So effectively for me the lockdown will be 5 weeks 😬 coz I've been in voluntary self quarantine for almost two weeks now😖😖
I'll post my neurotic lockdown shit now under #JogaInLockdown till Modi ji let's us out!!
Day 1/21: didn't do anything earth shattering actually! 🤔 Had a
Muted first New Year, as per the current schedule, the 2nd New Year too is crashed. Meh!! So after deep diving in my SED LYF moping, I've too decided to rise above all this, be inspired and bombard you guys with my creative shizz!!! 😈 Follow #jogacooks for my lockup recipes 😜
And for Day 1 I've decided to not show you something new Artsy stuff but collate what I've already made!! 😎🙌 #JogaInLockdown
Starting with the latest - a synthetic enamel painted "Kittie Kettle". Enamel isn't as easy as acrylic to work with, but is long lasting.
I also quite like the Warli & Madhubani coaster set I'd made... These are acrylic on cork.

Some Kalamkari patches... Fabric colours. Not yet sure what to expand them into... So kept aside for now.

And I make random handmade gifts too whenever I can overcome my laziness...
*Crochet Baby blanket with motifs for nephew
*Crochet beret for Dad last winter
*Farewell bottle lamp for a lamp collector (mixed medium)


*Didn't I say bombardment*
#JogaInLockdown Day 2/21
Trying to find inner peace aka master Shifu!! I wish I had a master Oogway to guide me 😬

Kuchh karne ka motivation nahi araha, TV bhi dekhne ka mann nahi... Too restless to read. Insaan kare to kya kare!!

Oil paint. Colorful cliche...
Yeh non stop TV/Netflix dekhne wale champion hote hain 🙄🙄

One of these isolated evenings... I did a full Ajay-Atul Marathi songs listening session. I quite love this duo. Maybe I'll do a Bengali songs evening today.

Koi gana hi sunao yaar achha gaate ho to...
Creative juices 😬😬😬 yeh wala andar jaayega to creativity andar se bahar aayega 🤪🤪🤪🥂🥂

Hell yeah 🙌 Day 2/21of #JogaInLockdown is officially a success!!!
Finally finished this long forgotten half made "Kerala mural" piece. Although not on a wall but did use the basic 5 color and colour layering rule/technique. This I think I'll get framed :)
*Wine works 🤪
Day 3/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Need to work on personal routine! #NoteToSelf

Currently doing a jiving cook with 60's Bollywood playlist on @amazonmusic
Thoda naachne mein magan ta ke chalte rice boiled over 😬 extra cleaning... FU China!

🎶 yehi kahoge tum sada ke dil abhi...
🎶aye meri zauhra jabi... Tujhe malum nahi...

Me RN 👇
These two slept through all the music, cooking and dancing!!

Kumbhakaran ke chacha hain yeh... Look at them 😼😼😼


Punjabi kale chane with chaawal for lunch (this is someone's MIL's recipe)
Yaaaay... Successfully made my fav ajwain puri from scratch (making puri dough is also tricky business) 😍🙌

#jogacooks #Lockdown21
Day 3/21 of #JogaInLockdown has been a fairly productive day wrt the things I made. One item I ate n other put on my fridge!
Yup on. I love collecting fridge magnets n shamelessly ask them as gifts, today I decided to make some instead.

Dad's leftover air dry clay+acrylic+glaze.
Day 4/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Aaj to subah se DD National pe hi latke huye hain... Ramayan, Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi, sab dekh dala. Purani yadein taza ho gayi :) Nana Nani ko miss kar rahi hoon.

