does it feed taehyung’s sadistic nature.
kookie continues screaming, trying so desperately to wiggle away from the pain, but taehyung’s grip on him is unyielding as he quickly pushes deeper and deeper, not giving kookie even a second to adjust to his large, thick cock.
he lets out a filthy moan when he’s finally buried balls deep in the little boy.
“fuck, jimin...please...” taehyung quietly begs, breath shaky. legs slightly trembling with halted burning desire because he wants this so so much.

wants to fuck into the boy’s tight heat. wants to satiate his sadistic soul.
“not yet.”

orders jimin as he gently caresses the boy’s face that’s now decorated with fresh tears.
“god you’re so beautiful kookie baby,” jimin quietly coos over kookie’s cries, gentleness peeking through in his voice, eyes drifting all over the boy’s frightened face.

“please stay like this for us.”

“be a good boy for us.”
and kookie pauses to look at jimin’s beautiful face as he tries to understand his words. not knowing what they mean, just taking the soft words at face value.
takes in jimin’s sweet voice that drips like golden honey and the sweet terms of endearment that makes this hurt a little less.

just a tiny bit.
but it’s short lived when jimin’s eyes change and he says,

“fuck his brains out.”

kookie’s pupils widen with fear and he tries to shrink in on himself. but jimin refuses to let kookie’s face turn from his.

he wants to watch every emotion that passes through the boy’s face.
wants to revel in it.

wants to devour it.

and no sooner does taehyung pull out all the way to the tip and fucks hard back into kookie like a starved animal.
over and over and over again. occasionally grinding his hips in circular motions as he digs deeper into the boy’s guts, wishing he could fuck into his stomach. he slams his hips into kookie, each one harder than the last.

he wants to drill hatred into the boy.
wants to make the boy hate them with each thrust.

wants to feel the boy’s hatred. taste it.

kookie cries and wails. he doesn’t know why his friends are being so mean to him. why would they want to hurt him? was he really a bad boy? he must be because only bad boys get punished.
“p’ease jimin! jimin jimin p’ease,” kookie desperately pleads between choked sobs.

“w-what kookie do? p’ease, kookie sorry, kookie sorry jimin. p’ease!”
it goes on like this for what seems like eternity.

kookie begging, pleading to jimin to make it stop while taehyung assaults his body, splitting the boy open on his cock.
and god does the sight and sound of taehyung destroying a poor, innocent little boy send hot liquid desire straight to jimin’s hardening cock.

the way the boy’s face contorts with so much pain and such scared little doe eyes that shed such beautiful, beautiful tears.
the sound of skin on skin, the filthy wet noises that come from where their bodies are one, the boy’s whines and desperate pleas overpowered by taehyung’s deep grunts and moans.

the way taehyung’s jaw is clenched and the way his nails dig into the boy’s already tortured skin.
it’s music to his ears. wishes he could record it to replay it forever.

and that’s a Thought.

kookie can feel Everything. the way taehyung’s nails grate at his delicate and bruised skin, the way he feels inside him, each time slightly different than the last.
the way his hips slam into his ass, painfully, even though he’s still got a little semblance of a round bottom.

he can feel every vein, every curve, every inch of taehyung.

it throbs.

it’s angry.

taehyung’s angry and so is jimin.
they look at him with such evil and scary eyes. his really is their prey, a poor helpless little boy caught in between their hands, their bodies.

like a little bunny caught in a snake’s grip in a tiger’s den. he’s so scared.

so very scared.

and the fear.
that terrifying fear that encapsulates and taints his heart, starts to firmly take hold of his mind.

fear held hostage in their hands.

and with one particular harsh thrust, kookie gasps.

he feels a sharp pain.
something much more painful that reaches through everything his little body feels now.

he’s certain this specific pain is taehyung ripping something, literally splitting him open. touches a spot kookie didn’t know existed within him.

and suddenly.

something snaps in kookie.
he stops screaming.

his delicate face softens.

free of pained expressions.

and instead replaced by the softest doe eyes that hold a sadness within them. they beg jimin to listen to him. his perfect little lips turned into the sweetest pout.
it’s the most expressive, most innocent and most pure thing jimin’s ever seen. they seem to hold an entire universe of unspoken conversations in them.

unspoken unrequited feelings captured in his sparkling eyes.

it makes jimin’s heart stop.

breath caught in his lungs.
all but silence rings in the room.

“...mommy?...” kookie whispers, almost inaudibly, to jimin as tears continue to fall over his soft flushed cheeks.

but jimin hears it.

he most definitely fucking heard it.

and it’s the sweetest, most angelic sound he’s ever heard.
jimin’s breath halts.

taehyung stops his hips.

“...mommy?...please? please, kookie hurt. p’ease make bad man stop.”
and the mere mention of “mommy” sends an even stronger wave of desire straight for jimin’s cock than before, makes it twitch with a renewed sick interest. nearly makes him come in his pants.


the boy has quite literally been fucked stupid.
“mommy’s here baby,” jimin tentatively coos to the boy several minutes later, gently caressing his thumb over the boy’s flushed cheek. “mommy’s here.”

