We love reading stories about animals. Why not watch the live webcams at @EdinburghZoo as inspiration for a story? The ๐Ÿง๐Ÿง๐Ÿงmust be having an interesting chat donโ€™t you think...? http://edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams  (58/n)
Are you a teacher wanting to record yourself read a book aloud to share with pupils? Have a look @UsbornePublishing for their latest news on permission to use their books. ๐Ÿ“–๐ŸŽ™๏ธ (60/n)
Sometimes grown-ups are intimidated by poetry, but children will dive right in! Here's Wee Write 2019 guest @JosephACoelho's collection of videos explaining poetry and reading some his own poems. We could listen to him all day! (61/n)
Write a story together! Take turns as a family writing the next sentence or paragraph. Here's a sample worksheet from @lonelyplanet to get an idea of how it works, but you can do this on any sheet of paper with any starting line!
Here's a really fun story time with @TomFletcher and his book There's A Monster In Your Book! @PuffinBooks has many author storytimes on their YouTube, so go have a look. (63/n) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=62&v=dHx_kn6MG7k
If you're not already tried out from your morning PE, here's a great exercise for your body AND for language usage! Thanks @LicketyTweet! (65/n) https://twitter.com/LicketyTweet/status/1242730505507950592?s=20
Great recommendation of resources on http://www.andyseed.com  by @litforalllb Plenty of weird and wacky things to keep children entertained. (66/n) https://twitter.com/litforalllb/status/1243088747429855233
The lovely @littledoorbooks are not only offering free activities and colouring sheets to go with their impressive picture book titles, but free downloads of the audio versions of the stories too! Definitely worth looking at! #UnitedByBooks (67/n) http://littledoorbooks.co.uk/downloads/ 
Sharing this lovely throwback from @STEMglasgow about their #BookWeekScotland Twitter Challenges. Lots of fun and a great excuse to enjoy some non-fiction reading for research for some of these activities. #UnitedByBooks (68/n) https://twitter.com/STEMglasgow/status/1243190598921785346
Children might be at home for now but they can still enter this fantastic competition to win book tokens for their school. Their design will even get turned into a real book token! Amazing and well worth entering! (69/n) https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK/status/1241290978436276224
Fabulous drawing video from amazing illustrator @LydiaMonks because we all need more unicorns in our lives right now.๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿ“–โ™ฅ๏ธโœ๏ธ(70/n) https://twitter.com/LydiaMonks/status/1243099924058836993
Lots of our borrowers love the super-readable books published by
Check out their tweets and free online resources https://twitter.com/BarringtonStoke/status/1242057836798058497?s=20 (71/n)
Check out Grumpy Monkey by Susan Lang. Let's be honest, some of us may be feeling a bit grumpy just now. Pause to look at the pictures, copy facial expressions and movements - and laugh๐Ÿต๐Ÿ“– (72/n)
Another chance to get great art tips from a wonderful illustrator. This time we have @ed_vere showing us how draw monsters for a roaring good time! #drawwithedvere #UnitedByBooks (73/n) https://twitter.com/ed_vere/status/1243483485584666627
The talented people at @metaphrog have shared some great colouring in sheets from their stunning graphic novel version of 'The Little Mermaid' for all to enjoy, so go ahead and download them! (74/n) https://twitter.com/metaphrog/status/1242442130062278659
Want to share fun discussion of the book you and your children are reading together? @Cornerstonesedu are offering free access to a number of their Love to Read guides containing questions and activities for many classic stories. #UnitedByBooks (75/n) https://twitter.com/Cornerstonesedu/status/1243425022082834443
Creators of great sensory story resources, @bagbooks are sharing story time videos on the Facebook page that will take you on a lovely adventure, so be sure to watch. (76/n) https://www.facebook.com/bagbooks 
Here's a thread about the value of CHoose Your Own Adventure stories, AND a link to a free program for making your own stories! Thanks @Ella_atSBT! (77/n) https://twitter.com/Ella_atSBT/status/1243514569470947329?s=20
For a different type of reading material @FirstNews_Teach are currently offering free issues of their children's newspaper for download, along with other activities. (78/n) https://twitter.com/FirstNews_Teach/status/1240256185841967108
Test your storytelling skills by taking up the #Authorfy10minutechallenge where @authorfy will post daily videos from authors posing writing challenges to all who are brave enough! #UnitedByBooks (79/n) https://twitter.com/authorfy/status/1242904405105684484
Great news for those of you missing #Bookbug. Online sessions are arriving weekly. ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ™Œ Thank you @Bookbug_SBT! https://twitter.com/scottishbktrust/status/1244548923072618496?s=20
The amazing @Karlwheel who we had the privilege of having at Wee Write this year, will be sharing story content soon on the #Mudwaffler Club Youtube channel, so subscribe and keep an eye out for plenty of fun to come. (81/n) https://twitter.com/Karlwheel/status/1243558350652149762
Those caring for children with visual impairments are facing many challenges right now, but hopefully this blog post from @PathstoLiteracy about activities they can do at home that are both fun and engaging will be beneficial for families. (82/n) https://twitter.com/SensorySupportS/status/1244544718559678465
@Booktrust have been sharing story readings through #BookTrustHomeTime that are well worth watching! What do we recommend? Definitely David McKee's reading of his own wonderful story about the beloved patchwork elephant, Elmer. #UnitedByBooks (83/n)
Looking for more fun #STEM activities to enjoy at home? This grid shared by @GovanhillSTEM offers great some creative suggestions that are great for children's development and a great way to spend time together too. (84/n) https://twitter.com/GovanhillSTEM/status/1244566547131240451
Love audiobooks? Then share that love with children by listening to great the selection of free titles courtesy of @WorldBookDayUK and their World of Stories. From funny to fantasy, silly to stupendous, there's a story for everyone! #UnitedByBooks (85/n) https://twitter.com/simonkids_UK/status/1244651280578068482
