There are MASSIVE protests developing right now on the Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge that joins the Hubei and Jiangxi provinces in Eastern China.

The situation is rapidly evolving.

Civilians overturning a police vehicle...
...and another.
More police arriving.
The protests are becoming violent as more police arrive.

Word on the street is the residents are upset about their treatment by the government during the #coronavirus lockdown.
These videos have already been removed from WeChat and Weibo, presumably by the #CCP.
Protests are definitely becoming violent.

This is happening RIGHT NOW and the videos are being taken down from Chinese social media almost as fast as they are going up!


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Rumor has it that the protests were triggered by a fight between the Hubei and Jiangxi police!

Hubei police arrested a Jiangxi cop after a fight and in response Jiangxi sent police to arrest people in Hubei!
This is from a little bit earlier in the protests...before the riot police showed up.
These people really do not like cop cars.
This man confirms the riots were sparked by Jiangxi police crossing into Hubei's jurisdiction.
More flipped police cars.

This is truly unbelievable!

Can you imagine what the #HongKong police would do if this happened in Hong Kong?
The civilians from Hubei stole a riot shield from Jiangxi police and are beating them with it!
*Breaking Development*

Hubei police and civilians marching TOGETHER to confront the Jiangxi police.
Hubei residents approaching the front line of Jiangxi police.
Here is another view of Hubei residents flipping over a Jiangxi police van.

What's nice about this view is that it clearly shows the Hubei police simply watching, if not helping, the Hubei civilians destroy Jiangxi police vehicles.

1️⃣ Lockdown in Hubei was lifted 2 days ago and people wanted to go back to work in Jiangxi. Jiangxi police would not let them in. People from Hubei got mad.

2️⃣ Jiangxi police invaded Hubei police jurisdiction, causing fights between the police.

3️⃣ Riots ensued.
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