Genocide does not require hands-on killing: “Guns are not necessary. Mass death camps are not necessary...[H]olding back necessary supplies & aid for political purposes constitutes genocide & has led to some of the most tragic moments in human history.” 1/ 
“We’ve seen it with Stalin, with Mao, with Pol Pot, with the British Empire in India, in colonies around the world.

In the United States with the systematic eradication of the Native People.” 2/
“What we see coming at this moment is a textbook genocide, a targeting of individuals for purposes of political retribution.” 3/
“Trump has already said as much, laying out a requirement that governors & citizens praise him in full & worship him relentlessly should they want the help of the federal government.” 4/
“It is a quiet genocide. A slow-moving genocide. But it is as brutal as anything anyone can imagine. People who die from coronavirus suffer terribly as they gasp for air and as they are kept from their loved ones and denied even the most basic human connection.” 5/
Pitting citizens of a nation against each other “is one of the first steps in carrying out a successful genocide. This has always been Trump’s operating procedure.“ 6/
“As human rights activist Charlotte Clymer said in a recent interview: ‘The only way Trump and Pence can consolidate power is by telling their supporters, look, we are on a team and those folks are not on our team…anybody who does not fit the white, Christian American mold.’” 7/
“In genocides throughout history, the only means of accomplishing the mass killing and mass death is by establishing these fictional conditions. There has to be one side and another side. Resources have to be limited and in dispute.” 8/
“Heading into the Easter holiday, which Trump has promised will be the beginning of an American resurrection, the ingredients are there for one of the great tragedies in American and human history.“ 9/
“A Red State America celebrating the resurrection of their lord and the rebirth of their country in a religious, civic stew that has come to define their worldview. A Blue State America on ventilators, swarms of suffering patients dying by the minute.” 10/
“A pandemic that has yet to be revealed in the Heartland as they watch on and see if as God’s judgment.” 11/
“Trump holds so many cards, and he has already shown a willingness to play all of them. His vilification of governors and ‘ungrateful’ states should worry everyone.“ 12/
“He is so unendingly insecure, so inhumane and devoid of empathy or duty, that he will not hesitate to damn states that denied him electoral votes.“ 13/
“His work to make them the other, to separate Americans into two separate camps, has always been about this need to strip the humanity and compassion from our discourse.” 14/
“For a long while anxiety has run wild that a new civil war might break out. That our differences could result in violence and bloodshed. Unfortunately, those fears were well-founded. We simply didn’t understand that guns and battlefields of old wouldn’t be required.“ 15/
These are excerpts from @JYSexton’s new piece that I linked in post 1. 16/ #genocide #coronavirus
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