Another great read along opportunity, this time with the amazing @EMRLaird courtesy of @TinyOwl_Books for all to enjoy. (86/n) https://twitter.com/TinyOwl_Books/status/1244912565563596800
View a live author event RIGHT NOW with @chrismouldink and @FaberChildrens! (87/n) https://twitter.com/FaberChildrens/status/1244910454885015552
We LOVE wordless picturebooks. Check out this webinar for adults about sharing wordless picture books with little ones. Impact on EAL learning will also be discussed! (88/n) Bhttps://twitter.com/FMReadChallenge/status/1244567924398006273
Share a storytime with Elmer and David McKee. We're going to have a listen ourselves. Everyone needs a bit of Elmer right now! (89/n) https://twitter.com/Booktrust/status/1244549959141265408
You can join Mo Willems ( @The_Pigeon) for daily doodles! #MoLunchDoodlesare released every week day for US lunchtime, but you can view all the vidoes here any old time you fancy: (90/n) https://www.kennedy-center.org/mowillems 
We hope you're getting out for your daily exercise and seeing the many flowers blooming outside! Here is a site about Scottish wildflowers. Select the colour, then click the picture of a flower you have seen and you can read all about it. (91/n) https://www.scottishwildflowers.org/ 
Here's some more thoughts for outdoors language adventures! This was shared by @ArdnahoeNursery but their account is private so we are reposting the image for more people to see. If you haven't had your exercise already today, get out in the sun! (92/n)
Good morning! ๐ŸŒžAnother day at @GlasgowSLO sharing reading suggestions

We think Lindsay Littleson's books are great and hope you do too. Lindsay has a support pack for each of her books. Thanks, Lindsay! (93/n) https://twitter.com/ljlittleson/status/1245079501886885892?s=20
We had the great pleasure of welcoming @Konnie_Huq to #WeeWrite2020 this year. Delighted that everyone can see her this morning at 10am #BBCAuthorsLive Are you like Cookie? Or are you the annoying boy? Set a reminder to tune in.โฐ https://twitter.com/BBCScotLearn/status/1245229407817461766?s=20
Books about animals, space and dinosaurs (and lots more) are popular in our class library boxes. If you enjoy reading facts, explore https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/  There are quizzes too. ๐Ÿฆ–๐Ÿผ๐Ÿš€... (94/n)
Fancy writing a story ๐Ÿ“but not sure what to write about? http://pobble365.com  has a picture for each day of the year that you can use as a starting point (and additional activity suggestions). (95/n)
Another writing idea, this time from author @nicolakidsbooks Take a pause and listen... (96/n) https://twitter.com/nicolakidsbooks/status/1245282515478249472?s=20
Celebrate the start of National Poetry Writing Month ( #NaPoWriMo) by writing some poems based on these stones!

Hey, that almost rhymes! But do t worry, your poetry doesn't have to! (98/n) https://twitter.com/FMReadChallenge/status/1245323177195999235?s=19
The #glasgowschoollibrarians (that's secondary school, by the way!) are sharing their #bookshelfie today! Can you take a shelfie of your own? Gather up your favorite books even if they're not on one shelf. Here's some of Lizy's books! (99/n)
WOW!! Tweet #100 in this thread!

To observe the momentous, um, moment, here is a lovely message from Michael Morpurgo, shared by @booktrust.

Thank you to everyone following along and to all our amazing followers, new and not quite so new! (100/n)
Our museum colleagues at @KelvingroveArt are keeping spirits high by moving Toddler Tales to their Facebook page. Tune in every Wednesday at 2pm for a lovely sing-a-long! (101/n) https://twitter.com/KelvingroveArt/status/1245338279672795138
For a lovely afternoon story session, we recommend listening to Emily Gravett reading her very own prize winning picture book, Cyril and Pat. (102/n) https://twitter.com/BookTrustCymru/status/1245260359876870144
Trying to explain social distancing to children can be difficult, but this lovely animated story written by Kim St Lawrence, Time to Come in Bear, is a simple and sweet tale to help those having such a discussion with their kids. (103/n) https://twitter.com/Reach_Scot/status/1245336600030085120
We've seen lots of excellent Social Stories about COVID-19, but here is one specifically about how the Easter holiday is different this year. Thank you @CarmylePS! (106/n) https://twitter.com/CarmylePS/status/1245627650267201537?s=20
Any children (or adults) in your life who haven't read Harry Potter? Start them now!
If you live in Glasgow and aren't already registered for a library card, registration is available online! (107/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowLib/status/1245345229131132928?s=20
Tomorrow Wee Write 2020 guest @margaretsturton will be reading the newly released picture book A FOX CALLED HERBERT. We really enjoyed this book and plan to add copies to the SLO collection in the future! (108/n) https://twitter.com/AndersenPress/status/1245638350498869248?s=20
Very true, @GlasgowLEL!

With a bit of help, even very young children can practice and gain language skills in the kitchen. See what you have on hand and give it a go! (109/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowLEL/status/1245649128899481601?s=19
Here's a great Word of the Day framework from @HaghillTeam. We especially like the writing prompts of building a character that represents the word and writing a poem that uses the word. Try this framework with your own words! (110/n) https://twitter.com/HaghillTeam/status/1245975181207785472?s=20
Damien Love ( @DeviceMonstrous) will be doing a Q&A about his new book Monsterous Devices at 10 am today. That's in less than an hour! (111/n) https://twitter.com/DeviceMonstrous/status/1245969043779203077?s=20
Books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries remain incredibly popular among primary pupils. Encourage your kids to try their hand at journaling, whether it's in words, pictures, or a combination. It could be about life right now, or events they make up! (112/n)
We recently bought copies of How to Be a Lion by @ed_vere for our Diversity topic boxes! Watch Ed teach you how to draw a lion. And remember to borrow a Diversity box when lending resumes! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (113/n)
We've posted resources from @NosyCrow before but please take note of their DAILY FREE PICTURE BOOK!