Agar DD ke iss paintre ke chalte kuchh aur bhi log ghar baith jaye to worth it 🙌
Whenever Floofy comes to sleep next to me (which is like 90% time!) He has to touch me in some way... Mostly he'll put his paws on my arm like this.
Find this amusing coz I've always heard cats aren't very affectionate,it's only dogs who're touchy feely. Floofy is a dog cat then?
Haters may disbelieve that I've a great white shark pet in our swimming pool... But pictures don't lie!!!
Sunset... The Sun was a fiery ball of fire at the end of an empty flower strewn road. Followed by a yummy glass of sangria courtesy @SathayePP 🥂

Day 5/21 of #JogaInLockdown has been extremely productive so far. Don't think I've had such a fruitful Sunday morning in ages😊
Woke up with some Ram bhajans to calm the mind. Got ready n did my first ever yoga class🙌 cleaned, sweeped,potted some lemongrass. Bathed,Puja n brekky
Thank you @Kilo_Bravo13 🙏🙏 had it not been your amazing positive intiative to get by during this #lockdown I'd not have started or experienced the goodness of yoga. Guys K is an amazing teacher, so do connect with her if you want to learn 🙌
Day 6/21 of #JogaInLockdown I'm EXHAUSTED 😖😖 workout, jhadu-pochha-bartan-safai, puja, cooking, Office... I'm bushed 😭
But two highlights - I didn't give up on the yoga session(it's incredibly hard for me, mom is proud of me) & my maid called to check up on me, I was touched!
Btw Lockdown mein dana dan nariyal gir rahe hain, caught hold of the caretaker today to remove the husk as Gods & I could do with some fresh coconut 😊🤤

I'm not very adept using the "haath dao" yet that dad has bought me, but I love daab, coconut, the water...all of it! 😍🤤🤤
Day 7/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Wow it's already a week... And I survived!!! 😲😳🤯🙏

Any lots of office work today, so I'm already at my workstation (at home) and this is my tea break ☕

*Monday wali feels on a locked down Tuesday!!! 😬😬
Btw yesterday I attempted the tricky sabudana khichdi😬 I'll have to practice it a bit more before I can claim my Marathi certificate😜
*Learnings: listen to MIL and use her technique, DON'T listen to husband and mess up MIL's tested process!!! 🙏
It was fairly edible #jogacooks
Faaaaaaaaaack I'm tired 😭😭😭 last week lockdown ke start mein bahut vellapanti kari... Aaj office ke kaam ne tel nikaal liya pura with interest. 😭😭😭

Anyway got good lunch thanks to @SathayePP
Day 8/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Week 2 starts with a new month n though I've loads of office work, a lil bright note this morning. Neighbour calls me to give fresh washed n cleaned 'manathakkali keerai', she remembered my painful mouth ulcer n adviced me to have this green ☺️🙏
Lunch - rice with manathakkali keerai dal(neighbor's recipe), UP wali lauki with a Southee twist!!

Day 9/21 of #JogaInLockdown these first 10hrs of today were spent like 24hrs! Woke up straight to work for 5hrs, then jhadu-pochha-bartan-safai, especially coz Ram Navami. Then preparation of bhog. To celebrate Ram Lala's special non tent birthday, did my first Ram Navami Puja 🙏
Made halwa, puri and chane (drawing upon my UP roots) and Ram Ji ki kripa se sab achha ban gaya bina taste kiye ☺️🙏 #jogacooks
Neither my mayka nor my sasuraal has Ram Navami as a celebrating festival at home... But I personally felt the urge to start this tradition this year.
Even though we're in lockdown... Ram Lala has finally moved out of his lockdown. And it ought to be celebrated, even if not in the roads in a grand way... But in each home🙏

लोकाभिरामं रणरंगधीरं राजीवनेत्रं रघुवंशनाथम्।
कारुण्यरूपं करुणाकरं तं श्रीरामचन्द्रं शरणं प्रपद्ये॥
#CatsOfTwitter #CuteCats #catsofinstagram

Twin Lou 😻😻😻😻 squish... squish
Day 10/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Yaaaay FRIDAY 🙌😭😭😭

FUCK Friday 😡😡🤬🤬 I want to beat people!!!
Day 11/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Spring cleaning day... And it is spring!! 😬😬
Dusting, jhadu pochha, bathroom, kitchen... Cooking later.

