We're obsessed with skilled & talented actors, masters of the craft. This is an ode to actors whose work is not only a marvel but a lifelong acting workshop. Here's #21ActingNotes

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This American actor is the definition of consistency. Giving each role a breath of its own, she is a true master of the craft who has shown that accolades aren't always a measure of excellence. #21ActingNotes
Snub after snub, she is a six time Academy Award nominee, a seven time BAFTA nominee, a two time Golden Globe winner boasting nine nominations as well as a Screen Actors Guild winner with eight nominations under her name.
She has held her own alongside other masters of the craft such as Meryl Streep, Christian Bale & Viola Davis to name a few.

Pure Acting excellence...

Amy Lou Adams.

Academy nominated performances.
#AmyAdams as the iconic Sydney Prosser in #AmericanHustle and Sister James in Doubt.
Serving range & consistency in #ViceMovie
New Day. New Actor.

With a career spanning almost 4 decades, this Academy Award winning actor is one of the special ones with nominations in the lead & supporting actor categories. He is also a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Grammy award winner. #21ActingNotes
Connected with him after reading interviews where he shared how he still battles with nausea & anxiety in general for weeks prior to & during a new project #21ActingNotes
That constant struggle hit home & reiterated that anxiety is such an unforgiving monster that even the most accomplished among us can't escape it #21ActingNotes
I like to think of him as a quiet yet exceptionally powerful & captivating genius of the craft. There is an indisputable truth about him on screen that draws us in time after time.

The inimitable Joaquin Rafael Phoenix.

#21ActingNotes #JoaquinPhoenix
The performance that earned him his first Academy nomination alongside the performance that eventually won him the accolade. LONG OVER DUE.

#21ActingNotes #JoaquinPhoenix #JokerMovie
How can you not love this man?

[ BAFTA 2020. Photographed by Matt Holyoak]
A very important moment and one I hope he will put in the work to make sure black actors who are as equally skilled and talented get their flowed.

What a phenomenal man. #JoaquinPhoenix
Boasting a career that many dream of, the scope of her films include drama,  dark fantasy, action thriller, action adventure, action comedy, animation ; it's a really long list. A child of actors she is an alumni of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. #21ActingNotes
Three things come to mind : rebel at heart, strength & resilience personified. This because of the strength required & perfectly executed in a lot of her films & because of how she continues to rise despite a troubled past that played itself out on a world stage. #21ActingNotes
This outstanding Academy Award winning actor - who is also a producer & director - boasts nominations in both of the acting categories. A 3-time Golden Globe winner with a total of 6 nominations across different categories, which speaks  to her impeccable range. #21ActingNotes
These include two of the categories she won in -  Supporting Actress in a  Motion Picture & Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. Additionally she has been nominated for Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. #21ActingNotes
Additionally she has been nominated for Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. She is a a two time Primetime Emmy Award nominee & a winner of two out of her four Screen Actors Guild nominations. #21ActingNotes #Emmys #ScreenActorsGuild
In 2018, a film she co-wrote, produced and directed received both a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film categories ; affirming once again that she is an excellent storyteller with skills beyond acting.
#21ActingNotes #GoldenGlobes #BAFTA
The impeccable Angelina Jolie.

#21ActingNotes #AngelinaJolie
I have vivid memories of sitting in front of the mirror as a 13 year old imitating some Angelina's scenes in Changeling.
She is such an important figure to me.

#21ActingNotes #AngelinaJolie #Changeling
#AngelinaJolie the filmmaker ❤️ Watching @FTKMFNetflix again tonight
Encouragement to pursue acting from Jane Campion led to what is now a 37 year long career for this Golden Globe, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, Primetime Emmy & Academy Award winning actor and producer. #21ActingNotes #BAFTA #GoldenGlobes #academyawards
She is a trained actor who attended the Victorian College of the Arts and the Australian Theater for Young People. #21ActingNotes
Spellbinding is the word that comes to mind when I think of her. Time and time again she executes performances that are layered, have depth and are emotionally engaged. I can barely take my eyes off her no matter how many other people are in a scene with her. #21ActingNotes
She is able to place and sustain emotion and tension so beautifully on her face and in her body. Truly a skilled actor....

Nicole Mary Kidman.

#21ActingNotes #NicoleKidman
This Academy Award winning performance by #NicoleKidman in The Hours. That's the tweet.
A king of the screen, this Academy Award winning actor is an important figure for black actors all over the world. #21ActingNotes
First nominated in 1989, he is a two time Golden Globe nominee for Best Performance by an actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), an accolade he eventually won in 2007 for his most celebrated performance to date. #21ActingNotes #GoldenGlobes
He's a BAFTA winner as well as a winner of 1/3 of his Primetime Emmy Award nominations. One of these nominations is for a series which he executive produced. He's also a Screen Actors Guild winner, being nominated & winning both in the individual & ensemble categories.
Presence is the word that comes to mind when I think of him. Whether he is giving us intensity, vulnerability or that charming smirk, his presence can be felt. #21ActingNotes
In a recent interview he shared that he approaches every role with honesty and a sense of loyalty to the character. And honest performances have indeed shaped a career worth celebrating...