Sorry for shouting. We're just very excited!๐Ÿ˜Š(114/n)
Before you pack up today for the weekend, be sure to test your book knowledge with the @WorldBookDayUK quiz! Don't know the answers? All the more reason to add those amazing titles to your reading lists so you can ace those questions! (115/n) https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK/status/1245679891644854272
We know many of a borrowers love Julia Donaldson's stories and Axel Scheffler's illustrations, so will be very pleased to hear about this weekly video broadcast. First episode is all about 'A Squash and a Squeeze'. (116/n) https://twitter.com/scholasticuk/status/1245743320208412680
What's the one thing better than a good story? A good story followed by crafts! Tom Knight deliver's both on his website. Check it out! (117/n) https://twitter.com/tombabylon/status/1245216828126887937
When we visit pupil library helpers, we always tell them the biggest job of a librarian is connecting people with the right book for them. Starting Monday, CILIP will be recommending ebooks for families! Take a look and find your next great read. (118/n) https://twitter.com/CILIPinfo/status/1245732337863798793
Wee Write 2020 guest @KateWiseman reading the first chapter of exciting Gangster School Book 1, with more to follow! (119/n) https://twitter.com/KateWiseman/status/1242892949568000000
He's back! He's bearded! He's ready to (almost) teach you how to count! It's @PhilipArdagh and his brand new book: You Can't Count On Dinosaurs! This video is available for a limited time, so watch it while you can. And then watch it again! ๐Ÿฆ•๐Ÿฆ–(120/n)
Right on time from our @Bookbug_SBT friends! Bunnies and springtime! Here's hoping (hopping?) for good weather this holiday and chances to enjoy it! https://twitter.com/Bookbug_SBT/status/1247079623067938817?s=20 (121/n)
Here's one from a grandma: Video Call Treasure Hunt! Challenge little ones to bring items to the camera. For example: something red, something beginning with the letter B, something with the number 5. A nice interactive activity that develops many skills! (122/n)
Here's a few lovely resources to go with @Karlwheel's #IAmATiger! (123/n) https://twitter.com/Karlwheel/status/1247101415882919937?s=20
Great fun from @SunnysidePri! Thank you for the suggestions ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
(124/n) https://twitter.com/SunnysidePri/status/1247159768096976897?s=19
Can you imagine anything more relaxing than a story massage? Sounds magical to us! Tune in today at 2 (you will need access to Facebook). Thanks @storymassage! (125/n) https://twitter.com/storymassage/status/1247434400876429312?s=09
Today! A one hours adventure writing workshop for under-21s and any interested teachers/parents/etc! Part of the fab #StayAtHomeLitFest. Definitely check this out! (126/n) https://twitter.com/Wilbur_Niso_Fdn/status/1247175968009093120?s=19
The brilliant Axel Scheffler of Gruffalo fame has teamed up with an infectious disease expert to create this beautiful book explaining coronavirus. And @NosyCrow is providing it for free! Another great resource to help children understand Covid-19. (127/n) https://twitter.com/NosyCrow/status/1247133549427392514?s=20
We talk about books a lot, but let's talk about *tiny* books. Read the @britishlibrary's information on *tiny* books and learn how to make one yourself. You can make a wee library of the teeniest books! Please send us pictures of your *TINY* books! (128/n) https://www.bl.uk/childrens-books/activities/make-a-miniature-book
Some great music resources from @AultmoreParkPri, including collections of songse and rhymes, which are great for encouraging language development! (129/n) https://twitter.com/AultmoreParkPri/status/1247783781685063680?s=20
The Children's Poetry Archive (provided by @PoetryArchive) is an incredible resource, full of poems read out loud for kids and information for grown-ups! Explore the site and discover what they have on offer. (130/n) https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/ 
Great suggestion from @FMReadChallenge: write a letter! See their tweet for full info. (131/n) https://twitter.com/FMReadChallenge/status/1247820396721770501?s=20
Something different: we love musical theatre, so we want to highlight @RCTdunblane and their online challenges (find them on YouTube as rubberchickentheatre). Singing and performing develops language ability and children's confidence. More importantly: it's super fun! (132/n)
You can get the Dekko Comics app free for iOS! We stock @DekkoComics, so this is really exciting news! (134/n) https://twitter.com/DekkoComics/status/1245775610057818112?s=19
Join @GlasgowLib for a lovely wee storytime! (135/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowLib/status/1248160224881659904?s=19
Here's a great long weekend project: collage with @NatGalleriesSco! Check with household members before you cut anything up!! ๐Ÿ˜ (136/n) https://twitter.com/NatGalleriesSco/status/1247067580835209217?s=19
We're a little late sharing this book from @LydiaMonks but we're still excited about it! Dr. Dog is here to teach you all about coronavirus. A very good resource! (137/n) https://twitter.com/LydiaMonks/status/1248513445366042624?s=19
More drawing fun! This time amazing illustrator @_JimField shows us how to recreate DOG from the wonderful Oi! picture book series written by Kes Gray, so get those pencils scribbling! โœ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ“š(138/n) https://twitter.com/_JimField/status/1249610802769932293
Looking for good reading recommendations but unsure where to start? @booksfortopics not only have lists of 50 book titles for ages ranging from nursery through primary school, but let you download posters and checklists you can show off at home too! (139/n) https://twitter.com/booksfortopics/status/1248315179173056517
So many wonderful reading and writing secrets are waiting to be discovered on @authorfy Sign up for free and have access to many amazing resources, including video masterclasses from many talented authors. Highly recommended! (140/n) https://twitter.com/authorfy/status/1248681238682050561
Free audiobooks, story crafts, book challenges, online quizzes and much more, all provided by @WorldBookDayUK We've highlighted them before, but there's a lot we haven't been able to cover, so why not dive in and explore for yourselves! (141/n) https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK/status/1249245915120107521
Tune in each afternoon this week for #PuffinStorytime with a different author or illustrator, courtesy of @PuffinBooks Looks like a great line up, so make sure you don't miss it! (142/n) https://twitter.com/PuffinBooks/status/1249382521881559040
We have this poster on our office wall and refer to is often. A great reminder that we're all different and engage with reading in different ways. (143/n)
A beautiful project for all ages that could even include a wee story about the walk on which you found each plant! (144/n) https://twitter.com/KelvingroveArt/status/1250046183441039367?s=19
Big news! You can now get loads of @DekkoComics for FREE on their website! Dekko comics are designed for dyslexic readers but are great fun for everyone! We've been missing the comics collection in our office, so this will tide us over. (145/n) https://twitter.com/DekkoComics/status/1250049393560104962?s=20
You can never have too many reading related activities to enjoy, so if you're looking for more resources, check out the @readingagency hub for some great ideas and fun things to do. (146/n) https://twitter.com/readingagency/status/1250130470895058949
Helpful book guides, handy tips, printable activities and more! @ReadBrightly has a wide variety of materials for parents to use with children at home, which even allow the grown ups to learn a new thing or two. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ“š(147/n) https://twitter.com/ReadBrightly/status/1245738833481793544
The wonderful @burstofbeaden picture book I Want My Hat Back is a particular favourite among our team, and this is an amazing production of the story! Fantastic work from @SamuelJWilde and @idgnicholson and a must watch recommendation!
