Everyone talks about how Denki will sleep with anyone, girls talk about how hard he fucked them while guys talk about how tight his ass is. Denki has no idea people talk about him like this and no one has any idea that he's actually a virgin and a trans man.

💜 ShinKami
💛 Trans Denki, obviously
💛 CW/TW will be added if needed
💛 Characters are college aged
CW: Drug use. I decided they're going to be stoners because everything my gay hands touch turns into a stoner AU.
"Fuck." Hitoshi grunted, pulling out of Ojiro to roll over and took the blunt from the nightstand. "Want another hit?" He asked as he lit the end, breathing in.
"Nah, I'm good." Ojiro shrugged, rolling to face Hitoshi.

"Suit yourself." He took one more long hit, pausing before slowly exhaling. "I've been thinking."


"Adding someone new to the rotation. Gotta keep things fresh."
"Oh! I may know someone!" Ojiro lit up, leaning on his hands. "That one blonde guy in our Lit Class, Kaminari."

"Oh?" Hitoshi quirked his eyebrow, nodding for Ojiro to continue.
"Yeah. Word is he sleeps with anyone, you just have to ask him. Plus he's a total stoner like you. Bet you could have a lot of fun with him."
"Hm, maybe I'll talk to him after class next time." A slight chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned back against the headboard.
"Hey." Hitoshi walked up to Denki, making him jump as he shoved a textbook in his bag.


"Kaminari, right?" 

"Yeah." Denki stood up, throwing his bag over his shoulder, nervously playing with the straps. "You're Shinsou?"
"Yeah. You busy?" Hitoshi followed Denki, matching his pace quickly.

"No. This was my last class for the day, why?" His hands nervously played with his straps, tightening his backpack in the process.
"Let's talk back in my dorm?" He casually wrapped an arm around Denki, pulling him closer despite how stiff he became from the touch, instantly pushing him away.

"P-please don't touch me." He looked at the ground rubbing his own shoulder nervously.
"Sorry." Hitoshi looked off to the side, starting to feel like he'd maybe made a mistake. "Listen, I just wanted to talk, ask you some things and maybe smoke a little?"
"And why should I smoke with some guy from my class that's never spoken to me until today?" His arms crossed and he tilted his hips and head waiting for a response. Hitoshi raised a finger, trying to come up with something to say.
"I...uh…" He rubbed the back of his neck.

"That's what I thought." With a huff Denki turned around on his heel, quickly walking away.

"Shit." Hitoshi grumbled, kicking at the ground.
Later that night Denki was sitting down in the common area, scrolling through his phone while Hanta and Eijiro argued over what movie to watch.

"Hey Denks!" Hanta turned around, noticing Hitoshi walking by. "Isn't that the dude you were telling us about from earlier today?"
Hitoshi perked up, glancing over towards the couches and back quickly.
"Yeah!" Eijiro loudly joined in. "I thought you've been che–" His words were quickly cut off by Denki frantically covering his mouth with his hands.
"Thought he was a WEIRD JERK? Yeah." Denki badly corrected Eijiro, but still noticed the smirk cross Hitoshi's face from across the room.
"Offer still stands if you want, Blondie." He waved his hand behind as he continued walking. "Room 295 if you change your mind."
Hitoshi chuckled as he continued walking towards his room.

"Ei!" Denki smacked his shoulder once Hitoshi was out of ear shot. "What the hell, man?!"

"What?! You have been checking him out all semester!" Eijiro pouted, rubbing where he was hit.
"Yeah! Doesn't mean you have to yell that with him next to us!" Denki groaned, falling back into the couch shoving his hands in his face while Hanta bursted out laughing.
"Oh man! You should have seen your face Denks! You got /so/ red!"
"Sh-shut up!"
"Why don't you go talk to him though?" Hanta wiped a tear away from the corner of his eye, regaining composure.
"You've been crushing on the dude for awhile." Eijiro chimed back in.

"Crush is a strong word, I don't even really /know/ the guy."

"Yet you still gush about him." Hanta teased.

"Do not!" Denki turned a bright shade of red again.
"Oh Hanta!" Eijiro began in a teasing voice. "Shinsou came into class listening to my favorite album!" Eijiro clasped his hands together by his face, batting his eyelashes. "I haven't spoken to him! But I think we're soulmates!"
"Shush!" Denki grabbed one of the throw pillows, hitting Eijiro over the head while him and Hanta howled with laughter. "Fine!" He stood up with a huff. "I'll go!"
Only a few minutes later Denki found himself in front of Hitoshi's room, his hand trembling in a fist at the door.