Zinda rahi to phir tweetoongi mitron 🙏
Phew! I survived 😂🙏

Also some yummy anda curry was cooked for lunch!! #jogacooks
Made this on induction coz I've a feeling my single cylinder is almost about to finish and I'm not sure about the state of deliveries 😬🤞
Survived 11 days of #JogaInLockdown with a super hectic work week... This called for special treat!! 🙌😍

My chilly coriander prawn fry came out totally lip smacking and went superbly well with the hubby made orange sangria 🤤🤤🤤🤤 #jogacooks

Imma happy Saturday 💃
Day 12/21 of #JogaInLockdown

HAPPY Sunday 🙌 today I've decided to keep the "ghar ki factory" closed and just rest 😁
So I'm enjoying a complete "dolce far niente" of a Sunday 🙌 no kaam no cooking 😎
I did water the plants though, but that's not work! And here's my urli today coz no flower shops available ❤️

Btw sudden suddenly it's super hot n humid since ystdy... 33° but feels like 41° 😬
Time for an afternoon siesta along with my soft toys 😹😹😹

#CuteCats #CatsOfTheQuarantine #CatsOfTwitter #catsofinstagram
I'm a scaredy kitten but then I also want petting 😹😹😹

Hariprasad the stupid kitten 😝😍 @SathayePP

#CuteCats #CatsOfTheQuarantine #CatsOfTwitter
Day 13/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Back to work (and housework) day... Happy Monday!
All housework done, lunch preps on with Mahabharat in the background, office ka kaam lunch ke baad badh jayega 🙌

Some colours for the day (plucked for Puja today)
And why not some Monday monkey business?! 🤪

😹😹😹😹 #CuteCats #CatsOfTheQuarantine #CatsOfTwitter
Monday hai to pichhatees cheezein nahi ban sakti... Hence #jogacooks mein vegetable pulao and cucumber raita for lunch 🙌

But baat yeh hai ki dono amazing bane 😁 I made my style of slightly sweet kheera raita with fresh bhuna kuta jeera after ages... UP/ghar ki yaad agayi ❤️
Day 14/21 of #JogaInLockdown I finally could achieve what I've been striving for in these 2 weeks - was able to finish all washing n cleaning chores, bath and Puja by the time Ramayan started 😁🙌 boo ya!!

Ab araam se baki kaam hoga... No stress no rush!
It's already 32° which feels like 39° and 67% humidity... All this will rise by afternoon. It's partly cloudy... Wondering when will we get a mango shower and that feels good summer thingy...

Neighbor's mango tree in full bloom... I love watching mangoes on trees 😍
I've become ravenous in this #lockdown 😬😬😬 I was eating two meals for almost a year now and was doing fine... But ab din mein 5 baar bhookh lagti hai 😭😭😭 yeh kaisa shadyantra hai Prabhu? 🙏🙏

My weird ass breakfast for today 😬😬 coz why not!!!!
Lunch was epitome of freshness 😬😬 freshly kneaded atta rotis with fresh daal and aloo beans sabzi... Subah se kaam kar kar ke itni bhookh lagi thi ki photo ke baare mein khayal bhi nahi aaya 😬😬😂

My 2 fav facepacks in recent times to deal with humid summer oily skin prakop:
1. Homemade Orange peel powder+ yogurt (apply, dry, scrub off, wash)
2. Besan+yogurt+(organic) turmeric+ lemon juice+ honey (mix and apply, dry, wash off)
Easy for lazy ppl like me 😂
Mujhe phir bhookh lag gayi hai 🤪🤪🤪

One of my fav healthy snacks... Courtesy @SathayePP 🥰🥰
Day 15/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Suprabhat 🙏 a cloudy sunrise... Maybe Surya Bhagwan is also commemorating the day Kesari Nandan gobbled him up like a ripe fruit ☺️

जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानु
लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू...