(148/n) https://twitter.com/burstofbeaden/status/1249808986129350656
Even at home children can find ways to take part in the @FMReadChallenge One example is the #WritingWednesday activity, a great way to get creative and let your imagination run wild. Try using today's prompts and see what you come up with. (149/n) https://twitter.com/FMReadChallenge/status/1250356735593807873
For those looking for book recommendations for older children and teens, @CILIPinfo are releasing daily videos as part of their #NationalShelfService where library professionals talk about some choice reads they love. (150/n) https://twitter.com/CILIPinfo/status/1247107693443190784
Scan this QR code for resources from @EALGlasgow for families of children with English as an Additonal Language. As always, we deeply appriciate the work that EALGlasgow does! (151/n) https://twitter.com/EALGlasgow/status/1240668208073453574?s=20
At 3:30 this afternoon, enjoy storytime with Jacqueline Wilson! (152/n) https://twitter.com/FansofJWilson/status/1250363235003322368?s=19
We all know reading is important, but did you know just 20 minutes a day makes a big difference for a child? Read all about it here! (153/n) https://twitter.com/PopUpFestival/status/1250363630996074497?s=09
Remember you can download a list of resources we have included in this thread from our website ( http://bit.ly/GlasgowSLO ). You will need a Glow login to access. If you are not on Glow and would like the list, please DM us. (154/n)
Hooray, there's a new Bookbug session online! Thanks @Bookbug_SBT! (155/n) https://twitter.com/scottishbktrust/status/1250414325581451264?s=19
Wow! Mantra Lingua, makers of of great dual language books, has made their whole collection FREE online until the end of August. A must for all language learners! (156/n) https://twitter.com/EAL_naldic/status/1248195467671977984?s=19
Here's a beautiful poster full of helpful reminders of how to care for yourself and keep spirits up. The artist @imagistical has also made a version for colouring in! Can you create your own wellbeing poster? (157/n) https://twitter.com/imagistical/status/1250106879633690624?s=20
Thanks for sharing these fun activities, @ParentCastleton! Fun fact: Our resident America grew up with Waldo books and still gets the names of Where's Wally books wrong! (158/n) https://twitter.com/ParentCastleton/status/1250671705162502145?s=19
You can listen to Wee Write 2020 guest @margaretsturton's new picturebook A Fox Called Herbert here! Congrats to Margaret and Herbert on their ongoing virtual launch! (159/n) https://twitter.com/AndersenPress/status/1250468935218024448?s=19
Wow, a free book AND resources to go with it? Thank you @cranachanbooks! (160/n) https://twitter.com/cranachanbooks/status/1250705957090443266?s=19
Here's a great project that will get you reading about the history of your area! Or use your imagination! If you go back far enough, you could probably get away with a dinosaur ๐Ÿฆ•(161/n) https://twitter.com/ChildrenUniScot/status/1250698590193946626?s=19
Here's a lovely wee project that involves writing and mindfulness. It's very important to reflect on the good things in life right now! (162/n) https://twitter.com/DoBeLou/status/1250470556958367746?s=19
Resources about Anne Frank are a popular topic box request from our borrowers. For those who want to explore this subject at home @AnneFrankTrust have kindly provided downloadable activity books and worksheets to help with the learning experience. (163/n) https://twitter.com/AnneFrankTrust/status/1250716063618273281
A lot of our schools tell us football books are good at getting reluctant boys reading, so it's great that @tompalmerauthor is offering everyone the chance to download his first Roy of the Rovers title for free. Don't miss out! (164/n) https://twitter.com/tompalmerauthor/status/1248561474366255105
With all that's going on right now it's understandable that children may feel unsure, worried or sad. If so here are some activities parents can do to show their support. Big thanks to one of our amazing school borrowers @CleevesPS for sharing! (165/n) https://twitter.com/CleevesPS/status/1250717724998799361
He's back by popular demand! Actor and professional bedtime story reader Tom Hardy returns with more stories to sooth children and grown-ups alike in this difficult time. ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ˜ด (166/n) https://twitter.com/CBeebiesHQ/status/1250302908458917891?s=19
We remember #RobotDancing with @akwindram when he came to visit some Glasgow schools last year! Tune in today at 11 to join the fun and get moving ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ•บ(167/n) https://twitter.com/akwindram/status/1251061272264785920?s=19
Looking for your next reading adventure but don't know what to pick? @WorldBookDayUK have complied some marvelous book lists that can offer recommendations. From animal stories to time travel tales, there's something for everyone! (168/n) https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK/status/1251073051044851713
Some lovely creative collage crafting from illustrator @misspowellpeeps that looks so much fun to make. What a great activity for children and families to do together! Be sure to look at her other videos too! (169/n) https://twitter.com/misspowellpeeps/status/1251071408278507522
Fabulous story sharing from recent #WeeWrite guest @flyingscribbler who has been reading daily chapters of his book Help! I Smell a Monster. The final installment will be posted today, but you can enjoy the full story on his Youtube channel. (170/n) https://twitter.com/flyingscribbler/status/1250863454455554048
For all the wee Gaelic learners among us (and the not so wee speakers too!) @AcairBooks has free Gaelic audiobooks!
