You’ve worked hard all week and now it’s time for some #FridayFun! You should be taking regular brain breaks so I’ll be posting a thread of activities that aren’t study related. Many of these are online but remember to take time away from the screen
Audible are offering a selection of free books! This is a great way to enjoy a story whilst giving your eyes a much needed rest. If you enjoy them you can also get a 30-day free trial on their website
For example: if you’re feeling lonely you can check in with the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo!
Or: you can watch a play at . UK state schools already have free access to the National Theatre Collection for free. While schools are closed you are allowed to shared the login info with students to access from home (scroll down the page for more info)
Chatterpack also provides links to online boardgames, virtual expeditions, arts & crafts projects, movies and podcasts so do give it a look (and visit the pandas/penguins)!
Try a daily art challenge! Whether you’re an artist, out of practise or can barely hold a pencil there's an art challenge out there for you. Some will require more time, others can be quick doodles. Check out this list (you may need a free account to view)
If you really don’t want to draw, you can colour in! There are so many free colouring pages out there but if you’re stuck for where to start, look here (again, you might need a free account to view)
If you like to distract yourself with a good puzzle, this site ( ) is just one of the many available to you.
If you’re more of a game person have a look online. There are countless arcades games, mystery games, puzzle-based games, escape games (etc.) available for free!
It’s time for more #FridayFun! Don’t forget to take time to unwind after another busy week of studying at home. In addition to last week’s activities I have a couple more ideas for fun activities:
If you find interactive fiction more appealing than standard, linear fiction, have a look at These online stories are shaped by the decisions you make and there’s a range of stories that are free to play!
Here’s a selection of games you can play online with your friends to keep you all entertained and in touch with each other
I know that not everyone will have regular access to computers and phones, etc. As I mentioned last week, you could start a drawing challenge (see earlier in this thread) or even create your own. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn before – we were all beginners at one point!
If creative writing is more your thing, go for it! There are free resources available to download and use offline (such as ) or you could let loose just start creating your own fictional universe from scratch!
There are many free resources to download & use offline if you’d like to do something practical like learn a magic trick. This pdf is just one example!
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