#हनुमानजयंती की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 🙏 महावीर हमारी रक्षा करें
Aaj ka breakfast @SathayePP ke saujanya se 😁🥰🙌

Made thele wali chowmein on a whim... By God aakhon mein aansu agaye itne achhe bane the... Matlab perfection!❤️ Full nostalgia and craving satisfied of my fav sector 56 HUDA market greasy junk food 🤤🤤🤤
Missed @style_se sooo much 🤗🤗
Day 16/21 of #JogaInLockdown
Current mood is displayed by Floofy here...
Not feeling very energetic today 😔 dunno why. I'm still unable to wake super early, or even wake up super fresh jump outta my bed with my 6am alarm☹️
Feeling disappointed and tired... I wish for some magic
Having a heavy work day again😭 and I was cursing Murphy that why won't be take a break and follow lockdown as well... Then suddenly post lunch the skies darkened with a beautiful breeze... And now it's totally dark with thunder n breezy drizzle, may pickup soon!😍😍 Petrichor ❤️
Kaam ka kya hai... Marte dum tak karna hi padega 😬

Lekin baarish ho rahi ho mast aur ekdum suhana tep mausam to kaise thoda chai pakora na ho?! 🤪😜

Moong ke pakode with dhaniya chutney!! ❤️
Day 17/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Hiiiiiiiii PAGAL Logon 👋👋🤪🤪 kaise ho sab?? Btw there's no respite at the end of these 21 days... Just putting it out there ki zor ka jhatka dheere se lage
Yeh bade bhai aur chhoti behen ki jodi me aaj better part of the day mera bed apne kabze mein rakha hua tha... Full tyrannical family!! 😼😼😼

Floofy is a bit grumpy coz lil Sweet Potato has usurped his thrown on the bed... Aka my arm!!! 😹😹😹😻😻😻

#CuteCats #CatsOfTheQuarantine #CatsOfTwitter #CatsOnTwitter
Dinner was yesterday's lunch 🤪🤪 we both had Monday like work Fridays 😭 so extra lunch saved us from starving...

Aloo-sem sabzi, daal and chaawal. Simple and paushtik :) #jogacooks
Day 18/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Mop toot gaya!!! 😐😐
Anyway most of the cleaning, scrubbing other work is done...

Now @SathayePP is out braving it to get us another mop 😬😬 and finish the remaining pochha work!!

#LockdownWarriors 😎😜
#CaturdayEve peeps... Here's our young bridge lineup in order of seniority 😽

Floofy, the big boy
Hariprasad, the scaredy kitten
Sweet Potato, the diva(hence 2 pics)

#CatsOnTwitter #catsofquarantine #catsofinstagram #Caturday
Day 19/21 of #JogaInLockdown
A super busy productive Sunday so far 😎🤘 stepped out of the house after almost a month and boy was it worth it... I'm set for the lockdown extension now 🤤🤤🤤❤️
Uske baad I made my first ever Sambar ❣️ yaaaay 🙌 and it came out sooo yummy for the first attempt even @SathayePP agreed 🤪

I love sambar-rice and thanks to #lockdown no going out.. so you learn to make 😏
#jogacooks radish-carrot Sambar & rice.
I was feeling hungry... Yet again 😬 or maybe it was just the fish calling out to me from the freezer "eat me, eat me"❤️

Anyway I ended up making a quick fish fry using the dhaniya chutney as marinade for my evening sunset snack 😝😍🤩🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

My hubby is sometimes an out of this world genius (basically alien life matter🤪)
I've been wondering where are my everyday glasses are disappearing this last week, I discovered them today lined up in the freezer🤣
He's been freezing excess black tea each day to make...
LITs 😂🤣
And here it is... Our own version of homemade LIT 🍻🍻 ta-da 💃💃

Frozen lemon mint tea + rum + gin (that's all is available) #LockdownHouseParty with @SathayePP

Thanks P& @OnlyNakedTruth for the mason jars 🤗
Day 20/21 of #JogaInLockdown

Aap sab nu Baisakhi di lakh lakh vadhaiyan! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Aaj lunch mein bana Bhindi masala will soft phulkas!!! #jogacooks
Day 21/21

সকল কে জানাই নতুন বছরের আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা ও অভিনন্দন। বড়ো দের প্রনাম আর ছোট দের আদোর 🤗🤗

Shobai ke janai Shubho Noboborsho 🍨
1427 er pohela boishakh jeno shobai er jonno mongol hok...