"You can just come in." Hitoshi called from the other side of the door. "I know you're there, Blondie."
"My name's Denki." He pouted, opening the door and stepping into the door to see Shinsou laying back on the bed with his legs crossed.

"Knew you'd show up, Den-ki." The way Denki's name rolled off his tongue made Denki stiffen up, feeling his cheeks heat up.
"Y-yeah. Well I figured maybe I should give you a chance." He closed the door behind him, crossing his arms.

"No need to try to act cool." Hitoshi pushed himself off the bed, walking towards Denki, caging his body against the door.
As he looked down into his nervous golden eyes he noticed the subtle dusting of freckles along the bridge of his nose. "Den-ki."

Nervous, Denki closed his eyes and pushed Hitoshi an arms length away, refusing to look at him when he opened his eyes back up.
"A-Anyways you said you wanted to ask me something?"

"Yeah." He chuckled, walking back towards the bed. "Come on, sit." A smirk crossed his face as he sat down on the edge, patting next to him.
Denki nodded and followed, sitting next to Hitoshi, stiffly putting his hands in his lap.

"You're so nervous." Hitoshi inched close to Denki's face, his hot breath hitting Denki's blushing face. "It's cute."
"Y-yeah well how am I supposed to act when a guy I've never spoken to before just invites me to his room?"
"Aw, come on." Hitoshi tilted Denki's chin up, forcing him to make eye contact. "It's not like you've never done this before."
"And...what is 'this' exactly?" Frozen from shock, Denki maintained eye contact, looking into Hitoshi's calm collected deep purple eyes. Hitoshi smiled before leaning closer, his hand moving from his chin to cup his cheek, gently pulling him closer, closing the gap between them;
their lips meeting in a kiss. Still too shocked to do anything, Denki melted into the kiss, leaning back as Hitoshi climbed on top of him.
Once his hands started to travel up and under his shirt, Denki finally processed what was happening and pushed Hitoshi off before his hands got close to his chest.
"Shit! I-I'm sorry." Denki gasped, arms wrapping around his chest nervously, looking down at Hitoshi, now on the ground. "I-I should go!" Before Hitoshi had a chance to respond Denki had rushed out of the room.
"You normally give me more of a heads up, Tosh." Neito rolled his eyes as he stepped into Hitoshi's room.

"Yeah well," He started as he took a hit from the bowl. "I had other plans but they fell through."
"Always glad to be your backup fuck." Neito grunted, putting his hands on his hips.

"Oh come on." A long sigh came from Hitoshi before he got up to walk towards Neito, taking his hands. "You know it's not like that."
"Tosh, I'm not an idiot. I know that's exactly what this is. I also don't care." He rolled his eyes, pulling him over to the bed. "Now come on, I have an early class tomorrow."
"Shitshitshit. Minaaaa!"Denki whined into the phone as he threw himself onto his bed.
"What happened, babes?"Her voice rang through the phone.
"You know Shinsou?"
"The boy you've been drooling over all semester?Yeah, of course."
"He invites me to his room out of nowhere, right?"
"OH MY GOD." She cut him off, quickly apologizing. "Sorry, go on."

"So I stupidly go to his room, and he's SO smooth? And then he kisses me?" As he spoke he heard a long squeal from the other line.
"I was so shocked I just kind of went with it? But then his hands started going up my shirt."

"Oh no."

"So...I pushed him off of me and ran out of his room."

"What was I supposed to do? Let him find my binder and then say 'Oh by the way, I'm trans!' You're the only person that knows, and you don't even go here!" He groaned, shoving his face in a pillow.
"Ok, that wouldn't have been the /best/ time but if you want things to go anywhere with him you should probably let him know."

"Ughhh." He got up with a groan. "You're right. Let me see if I can find his number in the class group chat."
"Atta boy!"

"Hold on, lemme put you on speaker real quick...Shinsou...Shinsou…." Denki mumbled as he scrolled through his phone. "There he is!"

"Gonna call him?"

