[🇲🇾 Non-profit MY G.O | PREORDER]


RM69 each version + poster provided (included EMS)

🚚 RM8/WM, RM12/EM OR combine shipment with items bought at @Petite_Seoul

Deadline: 12/4
🖇 https://forms.gle/yTAiCBJYsYZXUJF56
Side note: All the albums will be preorder through Starship Square 💛
❗️So to secure the preorder benefits, we decided that once we reached 10 slots, we will place order immediately. We will continually place order everytime we reached 10slots until the deadline 💛
As they stated here, preorder benefits are limited quantity so be sure to place order as soon as you can yaa. Pls admins want to grab the benefits too 🥺🥺
We couldnt place order last night as we having trouble with our Credit Card transaction, so we tried again this early morning and the order has been successfully placed!

We’ll be placing the next order tonight or tomorrow (depending on amount of slot that we received) ^^/♡
Additional note:
- There’ll be no 2nd payment (aka EMS)
- You can request to pay add on tube for poster and postage later, but make sure to dm us first so we can take note on that. :)

We just placed orders for today afternoon slot!

p/s: To avoid custom, we will changed our 10 slots to only 7 slots each batch, we will continously placed order whenever reached 7 slots each batch ya ^^/♡

All of albums will be ordered thru Starship Square! Proof:
Another batch has been ordered! We will keep placing order everytime the slots are full yaaa 🥰🥰

4th batch has been successfully ordered as well! 🐣🥰❤️
#PSGOupdate for all cravity album group order buyers! Gmarket has already started preparing the packages to be shipped to MY. Anything regarding the albums we will update ya under this thread ya. Thankyou for your patience
Cravity albums are still stucked at airport and current status is delayed for few days already. Any updates will be updated throught this thread. Hope can receive by our hands faster 😭
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