Tempted to give movie recommendations during this quarantine business.. I LOVE movies so I got recs for days..
Uncorked - drama. Loss. Lots of wine. Honesty. Growth. Paris. Love. Understanding. Sorry, don’t know how to describe it besides buzzwords/phrases. (Netflix)
The platform - horror. Unsettling. Metaphoric. Gross. Like really gross. Hopeful. Strange, strange movie but really good. Not for the faint of heart. (Netflix)
Horse Girl - idk maybe drama or thrille? Confusing. Loose plot. But somehow really good because of Alison Brie’s acting. Like really good acting. (Netflix, obvi like Netflix)
Drinking buddies - drama / comedy. About a brewery. Jake Johnson aka nick from new girl not sure why you need another reason. Sad. Frustrating. Slow. Awkward. Enjoyable somehow though?
Ok adding to this thread for no reason but rocketman on Prime. only half way through but pls watch it if you love eltons music it’s so so good 🥺
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