1. #CoronaVirusIndia My reading of managing this epidemic by India. We will be recognised as a Global Leaders in handling virus epidemics. The entire Western, White & so called First World countries are abject failures. India will come out as HERO and China as VILLIAN.
2. #CoronaVirusIndia I am tired of graphs, talks, John Hopkins, Cambridge Professor, stage 3 & ‘imported’ gyan being applied on India. I am also sick of ‘Dr.’s who are NOT MBBS. Spreading panic & misinformation with a hidden agenda seems the norm. Read my observations about India
3. #CoronaVirusIndia Continuing with .....Read my observations about India... India is a nation with depth. It’s not chaos as western media puts it and fully backed by Indian anti/establishment jurnslists like @BDUTT and @sardesairajdeep variety. I am putting my theory now and...
4. #CoronaVirusIndia .....I am putting my theory now and ask entire twiretti to point holes NOW. With limited testing kits while WHO and world screamed test.....test.....test.....India went very methodically knowing that population was biggest threat to controlling mass infection
5. #CoronaVirusIndia While world was going crazy not knowing what to do, India preserved testing kits, pushed entire government and private sector to make testing kits, controlled masks, spruced up ventilators while population was still freely moving pan-India.
6. #CoronaVirusIndia Queantune facilities came up much much before anyone thought of it, Army, CAPFs and Government hospitals were prepared. The strategy was simple. 👉🏻BRACKET #CoronaVirus affected👈🏻. @StratMan001 👈🏻knows exactly what I am writing. EXTERNAL BORDERS SEALED.
7. #CoronaVirusIndia Soon as International Flights we’re stopped we Bracketed #CoronaVirus within Indian borders. Parallel large scale public education, awareness, reporting and creating organisations down to district level was going in full swing. SIMULTANEITY was at core.
8. #CoronaVirusIndia With the virus trapped in India, next was to lockdown 75 districts where cases were reported. Bracketed!!! While rest 710 districts went ballistic over preventive measures, WE STILL WERE NOT MASS TESTING. Resources held back strategically. Next requirement...
9. #CoronaVirusIndia Next requirement... was to anchor the population. ‘Lockdown’ rumours had started and people started going to their homes. First trains were cancelled then completely stopped. Road transport and private bus operations cancelled. Strategic resource of testing..
10. #CoronaVirusIndia Strategic resource of testing being used very methodically. Them PM came with #JantaCurfew Mentally country was being prepared. More that observing disciplined population, the Janta Curfew threw up NATIONAL IDIOTS. Domestic air travel ceased. BRACKETING....
11. #CoronaVirusIndia BRACKETING....completed. Now each case was confined to a geographical area. 75 districts sealed. Population movement sealed. Test kits still preserved. Govt and private sector in full swing to handle every contingency. AND then 21 day nation wide curfew!!
12. #CoronaVirusIndia TIMING !!! Every thing planned to converge on the first day of fourth week when the cases increase at exponential rate. We pinned entire country and Government has 100% control to handle pandemic. Now coming back to Testing Kits and Ventilators...
13. #CoronaVirusIndia While world was busy working out Indian requirement of Ventilators, they missed the point that we were bracketing the virus & hence the number of ventilators required were drastically being reduced. AND one requires Ventilators only once patient is critical
14. #CoronaVirusIndia So now India has to deal with finite number of cases of which finite number will require ventilators, give or take a lac or two. Production of ventilators has been boosted. Reserves are being built on daily basis but requirement still hasn’t come up.
15. #CoronaVirusIndia You require ventilators only after a person is ‘tested’. With 75 districts sealed this number is again finite. With capacity to test 70,000 per week, we are three times US and 1/5th of landmass of US. These testing kits will be used on as required basis..
16. #CoronaVirusIndia Private sector is working 24X7 to produce test kits which so far are being imported from Germany. With country licked down, each test kit, each ventilator, each quarantine facility, each hospital and every medical resource has been put together as a ...
17. #CoronaVirusIndia ....has been put together as a ... force multiplier. Today each retired medical personnel from Armed Forces and CAPFs has been asked to volunteer for national service. Private sector has responded strongly. WE HAVE WON RACE AGAINST TIME. Now...
18. #CoronaVirusIndia WE HAVE WON RACE AGAINST TIME. Every resource has been beautifully created and now the orchestra needs to play. The challenge is in execution. Next two weeks will take India to never-seen-before Global Dominance in handling pandemics. We are much ahead...
19. #CoronaVirusIndia We are much ahead... of the virus. We are strongly set in ambush position. What are threats??? We have only one threat- STUPID INDIANS. India is threatened by the CURSED THREE ‘E’s of society, the Educated, the Entitled and the Elite. Control them ...
20. #CoronaVirusIndia LAST. @PMOIndia @rajnathsingh @AmitShah I offer my unconditional free service to nation as my payback to nation. Anywhere. Pan-India. Anything for INDIA.
21. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS My take on next four weeks:

Week 1 (27 Mar-02 Apr)-Very flat curve of detection. Cases will rise but mitigation will be swift. Government control over population will tighten. Production of Test Kits and Ventilators will be a concern.
22. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS My take on next four weeks:


Week 2 (03 Apr-09 Apr) Higher number of cases than week 1. New districts with fresh cases will emerge. Mitigation will be swifter. Ventilators and Test Kits will cease to be a challenge.
23. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS : WEEK 3

Week 3 (10 Apr-17 Apr)- Higher than Week 1&2 cases however it will be plateau for virus control. No. of cases and medical set up will match right down to district level. Strong control over movement of population.
24. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS : WEEK 4

Week 4 (18 Apr-24 Apr)- Virus spread in complete control. However curbs on domestic pan India movement will be tightly controlled, international movement will remain closed.
25. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS

Will catch up around 10 Apr to review my tweets and check if my reading was correct. Till then, please find holes in my analysis. Will be happy to respond.

The first 25 tweets explain everything that has gone right so far. INDIA will win but DID ALL “INDIANS” WIN? Sadly NO. Watch this space tomorrow for everything that could have been done better. Execution was POOR.
Third day of lockdown and my take on what never got brainstormed. Soon as you finish reading you will realise it was all possible to do without creating panic. We lacked ....
We lacked SIMULTANEITY, OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking expected out of a TWO DIMENSIONAL BUREAUCRACY with THREE DIMENSIONAL EGOs. We had three weeks☹️☹️which we wasted on frivolous issues.
👉🏻PM decides to ‘just’ announce countrywide lockdown. Period. FOUR HOURS OF PANIC SET IN.

👉🏻PM decided to break the news himself. Like demonetisation it’s ‘Aaj raat 12 baje se’....It started chaos.
👉🏻No directions given for food, medicines, emergencies in PMs speech to reassure India.

👉🏻Zero state-to-state and centre-state-centre coordination. States just reacted to PMs announcement of lockdown. CMs not taken into confidence.
👉🏻Centre handling pandemic as if it’s Central Government task and states just react.

👉🏻States completely left on their own, a country lockdown announced, now go scratch your heads.
👉🏻Warning time of three weeks after detection of first case wasted by not preparing citizens. Shocking state of mediocre bureaucracy.

👉🏻Corona is not routine epidemic. Current websites cannot handle traffic. No central.....
.....No central agency with pooled manpower. No one to direct. Ministries + PMO.

👉🏻No out-of-box thinking. NDRF, SDRF, Election Commission at centre and state reaches down to polling booths. NHAI is another. Their networks.....
.....NHAI is another. Their networks and softwares are pan India. These should have been converted as SPV in first two weeks.

👉🏻More dormant organisations should have been identified and prepared for the lockdown.

👉🏻100% Railway Stations with Air Conditioned coaches should have been earmarked for quarantine.

👉🏻Quarantine facilities right down to block level could have been created in first two weeks. Lack of imagination highlighted.
36. #CoronaVirusIndia 👉🏻Logistics across country overlooked. No point permitting grocers to be open 24X7 when replenishments dry up.

👉🏻Police not sensitised on ‘humanitarian curfew’ as opposed to ‘law and order’ curfew. Police brutality is shocking.

👉🏻No thought given to domestic migrant workforce to get back home. Trains and Inter state buses cancelled pan India!!!!! Domestic flights ply!

👉🏻No control on masks in first two weeks. A 5 rupee mask had street price of Rs 32/-.

....Hand sanitizers for Rs 200/- . Black market thrived!!

👉🏻No warning to industry to innovate for work from home.