Happy Pohela Boishakh!! 😊
Day 21/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Lockdown or not, my celebratory spirits won't be suppressed!! 🙌

Choitro Shonkranti followed by #PoilaBoishakh used to be special always at home, saw mom doing so much both days to prepare for New Year. This year I decided to follow mom's footsteps
Bangalir notun bochhor shuru roshogolla diye... Aar bhudi bhoj mangsho diye 😜😜😜

Was marinated last night 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Today this @SathayePP gave me New year's gift by doing all bartan, and full House jhaadu pochha 😜🤗🤗

How #Corona has changed lives, expectations, ideas etc in a short span... But who said we can't still dress up in new clothes and celebrate #BengaliNewYear in #lockdown 😎😍🥳
Full on multi level processing chal rahi hai 🤪🤪🤪 I'm soooooo Haaaaangry 😂😂😂😂
Heppy notun bochhor to me 🤪🤪 I'm soooooo full 😝😝

Chicken & Dim kosha with Bangali pulao! ❤️

#jogacooks #PoilaBoishakh
1st day the next 3 weeks of lockdown... Day 22/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Mixed feelings. For the last few days, back again to that constantly tired phase... Wake up tired, goto sleep dazed. Worries, concerns, uncertainties... Missing, yearnings, dreams.
Desperate for a normal...
Shaam ka nashta ho gaya 😸😸
Day 23/42 of #JogaInLockdown
Busy busy Thursday... But thankfully the sinking Wednesday has been recovered (though that means a very very long work day today 😬 but anyday better than stressful day 🙏)

Patidev made some interesting bachelor days recipe - phodnichya Maggi 🤪🙌
Day 24/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Suprabhat 🙏

Early start to work day... Mid-day deadlines!! Hopefully my weekend will start early as well... 🤞🤞
Only a good drink could have fixed this day 🍻

Goodbye you horrible 24th day... Cheers!!
Day 25/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Ramchandra Ji ne papi Ravan ka vadh kar diya 🙏

Jai Shri Ram 🙏

*I'm just as happy as Lakshman Ji 😁
Mehnat ka phal tasty hota hai!!

Aaj patidev ki yeh pending request lunch mein banayi gayi thi... Gobhi parathas with dhaniya chutney!! ❤️

Ripe bananas always make me crave malpuas 😍

So after good few years it was attempted again, first time using jaggery instead of sugar.

Probably look wise it's the worst I've cooked in a while... But taste wise it came out 100/💯 ❤️😁

Simple sattvik dinner 😁🙌

Day 26/42 of #JogaInLockdown
Productive Sunday so far... Grocery, washing, cleaning and all that jazz done...

And Sundays, some Sundays need special breakfasts for sure... So English breakfast craving taken care of!! ❤️


*Chicken salami replaced sausages
This Floof ball is a bundle of love... Especially when he plops on my shoulders to lightly snore and enjoy a nap... ❤️😻😻😻

Also does anyone know why kittens sit like mirror images most times???

#CatsOfTwitter #CatsOfTheQuarantine #QuarantineCats #catstagram
A very foodie weekend this was... Ended Sunday eve with a chat partyyyyyyy!!! ❤️🙌 #jogacooks

UP wali aloo tikki chaat with saunth ki chutney (I hand grounded the roasted masalas for this 😬) and meethi dahi


Bengali ghugni with narkel!

Totally worth the effort... Slurrrp😍
Day 27/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Today onwards there could be relaxations in the lockdown... Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray 🙏
Irony of my life is, I love food... Yes I'm a foodie. But I don't like cooking, never did. My bro always liked cooking, I never could. I do cook n yes I cook very well, but that's something I attribute to my genes thanks to Nani & mom. Ok so over the years my dislike for cooking
Has reduced, now it's something I do but not at all enthused on a daily basis still! But this lockdown is like unlocking more of that cook gene I've inherited, so despite the lukewarm interest in able to think on my toes n foonnovate😁
Brunch today #jogacooks moong sprouts chilla
Day 28/42 of #JogaInLockdown
The above ticker is of govt imposed lockdown, whereas adding my own self isolation days to this it'll be 41 days!!