We would say something witty here in Gaelic, but...it's best if we leave that to the experts. (171/n) https://twitter.com/AcairBooks/status/1250121683454889991?s=19
Our colleagues at @GlasgowMuseums and @KelvingroveArt are hosting more crafting fun by showing how you can make musical instruments at home, great stuff! ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽจ(172/n) https://twitter.com/KelvingroveArt/status/1251133372501557251
In honour of #BatAppreciationDay here is a great storyteller video from Oxford Owl starring the very much loved Winnie the Witch. (173/n)
It's beautiful outside and we hope you're getting your daily walks in. Here's a computer-free activity idea: draw a map of your walking route and label places of interest. Throw in some buried pirates treasure or even a dragon to turn your walk into an exciting adventure! (174/n)
Today we posted info about reading to young children, but even they can be readers (or if very young, can point and explain pictures) to the right audience. Reading buddies for young readers can be adults, children, patient pets, or even stuffed toys! (175/n)
@EcoSchoolsScot is working to adapt some of their programmes into home-based learning you can see their current resources here and check back later for more! (177/n) https://twitter.com/EcoSchoolsScot/status/1252239365662703618?s=20
Thanks @clpe1! (178/n) https://twitter.com/clpe1/status/1252122324746330116?s=20
We've previously sung the praises of the good board and roleplaying games can do, and now thanks to Asmodee you can access free printable versions of many great choices to play at home! Big thanks to our borrowers at @wearebilingual for sharing! (179/n) https://twitter.com/wearebilingual/status/1252569940961476609
In between the bouts of baking, maybe while cleaning up your kitchens, why not indulge in a little #KitchenScience with these fun and brain boggling experiments. Great work again @STEMglasgow for keeping us thinking! #STEM (180/n) https://twitter.com/STEMglasgow/status/1252250434489720832
To engage children in practicing their letters in a creative way, why not turn it into a fun game of Alphabet Hunt at home? Thank you to @DyslexiaGCC for sharing this and their other home learning resources. (181/n) https://twitter.com/DyslexiaGCC/status/1252859835588075527
Reading is great - of course we always say that! - but sharing thoughts and opinions adds to the experience. Thanks @ReadingatLLP for sharing these reading prompts to help children talk about what they are reading. (182/n) https://twitter.com/ReadingatLLP/status/1252946337320009729?s=20
A wonderfully fun literary activity to do that makes exploring books all the more engaging. Good luck with your reading discoveries and happy hunting! Thank you to one of our amazing borrowers @SHPSGlasgow for sharing! (183/n) https://twitter.com/SHPSGlasgow/status/1253234629601103872
What better way to celebrate books today than to make one? @homestartuk have shared some great approaches to creating a book that's personal to the children who put it together. A wonderful thing to share together. (184/n) https://twitter.com/homestartuk/status/1253231634423267328
Talented author and illustrator Emily Gravett has been reading some of her wonderful books and showing how she draws her characters. There's also many other fun activities on her website, so be sure to check those out too! (185/n) https://www.emilygravett.com/videos 
Check out this collection of interactive picture books including Owl Babies and Hairy Maclary from Booktrust from @Booktrust! (186/n) https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games
The balance of work and home life is a challenge for all families right now and everyone will have different ways of managing it. But here's @Glasgowlangs highlighting the special opportunity for children to learn about the world of work at home! (187/n) https://twitter.com/Glasgowlangs/status/1253214316721045506
A very helpful link shared by @hillhead_hub explaining Ramadan to children. A good learning and reading opportunity for pupils who do not celebrate Ramadan with their family.(188/n) https://twitter.com/hillhead_hub/status/1253322979615707137?s=19
Some great work here from @ToryglenPS but we especially love the time capsule idea! Try making your own time capsule to remember this time. If you can't get exactly the things you want, make a list. A great creative project! (189/n) https://twitter.com/ToryglenPS/status/1253587427467440128?s=20
For those who don't already know, the one and only Dolly Parton has been sharing bedtime (or any time!) stories through @dollyslibrary. Be sure to check it out! (190/n) https://twitter.com/dollyslibrary/status/1253458630633979904?s=20
Poetry from @NosyCrowBooks - lovely to have reading to dip into each day and hopefully it will inspire folk to have a go at writing some of their own. (191/n) https://twitter.com/NosyCrowBooks/status/1253624789505396738?s=20
From the team behind Lucy's Blue Day comes Lucy in Lockdown, available as a free ebook & story video. A lovely story that helps children understand their feelings during this strange time. Thanks to our borrower @St_MariaGoretti for sharing this! (192/n) https://twitter.com/St_MariaGoretti/status/1253643184263106560
Such a fun craft project to go along with a charming book. Not only humorous, but ties in with environmental themes in an engaging way. Well done @SmritiPH (193/n) https://twitter.com/SmritiPH/status/1253630168121442316
What better way to start off the week with some #HomeArt activities. @NatGalleriesSco have put together some fantastically creative ways children and families can explore art together that will open minds and imagination! ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ(194/n) https://twitter.com/NatGalleriesSco/status/1254681859746942976
Perfect for #NationalTellaStoryDay comes this lovely collection of stories. #TheBookofHopes offers writing from some of the best authors around, and it's free to read online from today. No reason not to indulge. ๐Ÿ“šโค๏ธ #UnitedByBooks (195/n) https://twitter.com/KidsBloomsbury/status/1253979057705881601?s=09
