movement Kacchan makes.

"I... /aaahhggg/," Shouto gasps, voice cracking into a desperate whine.

"Yeah, princess? Whaddya want, huh?" Kacchan's voice is almost all breath, panting and growling past every word, aggression mixed in with lust and the pleasure he must be feeling.
"Shouto," Izuku whines, pushing his hips back again, arching his spine and letting his neck fall to one side. His throat /burns/ with the heat that's almost fully returned to his body. He wants what Shouto's having, not just a firm knot lodged inside of him. He wants /more/.
"/Quiet/, wait your turn," Kacchan snaps, letting one of Shouto's shoulders go to slap the side of Izuku's thigh. He jolts forward & whimpers as the sensation ripples through him. His dick's /definitely/ hard again, his scent exposing every bit of pleasure he's feeling from this.
"Aaa... mmm-please," Izuku slurs out, whimpering when another burning hand lashes his thigh. It hurts, but it feels /good/.

"Fuck," Kacchan snarls, a little laugh leaving him. "Little painslut, huh, nerd. Shoulda known-"

"/Katsuki/," Shouto growls, "shut up. /Fuck me/, /now/."
Izuku expects Kacchan to snap at Shouto, maybe slap him, too, but instead Shouto's pulled upright, jostling their hips. A muffled sound comes from above him and he jerks his head to see.

Kacchan's hand is curled around Shouto's jaw, pulling his head to the side & biting a kiss
into his lips, a low growl echoing the dangerous look in his eyes. Shouto doesn't see it, his eyes are closed, head tipped into Kacchan's grip as if his hands /aren't/ starting to smoke, his fangs aren't digging little scratches into his mouth.
Shouto twitches inside Izuku, hips jerking back and forth with a whine and a growl from Izuku and Kacchan each.

"You wanna be fucked? You want my fucking knot, too?" Kacchan snarls, pulling Shouto's head back by his braid, exposing the length of his throat for his teeth.
"/Yes/," Shouto gasps, gripping Kacchan's shoulder, rolling his hips into Izuku.

Kacchan blinks, mouth falling open a little. Like every other situation, Kacchan's adaptable as always, and his signature smirk slides easily back onto his face.
"Tch. Course you do. Don't know if you can /take/ it, though, Icyhot. So why don't we find out?" Izuku gasps as Shouto's pushed into him harder, Kacchan's hips slapping into the body above him.

Shouto rumbles but doesn't pull out of Kacchan's grip, licking dry lips & staring at
the other Alpha, eyes half-closed.

"Fuck, /fuck/!" Kacchan snarls, releasing Shouto's braid to grip his hips, fucking harder. "You.. /ngggh/... fucking like /this/, huh?"

Shouto's teeth gleam as he growls at Kacchan, gripping Kacchan's shoulder to pull himself closer.
"/Yes/, I like how you fuck me." Kacchan's voice catches, the cockiness bleeding from his face, replaced by open pleasure at Shouto's admission. "I like how you... nnngh..feel, ahh, inside me. Want- I want-"

"Yeah? Whaddya want," Kacchan gasps, pulling Shouto's hips closer.
"/Bite/ me… aahhh, Katsuki..yes, /there/," Shouto cries, rolling his cheek into Kacchan's throat.

Izuku's hand shakes as he pushes it between his legs, desperately sliding his fist down his dick, chasing the inevitable orgasm that's roared up from hearing Shouto say /that/.
"Y-you can - I /want/ you t-" Shouto gasps, cut off with another growl and kiss from Kacchan.

“/Fuck/, you son of a /bitch/, don’t stir me up,” Kacchan snarls. Shouto lets out a wounded cry, stiffening & straining. Izuku can feel the tremble in his body, spread out over Izuku.
There’s a little scent of blood, and then both Shouto and Kacchan’s scents are even /stronger/, warmer and fresher.

Shouto purrs and moans into Izuku’s ear, and he hears Katsuki rumble above them both, his scent /wild/ and dominating.

"Fuck, 'm gonna cum, take it, /take it/-"
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