"God no, I'm just going to text him to tell him I want to apologize and explain."
"Ohh ok! Annnd by the sounds I can tell you're already tapping away."
"Sorry! I want you to make sure it sounds ok before I send it!" There was silence for a few more moments from Denki, just the vibrations from his typing heard over the phone.
"Ok! Tell me how this is: 'Hey, sorry it's Denki. I got your number from the class group chat and wanted to apologize for earlier. Maybe we could meet up tomorrow so I can explain?'"
"Ok." Mina took in a breath for a moment.
"Get rid of the getting his number from the group chat. He could probably guess you did that, and instead of saying 'maybe we could meet up' just ask 'could we meet up' oh and get rid of that sorry at the beginning too. You don't need to apologize so much."
"Ok...hold on." He paused again while he fixed the message. "Ok! 'Hey, it's Denki. I wanted to apologize for earlier. Could we meet up tomorrow so I can explain?' Better?"

"Yeah it's more to the point, and you seem more confident."
"Thanks Mina!"

"No problem babes! I gotta go though! The girlfriend is calling me! Love ya!"

"Love you too! Thanks again!" He beamed, feeling a bit better and ended the call, quickly sending the text and fell back onto his pillow.
His heart was still racing from the whole situation, why did Hitoshi start talking to him? And why did he kiss him so suddenly?! Hopefully when he talks to him tomorrow he will get some answers.
For now though he had to distract himself so he wouldn't stare at his own text waiting for a response.
Still a bit nervous he stood up, double checked that his door was locked and stripped down to his boxers as he headed back to his bed.
As soon as he laid down he covered himself with his blanket, spreading his legs apart, letting out a surprised gasp, realizing how wet he had gotten as his fingers pushed apart his folds before he began rubbing circles on the head of his swollen cock.
A little whine escaped his lips as his hips bucked up into his own hand, giving into his pleasure, remembering Hitoshi's hot breath and hands against his face, how good the kiss felt and his mind wandered to what could have happened.
Before he knew it his body tightened up and relaxed with a moan muffled by the blanket he was now biting as his orgasm took over. He rolled over with a satisfied sigh, checking his phone to see a new notification.
/From Shinsou:

Sure thing Denki. Noon in the common room sound good?/

Denki nervously bit his lip as he typed out his reply.
/To Shinsou:
Actually could we meet in my room? I don't want others to overhear. Room 615./

Three dots quickly came up on his screen giving him a quick response.