Here's a fab help with creating a character courtesy of The British Library. In this case how to create a talking animal. Maybe a bit of a stretch to write a whole story for #NationalTellAStoryDay but every day is about telling stories! ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“ (196/n) https://shar.es/aHx5XA 
Make your own picture book, colour in some silly sharks, and learn to draw a shark of your own with these resources from the fab writer and illustrator Sarah McIntyre ( @Jabberworks)! (197/n) https://twitter.com/jabberworks/status/1251067026501705728?s=20
Have a listen to this @LockdownKids podcast with @tompalmerauthor about his book Armistice Runner. We have shiny new copies of the book in the SLO collection and look forward to loaning them out to schools when lending resumes! (198/n) https://twitter.com/LockdownKids/status/1255033565043179520?s=20
Here's a fun STEM project with a storytelling element! Robots are great fun to draw, and they have interesting stories. Your robot could be from a different planet or the future or your sock drawer! You never know with robots. (199/n) https://twitter.com/McginleyMrs/status/1255036351612956673?s=20
Wow, tweet 200 in this thread!! @youngscot has put together this bordom-busting activity pack of games, quizzes, exercises, crafts, and more! There is also lots of information about coronavirus if young people in your life are feeling anxious. (200/n) https://young.scot/campaigns/national/activities
Enjoy this wee story time with #weewrite 2019 guest @sophyhenn! (201/n) https://twitter.com/Waterstones/status/1255074276270456833?s=19
The lovely people at @VillageStories are bringing #storytime fun right to you at home. Build your own den and enjoy this enjoyable retelling of an old favourite tale.๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿท๐Ÿบ(202/n) https://twitter.com/VillageStories/status/1255096864359268356
Well done to teacher @_MichaelForde for creating a lovely free book to help children comprehend staying at home during lockdown. Since Parsley is an expert at not going to school, who better to advise them on this strange adventure. (203/n) https://twitter.com/_MichaelForde/status/1253930854474223617
This tweeter really enjoyed being able to share this story with a pupil during a school visit, so it's great to watch author @TomFletcher making use of the wonderful interactive elements of the story. Be sure to check out his other readings too! (204/n) https://twitter.com/TomFletcher/status/1249672826023485440
We know there are fans of Horrid Henry among our borrowers, so they should definitely try doing some Horrid Homework to show how horrible they can be.๐Ÿ˜†(205/n) https://twitter.com/theHorridHenry/status/1254772573566451713
We added copies of this book to our stock last summer so are delighted it is on show here. ๐Ÿ“š(206/n). https://twitter.com/deirdre_grogan/status/1255408040729329666?s=20
Thanks @tompalmerauthor for sharing your online resources for your new (delayed โ˜น๏ธ) book. These are ideal for any teachers and families looking into V.E. Day on its 75th anniversary on Friday 8th May. (207/n) https://twitter.com/tompalmerauthor/status/1255400474595020803?s=20
To infinity...and beyond! Check out these amazing resources from @NASA so you can boldly go on an adventure in space! (208/n) https://twitter.com/NASA/status/1254536506649251840?s=19
Here's a fun wee activity to practice recognizing syllables! (209/n) https://twitter.com/DyslexiaGCC/status/1255160668610629633?s=19
We recommend this advice for writers of all ages, whether experienced or just starting off! (210/n) https://twitter.com/scottishbktrust/status/1255452831009603590?s=20
Well done to the @litforalllb team in sharing their fantastic ideas with families in their learning from home article in the @Glasgow_Times (211/n) https://twitter.com/litforalllb/status/1255431496653029377
The spring is a great time to explore the variety of creatures that live in your local environment. This bingo sheet is a great way to explore nature and see what sort of wildlife neighbours you have. Thank you for sharing @vincents_st (212/n) https://twitter.com/vincents_st/status/1255798969239732226
To add to our previously mentioned list for #MuseumFromHome day, the @roalddahlmuseum also offers a virtual tour, along with plenty of other activities on their website. It's an amazing place, fitting for such a well loved author. (213/n) https://twitter.com/roalddahlmuseum/status/1255784719670751234
Many of our school borrowers love exploring the Scots language titles we stock, so it's great that @scotslanguage have created so many interactive games that help children become familiar with Scots words, while having a lot of fun along the way. (214/n) https://twitter.com/Historic_Ally/status/1255431836316184577
The lovely people at the @LanguageHubScot have been sharing storytime videos in a variety of different languages on their Facebook page. We know many of our EAL borrowers love listening to stories, so this is a fantastic thing to share. (215/n) https://www.facebook.com/pg/LanguageHubUk/videos/?ref=page_internal
Here are creative writing activities for fans (either existing or new) of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam #ShiftyandSam In fact, there are lots of other brilliant at #LitFilmFestClassrooms for writing at home. (216/n) https://twitter.com/TraceyCorderoy/status/1255819141375758336?s=20
Here we have another touching book to help children understand the impact the Coronavirus has had on daily life, explained very well in terms of a lost and found. Great work from @AusChildhood & thank you @GlasgowEPS for sharing. (217/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowEPS/status/1255907013718147072
We love a good space book. In fact, space is a consistently popular nonfiction topic in school libraries ๐ŸŒŒ Right up there with dinosaurs ๐Ÿฆ• and sharks ๐Ÿฆˆ!