Last night made some white sauce pasta... Coz why not? Marna hi hai to kha pi ke marenge ab !!

Day 29/42 of #JogaInLockdown
Had my first emotional breakdown last night, owing to parents' being in a difficult state 😔 Well it was a new day today thankfully, they sounded better... So I got better!! But sooo sooo fucking EXHAUSTED I'm feeling. This isn't fun or funny anymore
Day 30/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Wah bhai mahina pura ho gaya (officially) 🥴🥴

Right now feeling like Moonmoon Sen having my "bed tea" 😝😝😝
Breakfast!! Joys of Summer and small mercies of this wretched #lockdown ☺️🙏

I ❤️ mangoes.

Aaj ka lunch... Quick but yummy.
#Dusk scenes 😍❤️

#silhouette twinkling Venus

The second pic is of my neighbor's terrace... They're playing nice music right now 👌 and there's a lovely breeze blowing... 💕
A beautiful evening calls for some celebrations... Here @SathayePP continues his experimental cocktail mixer phase 😁🥂

A twist on whiskey sour 🥂 Cheers!!
Day 31/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Was this day a Friday or a freaking Monday?! 🥴🥴 Where did it go?? 🙄🙄

I'm still working... Currently on calls and cooking - multitasker Ninja mode 😬😬🥴

#jogacooks today is encore of the first successfully made Sambar ❣️
Chalo... Husband happy for few days!!! ☺️☺️
Day 32/42 of #JogaInLockdown
Mahabharat ki vanvas mein Draupadi wali dasha huyi padi hai life ki 😬
Bartan, kitchen scrubbing, brooming khatam karte karte dhule kapdon mein se pani ki tarah paseena behne laga. Took a break, drank ORS, did a work call and finished mopping. Phew😓
After all the house work and office work... I deserved a super yummy lunch!!

This 10 mins lemon butter garlic prawn rice was a perfect fix ❤️💕

It was simply delicious 🤤🤤🤤 #jogacooks
Day 33/42 of #JogaInLockdown started with waking up to a massive gale storm followed by thunder lightening and rain!!

The kittens were brought in as soon as the storm hit around quarter to 6... They were super scared of the howling winds and thunder... Now dry, fed and chilling with us ❤️

Second morning tea on the terrace enjoying the light rains, cool breeze and generally awesome weather... Hoping the rains will pick up soon!!

#Sunday #ChennaiRains
While we're enjoying the rains and weather... The bed has been totally usurped behind our backs 😹😹😹

Look at these three rakshasas... Especially sweetu Surpnakha 🤣🤣🤣
Running out of food ideas to cook... But not running out of lockdown 😬😬😬

This was missing from my cook so far... That's why Sunday lunch be Punjabi 🙌 chhole and sort of bhature 🤤🤤 #jogacooks

Wrapped it up with a sweet banganapalli mango 😁 pet khush hua ❤️
Cheers guys 🥂 Sunday over!

The storm today messed my WiFi connection, let's see when can that be restored 😬😬 kal ke to LLG, lekin aaj to achhe se kha pi lein 😎

Red sauce pasta with some shiraz #jogacooks
Day 34/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Yesterday's storm lowered the temps yes, it also blew out our router 😐😐 🙄🙄🤦🤦

Ho gaya bantadhaar!! 😭😭

Otherwise usual Monday- jhadu pochha safai all done, work also started n ongoing. Lekin yeh WiFi khone ka dard... Uffff 😭😭😭
Day 35/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Woke up less tired... But guess what.. woke up or more like tossed n turned all night with pain. That idiotic sciatic nerve issue is back... And how!!! 😭😭

Prabhu, ab mere hi pet pe baan chala do... Bahut hua 🙏😭😭😭😭
Cute of the day!!

