NYC to adopt Wuhan model. It’s not just about physical distancing, it’s not just about locking down.
How has WSJ put this important article off Xihong Lin's analysis behind paywall! Avlbl in link above. In sum:
For suspected patients & contacs w/light symptoms
1) Place in hotel room
2) Give free wifi & good food
4) Ensure regular med checks
Result:rapid slowing of cases in 2wks
Its what most govts are going to adopt sooner or later once they develop test-treat-isolate state capacity. What grows exponentially can also decay rapidly once contact structure of society is changed with an effective interventions.
Govts must create socio-technical-cultural capabilities
#PREVENT -keep humans away from viruses (test, trace, isolate)
#TREAT-prioritize whatever hospitals need (staff, vents, PPE) & vacc research
#COPE - How to deal w distancing & grief- probably hardest part.
All else is noise.
Because exponential growth dominates any fixed resource, #prevent capabilities have to be first priority even as #treat & #cope capabilities are ramped up. Highly recommend @yaneerbaryam stellar analysis since it all kicked off in Jan. 
We've known since January when alarms rang in scientific community who studied pandemics that only 3 features matter for strategy:
(1) it spreads lightning quick asymptomatically (2) it is deadly (3) it can reduce fast by intervening to change network of contacts in society.
The later the penny drops (i.e Principals in a jurisdiction move from denial/deceit/other priorities & agree on 1,2,3) the wider infection has spread in space, the bigger & more costly the multi-scalar intervention must be. It took days in Taiwan; 3 wks in China; Month+in US/EU
Similar problems are solved in similar ways in NYC as in Wuhan.
"After Feb1, healthcare workers who treat patients in Wuhan stayed in hotels... to prevent them from infecting family members and communities" ht @XihongLin @NYGovCuomo
Army Corps helps convert Convention center halls across US into overflow medical facility to treat non Covid-19 patients & relieve surge in ICUs & hospitals. ~3000 beds each in NYC Javits & Chicago's McCormick center.
Extraordinary scenes, last 24h in NYC
Field hospitals in Central Park:
US Navy Medical Ship 'Comfort arrives':
Medical supplies airlift from Shanghai lands in JFK:
"In late January, the authorities in Wuhan were essentially doing what New York authorities are doing today". LA, Chicago & NYC slowly start to follow Wuhan Model of quarantining lightly sick and close contacts in hotels. ht @CarlMinzner
Universal mask wearing has finally been adopted from E Asia along with its pro-social logic (you wear it to protect others);
Next -- Centralised quarantine (to protect your family).
Natl Acad of Science' Fineberg & ex-World Bank head Kim make the case.
still don't quite understand the rationale of any newspaper putting public health related appeals behind paywalls during such times.
Crucial difference bw NYC & Wuhan: "failure to surge health care workers & equipment into NY at an early date in an all-out effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus is likely to stand out as one of its most costly strategic errors"
ht @hofrench
Excellent analysis of Wuhan's social distancing AND also centralized isolation & quarantine to crush the curve. Its hard-won results must be emulated.

Safer now in Wuhan than anywhere else in world @BrankoMilan. R is less than 0.1! Thread ht @XihongLin
Great NPR interview on how quarantine worked to end coronavirus in Asia Pacific. Simply wouldn't have worked without voluntary consent. ht Donald McNeil
#StampItOut in 10 weeks rather than defeatism of #FlattenTheCurve. That's strategy in Asia Pacific countries, whether rich or poor. From China & Taiwan to Myanmar & New Zealand. Hong Kong latest to eradicate virus.
Plateau of 1000s of infections & deaths a day is not acceptable. Hunkering down & hoping for 'testing testing testing' is not a strategy. Eradication is the goal. To do that, cases must be found, isolated, and their contacts traced & isolated comfortably.
NYC adopts Wuhan model! City will pay for hotel rooms for mild/moderate cases. "Patients will be provided with food, pharmacy, and laundry while in the hotel. There is a small clinical staff in each hotel, including EMTs, which checks in on patients daily"
NY alone has more deaths than ALL of Asia. It adopted Wuhan quarantine model only in May to stop home infections (City pays for hotel rooms for mild/moderate cases; Ppl provided food & laundry while in hotel; Clinical staff checks in daily) In few wks, R<1
Xihong Lin's talk on her groundbreaking research on intervention strategies for COVID-19 is Thursday. Put it on your calendar! ht @BhramarBioStat @NISS_DataSci
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