thread that proves how mewgulf don't get tired of each other whenever, wherever and whatever it is ✨

m: fighting ✌️
g: 😋😋
g: fighting too ✌️😋
m: 🐟💙

m: i haven't sleep yet @/gulfkanawut 😌

m: what's up
g: can't sleep 🤣
m: go and sleeeeep

g: do well in your interview na krub 😋
m: roger (copy) that yaii nong

m: i see a giant 👹
g: oof (burnnnn)
g: i see nobita (character in doraemon) 🤓
m: round

m: you're good at biting your lips
g: my beautiful teeth must be shown
g: very slow (internet connection) 😎
m: let's look at ourselves first

m: nong's head have lice (wtf mew sdsfghs)
g: i just woke up 555
m: that's why i told you to wash your hair
g: finished 55
g: the face 🤢
m: who are you referring to?
g: both 55

m: next time please use a razor @/gulfkanawut
g: hehe @/MSuppasit

g: good luck @/MSuppasit
m: thank you @/gulfkanawut

m: yai nong is trained to be A-Sor (sis-in-law)
g: 🤓🤓
g: tomorrow's gonna be a rough day, fighting! 🤯
m: we've been talking for some time now, why didn't you tell me that there's chocolate on my mouth? 😱
g: aaah~ i didn't know 555

m: look who got a good rest and has chubby/bloated cheeks

m: have a safe trip! do your best tomorrow ✌ i already censored your acnes 😄😄 (with those stickers 🥺)

m: there, there 🤗

m: thank you guys! get home safely~ love you (he didn't tag gulf but we all know what smoothppasit meant 🙄)

g: p'mew must be tired
m: see you tomorrow 🤗

m: focus on your work!
g: i'll bring the merit to you~

m: let's make up already krub
g: tsssss (ignoring him)
m: but i already said sorry

p.s. the pinky sign is the one kids use to unfriend someone 🥺

g: safe flight naja ✈
m: thank you krub 😚

g: your hair's volume looks like a lion
m: what about you then?
g: mine's called middle parting, sweet smile
m: you sure you can handle my fierceness?
g: unable to handle it, i'll say if i can 🤣
m: good if you can handle it 😌

g: there are bubbles all over na krub 😂
m: i said hold on for a monent 🤨
g: teenagers are impatient 😂
m: good luck on your first day of internship tomorrow little bald head 😂
g: how am i bald 🥺

m: just woke up & your face looks sullen 😂
g: just like a monkey's ass
g: fighting na krub p'yoau 😬 (messy and wavy hair)
m: like yours is not (mocking)
g: it's curly style krub

m: eat a lot of food na 🍚
g: nomnom
g: drive well 👊

m: go to bed if you're sleepy 😂
g: the person in the photo is a bit blurry nowadays na
m: blurred that love you? 🤪 (thai spoonerism but this is the gist)
g: what are you smiling at?
m: and you? what are you smiling at?

g: fighting!
m: 😚😚

g: hong kong boy 🇭🇰
m: why are you exposing (busting) me?
m: hello nong double chin
g: why you people never choose a good photo of me? 😵
m: it's cute though!
m: is this one better? 😚

m: go to sleep now chubby face
g: just removed my make-up, gotta go take a shower now
m: ok krubbb then go to bed early na
g: found one sloppy kid who's brushing messily 😂
m: like you don't normally brush like this (mocking)
g: just kidding!

m: do you want to reconcile or you're just gonna pick your nose?
g: just showing my pinky's nail 55
m: just arrived in uni, gotta go to class now
g: focus on your studies na

ft. president mild
m: "let's make up" is that really hard to say? 😒
g: i already apologized~

g: /smiling/ stop sulking na boo, there's really nothing, i'm sorry na krubbb 😞
m: finish your meal and go to work already
g: stop telling me to be late 🤣
g (to his tweet): what am i saying, i don't get it too 555
m: you're the one who's going to be late 😒

m: ✌️✌️
g: safe flight na 🥰

ft. mild not having it
mi: read my lips "ANNOYED"

g: let's just meet each other here for now 🤣
m: someone's complaining that i'm being a tease 🥰 please pretend that i didn't tag the wrong account 😂
g: 55555 too late the magic eyes already saw it
m: don't get cheeky, i was the one who told you in LINE first 🤪
finally reached to their latest one aCK never realized how much they've talked and to think this still doesn't count the ones they did not post 🤧

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thank you guys 🥺

mew has a solo event for pink proud pride and he called gulf to meet the fans he was covering gulf because he was shirtless 😳
look at mew's cheeky smile when showing off his yaii nong and the way he's really covering him in case gulf might forget and his body gets exposed 🤧
mame tweeted this & said the shooting ended early so gulf hurried back home and even tho their meal is delicious mew was so engrossed in talking to gulf instead of eating 🤦‍♀️ mame teased that she will hit those who'll forget their lines the next day IMAGINE HOW CLINGY THEY ARE

g: happy thai new year krub, daddy 😋
m: happy new year krubbb

gulf has a solo event and he video called mew look at how he turns into a whole babie when talking to him 🥺
gulf would put the phone near his ear because he can't hear what mew was saying and he would smile from time to time 🤧

another solo event from gulf and he was showing mew to everyone he didn't even bother covering him up shshhs guess he was already used to see mew shirtless whenever they video call 😏
he was talking to mew and showing him off to everyone for more than 2 minutes 🤚

remember mew's iconic "gulf said, he haven't had a shower yet" and how we all went wild over that video call because it was so unexpected cause they were also together before that day 😭
the way mew kept on waving at him numerous times while showing a big smile before finally ending the call 🤧
mew was talking on the phone the whole time while struggling to carry his baggage and when he reached the fans he showed the man behind the phone, it was his dearest yai nong 🥺💖
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