“...mommy p’ease...” kookie continues. “p’ease tell scary man stop. p’ease m-mommy?”
“but sweetheart, you’re doing so well for mommy.” jimin counters, sweetness finally dripping like golden honey into his voice. “can you hang in there for just a little bit more?”

“just for mommy?” he continues.

there’s a heavy silence in the room.
“don’t you want to make mommy proud?” jimin presses on, playing into whatever’s going on in kookie’s little head.

jimin and taehyung hold their breaths until their lungs burn and scream for air.
“...i...do. ...always want be good for you...for you mommy” the boy responds, eyes begging for the promise of praise.

“if you hold on for just a little longer, you’ll make mommy so proud. so so very proud, baby,” jimin sings, heavily laying on the charm of his new role.
“he’s almost done. he just...loves you so much. just like i do. so very much, baby.”

“...promise mommy?...” tears building in kookie’s eyes.

“mommy promises.” jimin quietly replies, soft smile upon his face, gently brushing back his messy curls.

“mommy pinky promises.”
and with a gentle smile, jimin locks his pinky with the boy’s own small pinky. a small gesture of his promise.

and finally.


those tears slowly.


fall over kookie’s soft cheeks.

they delicately pool in jimin’s hand.

“...okay mommy...”
taehyung starts his hips again.

taehyung pants, he moans, calls for jimin as he chases his orgasm. repeating his name like he’s praying to a god. and in many ways jimin is his god.
jimin doesn’t know where to look at first on the boy’s face. he takes in the sight of the boy being pushed up and down as he’s being fucked into the mattress, the sweat that’s starting to build on the boy’s forehead and neck,
his furrowed brows, his big beautiful sad eyes, his delicate mouth, the tears that decorate his little cherubic face like little tiny diamonds.
as taehyung shifts to angle his hips upwards, he feels himself brush against something that sets fireworks off within the boy.

the boy pants and tries to suppress his moans. his reactions starting to mirror taehyung’s desperation.
jimin’s breath quickens as he watches the slight change in kookie’s demeanor.

“say it, baby,” jimin whispers, desperation peeking through his own voice. “please say it.”
the boy’s cherubic face becomes less of a pained scowl and is instead slowly replaced with the smallest hints of arousal each time taehyung fucks back into him.

“mommy, mommy, mommy...” spill from the boy’s mouth like a prayer, holding onto jimin’s hand with all his might.

those words affected taehyung just as much as jimin, making this so much more deliciously filthier.

he can feel his orgasm quickly approaching, thrusts becoming erratic, sloppy, wet. he holds tight the fire at the base of his cock, edging himself through gritted teeth.
he fucks and fucks and fucks like a rabid animal, deeper and deeper and harder into kookie.

wants to claim this toy’s abused hole. wants to claim it for jimin.

wants to feel places he’s never felt, not in any of the toys jimin’s given him.
wants to hear kookie struggle and fight while he unravels on his heated, angry cock. wants to add more cuts, more bruises, more pain.

wants the boy to feel him rip his guts out.

because he just might one day.
after a few shallow fucks, after one final, messy, disgusting thrust into kookie, he grinds, rolls his hips and cock to bury himself impossibly deep in the boy, almost as if their bodies were truly one, and holds him there.
nails digging into the boy’s thin skin, enough to possibly draw blood. refusing to let his prey go, no matter how much the boy tries to fight against him.
and yet it makes kookie arch off the bed, little mangled hands trying so hard to hold onto taehyung for dear life as colourful stars burst and blind his vision.

a choked moan caught in his throat as he clenches around him.
and taehyung comes with a filthy, disgusting moan, spilling into the boy.


finally satisfied with filling the boy of his essence.

for now.
and no sooner does jimin bite down on kookie’s lips. doesn’t care that the boy struggles as he tries to verbalize the new pain.

he swallows the boy’s pained moans.

and it satiates his sadistic demon.

just for this one moment.
and even though his cock looks like its begging to, the boy hasn’t come.

but neither jimin nor taehyung care.
as taehyung pulls out, exhausted, running a hand through his long curly dark locks, blood paints his cock and their bedsheets.

evidence of their crime against the poor boy.

new tears fall from their now dirtied angel’s doe eyes.
once freed from taehyung, kookie reaches for jimin. and he holds the boy close. rocking him gently.

“w-why would the bad man hurt me, mommy?” he cries into jimin’s neck. “why? why why why mommy! was kookie bad? m sorry m sorry, kookie didn’t mean it. m sorry mommy! p’ease!”
he keeps repeating those phrases over and over, louder and louder. less and less a question each time. his soul crushing cries echo off the walls of their silent apartment.

jimin and taehyung exchange shocked glances at each other at the unexpected new title.
but shock quickly turns into sadistic eyes and devilish smiles filled with insidious ideas.


this is going to be fun.
sorry update took so long. i’ve got lots written but wasn’t in right headspace to post. i hope you enjoy this smol offering 🐰🍑 http://curiouscat.me/softbbymint 
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