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#COVID19JAMAICA #Jacovid19
We now have 26 cases confirmed for #JaCovid19

17 imported
8 import related
1 currently under investigation
The new case is a 70-year-old male from Clarendon (son in law of the deceased). He has no travel history.

#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
•Imported cases: Cases acquired outside the location of reporting.
•Local transmission: Source of infection is within the reporting location.
•Cluster of cases: Most cases of local transmission linked to chains of transmission (group of related cases).

•Community transmission: Inability to relate confirmed cases through chains of transmission for a large number of cases (larger outbreaks of local transmission)
•Sporadic cases: One or more cases, imported or locally acquired.
#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
These suggest there may be other imported cases which we aren’t aware of. Until a person presents with symptoms, there is no other way. However we do expect that we will see more community cases popping up across the country, based on the clinical definition #Jacovid19
We have tested 150 samples:
• 26 confirm
• 18 pending
• 142 home quarantine
• 254 released

#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
We are expanding on readiness to deal with surges of cases of #JaCovid19

Our hospital Isolation capacity is of 150 but up to 326 persons should the need arise.
We are still seeking 600 rooms for quarantine facilities and to house persons recovering from #JaCovid19

We will have to collaborate with private sector in the interest of all of us.
We are encouraging further negotiations with hoteliers and property owners as we seek accommodations for the days ahead

#JaCovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
Rapid test kits usage are being guided by @WHO / @pahowho trainings.

There are jurisdictions in the world who are using the rapid test kits.

We have appointed a task force to review accuracy and reliability of these kits

#JaCovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
Testing protocol by @themohwgovjm CMO:

There are different case definition indicators.

- Those who meet the case definition of a suspected case: contact with a person or Travel from An Area and now presents with fever

(1/2) #JaCovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
- Those who meet the case definition of a person under investigation: have contact with confirmed case, some symptoms

#JaCovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
Contacts have been traced for all confirmed cases for #JaCovid19.
All contacts who have symptoms when found, are tested
All persons are monitored through temperatures and symptom logs

#NB: Timing of testing, is to allow for best pick up for the virus


• Stay alone in a wellventilated room.
• Always cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw it away in a covered bin.
• Wash hands using soap and water before and after using the bathroom, coughing and/or sneezing.
(1/2) #JaCovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
• Avoid touching eyes and mouth, especially after sneezing or coughing.
•Have little or no contact with other members of the household and restrict visits from friends and/or family.
•Restrict members of the household from utilising the same bathroom.

(1/2) #JaCovid19
Tests are being done on the following:
• All severe acute respiratory illnesses
• Healths care workers with flu symptoms
• Persons who present to hospital with flu like symptoms

We have material to do 3000 tests from PAHO.

We have two months supply of testing materials.

Test used now, is highly reliable due to the biochemical mechanism.

Rapid testing is under scrutiny as protocol is being developed for usage, as mentioned earlier.

We have begun to address the concern of the vulnerable population #JaCovid19
Public Private Partnership: we are aiming to outsource
some services currently being carried out in our public health, to reduce the numbers of vulnerable groups in our institutions.

This should cost 350 million over the period - starting with a 4 month arrangement.

Special consideration to Chronic, Hypertension and Diabetics #COVID19JAMAICA
Community Quarantine:

Bull Bay will complete this on Saturday the 28th of March

Community Quarantine: Corn Piece

That will continue as is. All support agencies are on the ground.

We have linked one case to the index case for that community.

He is the 26th confirmation

We will continue to carry out surveillance

We are managing process that minimizes the numbers that we see.

Important distinction between 'clustering' and 'community spread' (see earlier tweets).

We continue to manage not only the numbers but the traceability.

We are trying to diminish the exponential increase.

JAMAICA is doing well, in comparison to other jurisdictions.

Thanks to all for their assistance, support and patience.

The MOST effective response to #JaCovid19 is to minimize person to Person Contact

#SocialDistancing #GemmiLikkleSpace #KipYuhDistance #TanAHYuhYaad
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