/From: Shinsou
You got it. See you then, Denki./
Denki nervously fidgeted on his bed, glancing over to his clock, 12 o'clock. Hitoshi should be here any minute now. Right as he thought that a gentle rap knocked at the door.
"Coming!" Denki nervously hopped off the bed, opening the door to have Hitoshi clash their lips together.
"No, stop." He quickly pushed off Hitoshi as he closed the door behind him, a surprised look on his face. "I meant /actually/ talk."
"Oh. Shit. Sorry." Hitoshi nervously rubbed the back of his neck.
"It's fine it's just…" He took in a deep breath, looking around the room double checking that his blinds were closed. "I figured if anything ever happens between us I should just get this out of the way now."
His arms crossed as he gripped the bottom of his shirt. "You have to promise not to tell anyone though!"
"Promise." Hitoshi nodded, drawing an "X" across his chest.
"Ok so...the reason I kinda panicked yesterday is because…" Another deep breath was taken in through his nose as he lifted the shirt, revealing his black half binder. "I-I'm trans."
His whole body trembled as he brought his arms back down, forcing himself to not cover himself further.
"Not many people know but...I figured if anything were to happen...I should just rip the band-aid off now." He could feel his blood boiling, making a deep blush cover his face, going down his shoulders and disappearing under the fabric over his chest.
Hitoshi stared, looking up and down Denki's body only causing the blush to deepen.
"Shit." Denki scrambled to find his shirt, covering his chest. "Th-this was a mistake. I'm sorry. Please just...don't tell anyone. We can pretend this never happened." As he sputtered the words out he made himself smaller, curling in on himself and covering his face.
"I'm sorry." Hitoshi reached out to Denki's shoulder. "I just wasn't expecting...that." Nervous golden eyes looked up to meet confident indigo ones. "It's not bad at all, Denki." Unlike last night the name came out sounding so kind and sincere.
"N-no?" His body began to relax a bit.
"Not at all." He chuckled slightly. "It explains the pure panic on your face and why you pushed me so hard."
"I'm so sorry again about that." He laughed nervously. "I mean. I was also kind of freaking out because… /you/ were suddenly kissing /me/ and it just...took me a second to process it."
"Why did that freak you out?"
"I mean!" He used his arms to gesture towards Hitoshi's whole body. "LOOK at you! You're so attractive and cool! And I'm…" His arms moved to gesture back to himself. "This." He slumped his shoulders as the word came from his lips.
"And you don't think you're attractive and cool?" Hitoshi tilted his hips with his hands resting on both sides.
"Not like you, you're…" A deep blush returned to his cheeks. "N-no nevermind." Denki hastily threw his shirt back on.
"No, please tell me, what am I?"
"You're… themostattractivemanI'veeverseen." The words came in a rushed mumble as a smirk grew on Hitoshi's face.
"What was that?"
Denki repeated his answer somehow even faster and quieter than the last time.
"I'm sorry? One more time? Speak up and a bit slower." The smirk on his face told Denki he knew exactly what he said, still he took a deep breath before saying it once more.
"I said…" Another deep breath. "You're the most attractive man I've ever seen."
"You say that as if you're /not/ the cutest boy in our class." The words came so easily from Hitoshi, instantly shocking Denki.
"I-I'm not." He fiddled with his fingers, not looking back up at Hitoshi.
"You are." He laughed. "How nervous you are is cute too. Speaking of…" He fished around in his pocket pulling out a mint tin.
"You're...offering me a mint in this trying time?" Denki couldn't help but to chuckle to himself.
"No." Hitoshi laughed, pushing the lid back and taking out a blunt that looked like he had just rolled and a lighter. "You seem like you could use this though."
"Oh, fuck. You have /no/ idea."
"So…how are you feeling?" Hitoshi asked, using his arm to prop up his head as he laid down on his side on the bed.
"Much better." Denki fell back onto the bed, stretching out and rolling to face Hitoshi.
"Good." He smiled, reaching out to cup Denki's cheek. "You're cute when you're nervous, but I think I like you more when you're relaxed like this." Denki relaxed into Hitoshi's hand, smiling, thinking about how soft Hitoshi's lips looked.
"Can I kiss you?" He spoke without thinking and Hitoshi simply smiled, moving his hand from his check to the back of Denki's head, pulling him in close and kissing him much more gently than before.
As the two of them kissed Denki smiled into it, making Hitoshi chuckle slightly, rolling on top of Denki as their hands started exploring each other's bodies. Hands traveled down, under Denki's jeans, making him gasp and slightly pull away, breaking the kiss.
"Wait." He nervously caught his breath, focusing hard on his own breathing, Hitoshi's hand now out of his pants. "I've, uhm, never had anyone touch me /there./"
"Would you be ok with /me/ touching you there?" His hand reached out towards the front of his jeans. "If you ever want to stop, we can."
Denki nodded, taking in a shaky breath as he brought his own hands to force his jeans and underwear down to his mid thighs, shaking.
"Is there anywhere off limits?" Hitoshi asked, helping Denki pull his pants off the rest of the way, setting them to the side.
"N-not really." Still taking shaky breathes Denki brought a hand down, pulling his lips apart to better show off his already throbbing erection and soaking hole. "I-I like to touch my dick and...inside."
Hitoshi bit his lower lip, his fingers brushing the head of Denki's sensitive cock, causing Denki to already arch his back taking in a breath through his teeth.
"Fuck, c-can you kiss me again? It'd be less embarrassing that way."
"I could…" He trailed off as his fingers skimmed down Denki's length. "I'd rather use my mouth for other things…"
"O-Oh." Denki's voice hitched as he felt his cock get surrounded with the warm wet heat of Hitoshi's mouth. A hum came from Hitoshi, rumbling and making Denki whimper, bucking his hips up.
Strong hands came to his thighs, forcing them down as Hitoshi continued bobbing his head, his skilled tongue alternating between going up and down his length and swirling circles around his sensitive head.
"I-inside…" Denki moaned out, spreading his legs apart more. "Please…" Hitoshi tightened his cheeks before pulling off with a loud wet pop.
Surprisingly a bit nervous at the thought of fingering Denki, Hitoshi came up to kiss him. Two of his long fingers began tracing and prodding his entrance before they drove inside, Denki's walls quickly tightening around them.
He began pumping the two fingers in and out, the palm of his hand rubbing against Denki's erection.
Wanting more direct attention to his gspot Denki broke the kiss.