Day 36/42 of #JogaInLockdown

What a horrible day already... #IrrfanKhan is no more. Just 53 and all the potential to last on top for next 100 years 😭😭 why God WHYYYYYY??? So many undeserving assholes who survive cancer... Why couldn't you help him as well?! 😢 #RIPIrrfanKhan
Sigh!! What a troublesome day. Anyway I'd prepared for today's meals ystdy so yes I still went ahead with them...

Lunch was a simply fabulous (I surprised myself at how good it came out) Mattar - paneer and rotis. #jogacooks
And dinner was a quick innovative khichdi taught by mom...

But the highlight of the evening/day was my successful first attempt at making "nolen gur er mishti doi" at home ❤️🙌
Well set, well balanced but next time I'll add more gur coz I simply love the flavour #jogacooks
Day 38/42 of #JogaInLockdown
After 36 days, finally nothing worthwhile to share our whine about yesterday I guess!! Missed the log first time...

Or maybe coz it was way too shitty! There will never be a generalization, but the reiteration that the world is full of shitty men.
Simple quick lunch.

Lobia curry and roti ❤️ #jogacooks
4 months of 2020 gone... First 2 in dreaming and planning for a fabulous year, the next 2 in the thick of a global pandemic 😐

Anyway hearing about the lockdown extension drove my Baker neighbour crazy. She made yummy chocolates cakes for all of us to eat n be merry❤️🤪 cheers🥂
Day 39/42 of #JogaInLockdown

Had thought of something elaborate for lunch, then yaad aaya ki arrey lauki purani ho rahi hai 😜

I love this ghee jeera chhaunk wala UP style Lauki, with arhar daal and roti 🤤
Day 40 of #JogaInLockdown
Wow 40 days of official/55 days of unofficial lockdown for me 🙄 I don't know how it'll be from 2mw but life still is a long way from normal!

Anyway last night made the Schezwan egg fried rice... Thanks to @UZingAName idea 🙌😘 *gaon ki yaad
Aaj humne finally dosa attempt kar hi liya... No I didn't make the batter (one step at a time). I'd never thought I'd actually be able to spread the dosa batter properly on a tawa and take it off... I'm so proud of myself that I didn't waste even one sample!! ❤️

#jogacooks LUNCH
No point of counting days of #JogaInLockdown now. I'll just be adding to this thread with anything remotely nice created at my end. Did some firsts and satiated my foodie cravings during this break. Midweek was a Mediterranean spread, all made from scratch 😊😎 #jogacooks
This was:
Pita bread (only item that failed the intended outcome, yeast betrayal)
Herbed baby potatoes
Classic hummus with jalapeno garnish
Paneer falafel (didn't want excess chickpeas, so innovated)
Fresh salad with Greek dressing and fried chickpeas.
Wrapped with chilled Shiraz
So it's become too hot for bananas too survive more than a day, we ended up with again a bunch of overripe bananas that I can't eat🤢 and totally refused to do fried malpuas etc. So my necessity made me learn something new - sweet banana panniyaram 😊🙌 #selfpat #jogacooks
And ysty was also cravings food day 😂 I'm finally a foodie coz I'm actually making efforts to satisfy my foodie soul😁 #jogacooks
Also coz finally the store brought in the puris!! This is "phuchka" with CR Park style masala aloo and coriander lemon fish fry😍 Cc @EsotericPhoenix
I think it's a great idea to convert Sundays to big brunch/no lunch days 🤪🤪

Another craving was this, so made some bruschettas for brunch. Paired with fried eggs and a yummy raisin escargot from our grocery run ystdy 😍😍 #jogacooks
Sed lyf coz #JogaInLockdown continues 😐 but the remedy for sedness is happy tummy!!

I'm a soup crazy person, weather notwithstanding. So last night's dinner was a cheat version of my current favourite Thai Tom Yum soup 😍😋 next this will be made with crustaceans 😜 #jogacooks
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