👉🏻Reducing human dependence and increasing software reach was a two week job, if only it came as out-of-box.

👉🏻Everything boils down to Country not being taken into confidence for a disaster on country. 👉🏻Three crucial weeks lost where simultaneity and out of the box solutions could have eased life.

👉🏻Bureaucracy proved that they are dummys. They follow orders of lawmakers and are highest paid national garbage. 👉🏻We Indians are used to this chaos. First three days of lockdown/curfew have gone. We always get up & fight.
👉🏻Lessons have to be learnt. We are doing fine. 👉🏻BE PREPARED FOR A SIX MONTHS LOCKDOWN WITH CONTROLLED FREECOM OF MOVEMENT. 👉🏻Districts, States, domestic and international movement will open in graded manner. DIG IN FOR LONG FIGHT
42. #CoronaVirusIndia DIG IN, I SAID EARLIER....Just being logical. Those expecting absolutely “normal” way of life from 15 Apr need to read this;
2. - Can Government open up International skies 100% and unconditional on 15 Apr? It cannot.
43. #CoronaVirusIndia
3. Can Government take risk of letting population mingle pan India? It cannot.
4. Can Government start trains, domestic airlines & interstate buses on 15 Apr? It cannot.
5. Can 100% manufacturing involving crores of workers be opened on 15 Apr? It cannot.
44. #CoronaVirusIndia
6. Can Govt permit all daily wage earners, service providers, house helps, and highly mobile population be permitted to operate fully from 15 Apr? It cannot.
45. #CoronaVirusIndia
With the biggest decision dilemma in front, what choices does the Govt have?
- Review every 21 days for next 4-5 months. Govt will see behaviour of virus during monsoons.
- Review present lockdown around 10-12 Apr and extend it by 21 days upto 05 May.
46. #CoronaVirusIndia
- Permit extremely limited sectors/services that let Government have tight control over detection and mitigation of #ChineseVirus Expect this by April last week.
- Manufacturing in health care, FMCG and ‘silent’ revenue generating sectors may be opened.
47. #CoronaVirusIndia
- May second week will probably see all government offices and manufacturing resume with strict guidelines.
- Movement within city and town limits may be permitted in first week of May.
- Inter city limited movement may be permitted in from mid-May.
48. #CoronaVirusIndia
- June May be the first month where we may reach 50-60% of activities as were happening in the first fortnight of Mar 2020.

- Normal social life may commence in graduated way from Jun 20.
49. #CoronaVirusIndia
-mIt’s a long drawn war. Brace up and help India to help you. DROP ALL NON ESSENTIAL TRAVEL PLANS, GATHERINGS, FUNCTIONS, INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ETC. UP TO SEP 2020! This says a lot. Help India to help you.
50. #CoronaVirusIndia The first 18-19 tweets are dated 26 Mar, the 49th tweet is of 30 Mar. See how relevant these 49 tweets are. I am a plain military man trained to analyse complex situations. I will again give my re-assessment since news of opening lockdown have started.
51. This tweet was dated 26 Mar 2020. 👉🏻24. #CoronaVirusIndia NEXT FOUR WEEKS : WEEK 4

Week 4 (18 Apr-24 Apr)- Virus spread in complete control. However curbs on domestic pan India movement will be tightly controlled, international movement will remain closed.👈🏻
52. This was dated 27 Mar 2020👉🏻41. #CoronaVirusIndia HOLES IN IMPLEMENTATION
👉🏻BE PREPARED FOR A SIX MONTHS LOCKDOWN WITH CONTROLLED FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. 👉🏻Districts, States, domestic and international movement will open in graded manner. DIG IN FOR LONG FIGHT👈🏻Read 41 to 49.
53. #CoronaVirusIndia Last 52 Tweets predict coming 30 days. Over 90% has been accurate. Today I intend to give out my reading on NEXT SIXTY days for India. As I said earlier “DROP ALL NON ESSENTIAL TRAVEL PLANS, GATHERINGS, FUNCTIONS, INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ETC. UP TO SEP 2020! “
54. #CoronaVirusIndia My reading is based on hard core logic, knowledge of ‘thinking’ at highest levels in country, deep knowledge on international leverages, a ground soldier and a person who, for last 40 years sought ‘knowledge’, been a student and learning from everyone.
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