Forest Steven Whitaker III
#21ActingNotes #ForestWhitaker
Master of the stage & screen ; this BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, Tony & Academy Award winning actor is a celebrated & respected industry figure. She is the first black actor to achieve what is considered The Triple Crown of Acting - Tony, Emmy & Oscar
She is but a Grammy Award away from gaining full EGOT status - a title given to artists who have received accolades in television, music recording, film & theatre by receiving an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony award.
#21ActingNotes #EGOT
A trained actor, she is counted as one of the most successful alumni of The Juilliard School. Alongside another phenomenal woman, she is one of only two black actresses who are three time Academy Award nominees. #21ActingNotes #academyawards
She is also one of the actors who have been nominated in both the leading & supporting role categories. She made history as the first (and currently the only) black woman to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. #21ActingNotes #Emmys
In training there's great emphasis placed on being open to giving & receiving offers from other actors in a scene.

Giving is the word that comes to mind when I think of her.
U can tell when u watch her that she is that actor who comes into a scene ready to give & take offers from other actors. U can tell that there's a deep understanding that a scene is not hers alone but a creation of work put in by each actor.

A giving actor...

Viola Davis
@violadavis We will never forget the vulnerability of this moment.
#21ActingNotes #Doubt #ViolaDavis
Artists on the TL. Never forget.

"I became an artist & thank God I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life"
- Viola Davis
Can you believe @HowToGetAwayABC is coming to an end?

In my lifetime I got to see this scene 😭😭
Recent winner of the Cannes Best Actor Award, this Spanish actor, producer & director is an Academy Award, Primetime Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe and Tony award nominee.
#21ActingNotes #academyawards #Cannes
Starting off his career mainly in theatre in his birth country, he graduated from the School of Dramatic Art in Málaga & went on to establish what is now an almost 4 decade long career. #21ActingNotes
Seamless is the word that comes to mind. He moves with ease from action adventure to drama to animation to musicals, just about any genre and medium he finds himself in. #21ActingNotes
Perhaps it's that immediately identifiable voice but even with skill & a clear range there is a touch that he brings to each project that has made audiences fall in love with his work over and over again. #21ActingNotes
An actor etched in my childhood memory box...

José Antonio Domínguez Banderas
Remember when the SABC was still the SABC and they played this every other weekend 😭😭

Bathong @antoniobanderas 😍😂😭
Counted among Yale School of Drama alumni, this actor, producer & director is a five time Primetime Emmy nominee, a three time Screen Actors Guild nominee as well as a Golden Globe winner & Academy Award nominee for her most celebrated performance to date.
In 2016 she received a Directors Guild of America nomination in the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television & Mini-Series category, for her work on a biographical film which premiered on Lifetime. #21ActingNotes
Known for her biographical portrayals , she has taken on four roles telling the stories of historical & iconic figures , each time receiving  critical acclaim as well as acting nominations. She portrayed one of these roles twice in two films - once in 1992 and again in 1995.
Additionally, she took on two roles playing the real-life mothers of two famous American musicians. #21ActingNotes
Meticulous is the word that comes to mind. This  because of the technique & attention to detail required when portraying the story of a living/real-world person. Her career is filled with roles portraying complex women & she continuous to rise to the occasion...
An important figure herself...

Angela Evelyn Bassett.
#21ActingNotes #AngelaBassett
Tina Turner helping Angela Bassett prepare for what would go on to be her most celebrated performance ❤️❤️

A seven time Academy Award nominated actor with three consecutive nominations in the Supporting Actress category and a total of four nominations in the Best Actress category. #21ActingNotes #academyawards
She is also a three time Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy & Tony award winner who studied drama and anthropology at the College of Mary & William. #21ActingNotes
She later joined the Phoenix Theatre Company before making her Broadway debut. A woman of many talents, this Screen Actors Guild winner is also a BAFTA and Grammy award nominee. #21ActingNotes #GRAMMYs
As I revisited the first film I saw her in, I kept thinking, seven Oscar snubs don't change the facts - this woman is timeless. Her work is timeless.
And as I looked at the work in one of her most recent projects, I thought this is a teacher. If there is an acting workshop to attend, it is one delivered by her. #21ActingNotes
Constantly leaving us in awe...

Glenn Close.
#21ActingNotes #GlennClose
It doesn't get better than Cruela de Vil 😂😂
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