Get all your space questions answered here! (218/n) https://twitter.com/NosyCrowBooks/status/1256146402457067521?s=19
This #Pyjamarama sounds like a fabulous and cosy time! (219/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowLib/status/1256156669589012480?s=20
After so many years, Kelvin Hall is still an important part of the community and looking gorgeous! Check out the online @nlskelvinhall resources and see if you can find a glipse into the past of your part of Glasgow! (220/n) https://twitter.com/SLIC1991/status/1256171537759178752?s=20
We can always depend on @Bookbug_SBT for great activity suggestions! Note: please do not shove any grannies off the bus! ๐Ÿ‘ต (221/n) https://twitter.com/Bookbug_SBT/status/1257208262744825858?s=19
Try your hand at song writing with @GlasgowCREATE to celebrate the people (and even puppos) helping us through this difficult time! (222/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowCREATE/status/1257233506440146944?s=19
There's still time to get a FREE @tompalmerauthor Roy of the Rovers ebook! (223/n) https://twitter.com/royoftherovers/status/1256908875250491395?s=19
A creative contribution for pupils who want to continue learning about World War II while at home, courtesy of
the @RAFMUSEUM and @tompalmerauthor that is well worth looking into! (225/n) https://twitter.com/RAFMUSEUM/status/1257242873369628672
For a quick poetry pick me up (and a good giggle) do listen to @afharrold on his #AFHLEKPoPod updated three times a week. This tweeter would advise you have some snacks nearby before listening to todays episode though, you'll need them.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒ(226/n) https://twitter.com/afharrold/status/1257221114511740929
For those looking for a way to escape, we recommend following protagonist Kester Jaynes on his wild adventure (while still staying at home). How? By listening to author @PiersTorday reading chapters from his book The Last Wild on Instagram. ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸฆŒ๐Ÿ‘ฆโ›ฐ๏ธ๐Ÿ“–โค๏ธ(227/n)
Remember @flyingscribbler reading Help! I Smell a Monster? Time for the sequel: Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf! This was featured at #WeeWrite this year as is worth listening to, especially for families who have their own reading monsters. ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ“–โค๏ธ(228/n) https://twitter.com/flyingscribbler/status/1255158391716163585
As library people we are big fans of classification, so this activity by @DyslexiaGCC is right up our alley! Teaches great skills and is a lot of good fun too! (229/n) https://twitter.com/DyslexiaGCC/status/1257219823496581120
A lovely little resource to share with children who are feeling anxious or weary due to seeing people wearing masks. (230/n) https://www.autismlittlelearners.com/2020/04/seeing-people-wearing-masks-story.html
An engaging and exciting way to learn about probability courtesy of @gsc1 and #GSCAtHome Let's see if you can be a winner using your reasoning skills! Be sure to keep up to date with all their other amazing videos too. (231/n) https://twitter.com/gsc1/status/1257594641207169024
For a fun insight into WWII evacuees, tune in at 11am to @poppyscotland hosting an online session with the wonderful Paddington Bear, a favourite book bear among our team. Thank you to @St_Mungos_Pri for sharing! (232/n) https://twitter.com/St_Mungos_Pri/status/1257556223345463297
Want to enjoy a song, story and lovely art all at once? Then tune into author/illustrator @heyimjarvis for fun adventures through lovely pictures, music and cute characters. Definitely a nice pick me up for children and adults. (233/n) https://twitter.com/heyimjarvis/status/1257610885151014914
Enjoy a bedtime story linked by @HaghillTeam! Thank you for sharing, Haghill Primary! (234/n) https://twitter.com/HaghillTeam/status/1257681784105566208?s=19
We have tons of @BarringtonStoke books in our collection., so we're very happy to see they've made this pack of resources available to families! https://twitter.com/BarringtonStoke/status/1257944538238332928?s=20 (235/n)
We've undoubtaly shared this before, but be sure to check out @SLIC1991's #NationalShelfService! (236/n) https://twitter.com/SLIC1991/status/1257968369254502400?s=20
We're shared quiet a few @scottishbktrust links today, but here's one more before lunch: home learning resources for kids of all ages! (237/n) https://twitter.com/scottishbktrust/status/1257980413785649152?s=19
For those who missed it, be sure to look at the Rights of the Reader Teacher to help develop your own reading culture, wherever your learning space is. So good we had to share it again, just to make sure it was on our main thread of helpful tweets! (238/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowSLO/status/1257661081910214656
Another lovely free ebook, Everybody Worries, that families can share with children to reassure them it's okay for them to feel anxious in the midst of so much uncertainty. Thank you to @silverdalenurs2 for sharing! (239/n) https://twitter.com/silverdalenurs2/status/1258014488206495745
Story dice are a great way to jump start imaginations into creating amazing tales. Don't have any at home? @beanstalkreads has free templates to help you make your own, with pictures done by illustrator @NickSharratt1 no less! (240/n) https://twitter.com/beanstalkreads/status/1257694743045320704
Some great ideas in @Glasgow_Times courtesy of @glasgowcounts to challenge your maths skills, well worth looking at. ๐Ÿงฎโฐโž•โž–(241/n) https://twitter.com/glasgowcounts/status/1257977607041187840
We have highlighted @LockdownKids before but it is worth reminding folk to keep checking in. Brilliant! (242/n) https://twitter.com/LockdownKids/status/1258278087558651904?s=20
The Open University (Research Rich Pedagogies) has provided lots of great support for reading at home: what books to read, book chat and help on creating digital reading communities. Great for teachers and parents ๐Ÿ“š (243/n) https://www.researchrichpedagogies.org/research/supporting-rah?fbclid=IwAR2Rj6Qhih9FDWGQmgCi-pKW99W3zVAfCsE6LpjAcWCmqQPW-yFOSNghEac
What a great chance to share #OneButtonBenny in another language. Our Arabic dual language books are always in demand so I'm sure lots of families will enjoy this. #akwindram (244/n) https://twitter.com/littledoorbooks/status/1258002632158916611?s=20