"Think...you could curl your fingers up into me more when you do that?"
"Mhm." Hitoshi quickly began placing sloppy kisses on his neck, his fingers instantly curling up inside now constantly rubbing against his sweet spot.
"God." His hands snaked their way under Hitoshi's shirt, clawing into his back. "Please, right there." Hitoshi smirked, pounding in harder and faster, loving how much his walls were contracting around his fingers now that he found his gspot.
Denki started babbling praise as Hitoshi bit down into his neck, sucking hard to mark up the cute blonde.
"Fuck...H-hitoshi gonna…"
"Come for me baby." He pulled off of his neck, whispering into Denki's ear. His body and walls dramatically tightened up, his back arching with a loud moan, quickly getting silenced with Hitoshi's lips crashing against his own.
"Shit…" Denki caught his breath, breathing deeply still. "I don't know if it's the high or what but...that was amazing." He pushed his hair back, chuckling slightly.
"Orgasms are always better when you're high, you never had one when you were high before?"
"Maybe once or twice when I was masturbating." He shrugged. "Didn't feel /that/ good though."
With a smile he rolled over to face Hitoshi.
"God." Hitoshi reached out to stroke the side of Denki's face. "You're so pretty up close. I never noticed your freckles." His thumb traced over some of the freckles dusting his cheeks going across the bridge of his nose. "They're like...these subtle constellations."
As he spoke their eyes met, the two of them soon both leaning in for another kiss. This time it was Denki's hands traveling down the other man's body, rubbing up and down his clothed length.
Shaky hands began working at unbuttoning the pants through the kiss, breaking it as he freed the erection, gasping slightly at his length. His hand wrapped around Hitoshi's thick length and he slowly began pumping, biting his lip as he watched the precum dripping from the head.
Rough fingers traced his bottom lip, making him look back at Hitoshi's face, eyes blown out with lust. "Why don't you show me what that mouth can do? Hm?" His voice was a deep rumble, almost a command he had to obey, nodding his head and doing down Hitoshi's body.
Needing to get a taste the first thing Denki did was lap up the pearling precum at the head in small licks.
"Stop being such a tease, /kitten/." A rough hand pushed through Denki's hair, forcing his way through Denki's plush lips.
The satisfied moan from Denki just made Hitoshi push him down further. "You like that /kitten/?" His fingers wrapped around his hair, pulling his head off his length slightly, another moan coming from Denki.
"You're such a little slut." He smirked, and began pushing and pulling Denki's head on his length slowly at first, picking up the speed as he heard and felt more of those cute moans.
"Fuck." He pulled Denki off his dick, his mouth hung open as he panted looking up at Hitoshi. "Roll over for me."
Still in a haze, Denki nodded, rolling over next to Hitoshi so he was laying in his stomach with his head resting on his arms.
He felt Hitoshi get up and move around behind him, groaning as he felt strong hands grope his ass, spreading them apart. Hitoshi let go of his ass and Denki heard something pop open behind him.
Quickly turning his head around in shock when he felt a cold wet finger prodding at his ass.
"Wh-what are you doing?!" Panic was written all over Denki's face.
"I figured you'd be more comfortable with anal since you just got fingered for the first time?"
"N-no! I-I mean…" He frantically rolled over to look at Hitoshi easily. "I mean I don't think I'm ready for that? I-is that ok?"
"Oh." A confused pout crossed Hitoshi's face for a moment before he shook it away. "No, yeah, that's fine. Should I leave? Or?"
"You can stay." Denki rubbed his arm nervously, looking off to the side. "M-maybe we could just...I don't know kiss and cuddle? Take things back for a sec?"
Hitoshi nodded, still a bit shocked, and came down to hold Denki.
"I-I'm sorry." His voice came out as a small sniffle.
"It's ok, Denki." Hitoshi cooed, stroking his hair.
"It is?" His hands rested on Hitoshi's chest, big golden eyes looking up at him.
"Yeah, it is." Hitoshi's hand moved down to rub circles into his back. "I was looking forward to fucking your tight ass but we can wait."
"Can…" He pushed Hitoshi away slightly. "You not talk like that? Please? It makes me uncomfortable."
"Oh shit. Does it? I'm sorry."
"Just... please don't do it again." Denki sighed as Hitoshi pulled him in close again. "I would...like to see you again though? Maybe outside of our bedrooms?"
"Yeah? Like a date?"
"If that's ok? Or like...we could just get to know each other better? Because I would like to get to know you more and-" Denki's rambling was quickly cut off with soft lips pushing against his own.
"A date sounds great, Denki." Hitoshi pulled away, smiling at Denki's shocked face.
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