View from home office, NZ Lockdown Day 1
I see I need to clean the outside of my windows
NZ Lockdown Day 2: coffee, email, Zoom, repeat

NZ Lockdown Day 3, sleeping in, coffee and a slow start on a cloudy Saturday
NZ Lockdown Day 4, adhering to the rules and going for a mental health walk through the neighborhood, nice to see we are taking this virus seriously
NZ Lockdown Day 5, I have acquired an office mate
NZ Lockdown Day 6, proud to report I solved an IT problem for a person who works in a high tech lab HAHAHAHAHA
Also my office mate broke a nail yesterday requiring sedation at the vet’s office and I am pleased/also not totally pleased to report he’s back to being his annoying, squeaky self today

This is a picture of sedated Larry, which I have to be honest, I really enjoyed
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