Transitions are always hard and we know lots of schools are doing their best just now to support their incoming P1s. This online book helps set the school scene for little ones. (255/n) https://twitter.com/NRSaundersbooks/status/1257362760553443330?s=20
The amazing people at @GlasgowCREATE have been showcasing great activities with their 30 Days of Creativity challenges. Today it's all about picturing your name, so much fun! Check out their videos for a guide on what to do! (256/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowCREATE/status/1258335769845874700
Kids are currently using the internet more, for both school and play, & that can be a concern for parents. @UK_SIC have been putting together weekly video lessons to help children understand how to stay safe online, well worth watching. (257/n) https://twitter.com/UK_SIC/status/1258033931854766080
There's a live Q&A with Emily Gravett today! She's not a tweeter, but you can find her in FB and Insta. And of course you can find her books everywhere! (258/n) https://twitter.com/booknookhove/status/1258659670526484480?s=19
Here's a fun challenge playing with letters! Spell your name with letters you can find. Thanks @GlasgowCREATE! (259/n) https://twitter.com/GlasgowCREATE/status/1258365972060106754?s=19
Here are some interesting outdoor survival-themed activities to get imaginations going! (260/n) https://twitter.com/LtL_News/status/1258457333455347715?s=19
Here are some nursery rhymes and songs visualized by @SchoolsNlc! (261/n) https://twitter.com/SchoolsNlc/status/1258426947773894657?s=19
Today's #GSCAtHome video from @gsc1 is all about cryptography. Try writing your own secret message! (262/n) https://twitter.com/gsc1/status/1258681812651573248?s=19
Check out these #ParentClubTips from @Bookbug_SBT!
We've probably shared every Bookbug resource multiple times, but they're all excellent and we are devoted Bookbug fans! (263/n) https://twitter.com/Bookbug_SBT/status/1258694888654331904?s=19
More #Mudwaffler fun from @Karlwheel to cheer us up with crafts, stories and poetry. (264/n) https://twitter.com/Karlwheel/status/1258765960275730437
Thanks @HowfordBute for sharing these resources from Usborne Books! (265/n) https://twitter.com/HowfordBute/status/1259494647564505088?s=19
It's #NationalShareAStoryMonth! It only takes 10 minutes of story-sharing a day to make a difference for a child. @WorldBookDayUK has info on the many benefits! (266/n) https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK/status/1259756403192991746?s=20
Here are some lovely activity suggestions for various ages to inspire love of reading. We're big fans of @OpenUni_RfP and all the work they do! (267/n) https://twitter.com/_borntosparkle/status/1259563489636618240?s=19
Here's some great crafty ideas! Thanks for sharing, @Newhills2016 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (268/n) https://twitter.com/Newhills2016/status/1259781082871934976?s=19
Wow, spelling AND exercise! An impressive combo in one activity. What can you spell out?(269/n) https://twitter.com/AbercornSecSch/status/1259793257246187520?s=19
It is a delight to have this story available for families to see. We are all feeling out of place and living in a new land just now. Thanks to authors @Chris_Naylor_B showing the importance of kindness and empathy. (270/n) https://twitter.com/Waterstones/status/1259785319592849411?s=20
Publisher @LittleTigerUK has downloadable activity sheets, including colouring pages & word searches based on its lovely books. Don't worry if you don't have the book at home, though. You can still enjoy the activities.(271/n) ๐Ÿ“šโœ๏ธ http://littletiger.co.uk/index.php?route=activity/category&actpath=1
A new book from Axel Scheffler to help make being at home fun. Hooray! (272/n) https://twitter.com/britishlibrary/status/1259850296425054214?s=20
For readers eager to listen to authors/illustrators talking about their work, be sure to look up the videos in Fabers Booktime series. Amazing variety of titles and stories ranging from picture books to childrens novels. (275/n) https://twitter.com/FaberBooks/status/1260192755709599744
A great source of help for those learning phonics from the lovely people at @DyslexiaGCC that is well worth bookmarking so you can keep track of the updated activities. (276/n) https://twitter.com/DyslexiaGCC/status/1260233549476696065
Another great #WritingWednesday challenge from @FMReadChallenge to both sharpen skills and help preserve the complicated feelings children are experiencing during lockdown. It's never too late to start writing, so get scribbling! (277/n) https://twitter.com/FMReadChallenge/status/1260496737007030274
Another enjoyable draw-along, this time from @_JimField
as he illustrates plucky duck Quentin from Quick Quack Quentin, written by Kes Gray.(278/n) https://twitter.com/_JimField/status/1260479002512437249
Speaking of Kes Gray, he has done storytime videos for many of his books, including Quick Quack Quentin, so be sure to check those out too! It even includes some fun homeschooling activity, warning of the dangers of losing the letter A! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ“š(279/n)
There are lots of #NationalNumeracyDay activities today courtesy of @Nat_Numeracy but you can't beat getting to design and play a game while learning at the same time. Thanks for sharing @stmarnockspri (280/n) https://twitter.com/stmarnockspri/status/1260484002668044293
Here's some more parent info for #NationalNumeracyDay (281/n) https://twitter.com/bbcbitesize/status/1260511215828316161?s=19
A very tall man has written a very small book, and you can watch him read it here! @BL_Learning @PhilipArdagh (282/n) https://twitter.com/BL_Learning/status/1260543598560530432?s=09
Check out this opportunity to learn more Makaton with @HomeStartGN! (283/n) https://twitter.com/HomeStartGN/status/1260578568771379200?s=19
We have mentioned @booksfortopics before in this thread and are pleased to feature them again. Thanks for sharing these story time resources! (284/n) https://twitter.com/booksfortopics/status/1260628721205198848?s=20
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