🔵The WORLD will WIN this COVID-19 WAR

🔵We’ve had times of TURMOIL in world HISTORY before

🔵Somehow r ancestors got thru them & WE WILL GET THRU THIS ONE

🔵We can LOOK 2 the FUTURE with CALM resolve

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @lafleurjmmyp @sparkleloung

🔵Ff Pearl Harbor was bombed, drawing the US into WWII

🔵At 1st, there was PANIC, but the people of the free world rallied, freedom prevailed & things resolved themselves

🔵That’s WHO we are~that’s HOW we are

@OrtaineDevian @Charitable_Fury @Bluepopcorn8

🔵JFK’s assassination was an #Illuminati operation

🔵He was exposing THEM. THEY couldn’t have that, so they killed him in front of the world

🔵The MEDIA was IN ON THE COUP #FutureProvesPast

🔵STUNNED, we believed them

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973

🔵Bolstered by success of JKF’s murder, #DeepState went into overdrive #NWO #MindControl #SatanicRituals

🔵Drugs/SexTrafficking, CONSTITUTION destroyed gets next to no press attention~Why?

🔵Every1 was/is involved #Illuminati in charge


🔵How is it that we’re just now hearing about #Illuminati?

🔵 #IlluminatiAgenda leadership BOASTS they OWN the media & have a BLITZ campaign that’s very EFFECTIVE

🔵I’ll explain:

@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @HB04920973 @TWITMO_INMATE @MagaGlam
#IlluminatiAgenda #KnowledgeIsPower

🔵Illuminati MEDIA BLITZ

🔵The reporter/writer IS Illuminati. He interviews SUPPOSEDLY respected EXPERTS in their fields

🔵Then interviews a narrow-minded LUNATIC

🔵Boom~Who r u going 2believe?

🔵There’s MOAR

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973

🔵Illuminists don't CARE who prints what or if they r EXPOSED

🔵They’re counting on the MAJORITY not believing it~they‘ve been right

🔵Still, they don’t care. Their money keeps them untouchable~they OWN the #MSM~Their greatest weapon


🔵MOST Ldrs of CIA,FBI,&other agencies r #Illuminati

🔵The CIA BROUGHT over GERMAN scientists after WWII~ Many who were #Illuminati leaders

🔵An #Illuminati LEADER, MUST work up the ranks~Meaning Performing SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973

🔵Govt #Globalists #NWO have PERFECTED #mindcontrol

🔵Soon we ALL will be SUBJECTED via the microwave GWEN towers being erected everywhere

🔵The TOWERS 4 cell phone transmission relays is a COVER story. Their real purpose is MINDCONTROL


🔵They have us right now thru panic, fear= #MindControl #pandemic

🔵This EPIDEMIC Is an #Illuminati Operation

🔵Who are the #Illuminati #Globalists?

🔵EVERYONE who’s lying to us. MEDIA, BIG PHARMA, Gates, PeloisI, Schumer, FAUCI

@OrtaineDevian @MagaGlam

🔵The U.S.political,banking,& military systems r largely under #Illuminati control

🔵The #Illuminati balances opposing forces, meaning members are on each side~Repubs &Dems

🔵They see HISTORY as a CHESS game~they fund 1side, then another...

#IlluminatiAgenda ~ EVERYTHING you NEED to KNOW

⏺ #Luciferianism was introduced as a SUBSTITUTE for TRUE RELIGION

⏺All #Illuminati are LUCIFERIAN

⏺They say PRIVATE property be ABOLISHED, the FAMILY ELIMINATED, all classes abolished, all govts overthrown..


⏺Since 1917 the #Illuminati has made GREAT progress toward WORLD DOMINATION

⏺We’re in a BATTLE between 2 opposing systems: FREEDOM & SLAVERY~Christ & anti-Christ

⏺The struggle is GREATER than even a decade ago

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @MagaGlam
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