Alpha Bakugou working out at a 24hr alpha only gym 1am so no one bothers him. He doesn't worry about scent blockers because he's the only one there and even if another alpha shows up he's ready for a fight.

He's drenched in sweat from his hardcore work out,
Forming large puddles where he goes. Bakugou looks like he just got out of the shower. The gym smells like pure him and he loves it, surely if another alpha comes by they'll know to stay away. So when a shitty haired alpha shows up asking if Bakugou can be his spotter +
He's caught so off guard that he agrees instead of telling the other alpha to get lost.

Friendly interactions in an alpha only gym are rare, asking for a spotter to do bench press is unheard of. No alpha wants another alpha's sweaty ball in their face. Apparently this alpha did
He laid down on the bench and Bakugou stood over his shoulders, glaring down at the other alpha.

"I'm Kirishima by the way, thanks for helping a bro out!" Kirishima grinned under him

"Bakugou" he grunted trying to tone down his scent, but he had never been good at making it.
Kirishima was wearing multiple scent blockers so Bakugou couldn't tell what he was thinking behind that dangerous shark tooth smile.

Bakugou put his hands on the bar to help Kirishima get started, but the other alpha didn't budge. He looked down and caught the other alpha +
Starting between his legs. Bakugou snarled and Kirishima's eyes quickly looked up.

"The fuck are you doing shitty hair"

"Heh, s-sorry you're just sweating like /a lot/ and you're not wearing scent blockers so..."

"So what? It's a fucking gym of course in gonna sweat. Idiot"
Kirishima laughed uncomfortably and nodded trying to turn his attention back to the task at hand. Kirishima did his set and practically dropped the bar. Bakugou yelped and he was jerked forward by the sudden weight. He leaned forwards and bent his knees, wincing when he felt
His junk land right on Kirishima's face before he quickly stood up and put the bar on the rack.

"What the /fuck/ shitty hair, you can't just drop it like that!"
Bakugou looked down and inhaled sharply. Kirishima looked like he was in a daze, eyes half lidded, face flushed, and mouth silently open, his face was shiny from a mixture of Bakugou's sweat and his own.

Kirishima let go of the bar and reached for Bakugou's thighs, his claws +
Digging into his flesh as the alpha pulled him closer.

"O-oi what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Kirishima let out a low growl and craned his head back, licking Bakugou's balls through his wet compression shorts. Bakugou hissed, grabbing the bar so tightly his claws +
Cut into his palms. Bakugou couldn't stop himself from rutting against Kirishima's tongue, the other alpha moaned loudly and tried to pull him closer.

"F-fuck" Bakugou groaned, his eyes screwing shut "W-what are you doing?"
"/Alpha/" Kirishima snarled, his sharp teeth scraping against the thin material of his shorts "You smell so good"

Kirishima hands slid up Bakugou's thighs and hooked around his waistband. Bakugou growled but didn't stop him from peeling his shorts from his body.
"Need more" Kirishima moaned watching hungrily as Bakugou's half hard cock sprung free and his musk filled the air.

Bakugou looked just in time to see Kirishima put his tongue on his bare leg to catch a bead of sweat that trickling down and lick all the way up to his balls.
Bakugou moaned, doubling over to rest his head on the bar while Kirishima lapped at his balls.

"I can smell your arousal" Kirishima purred, running his finger up under Bakugou's loose tank top "you're not even trying to hide it from me. /good Alpha/"
Bakugou was trying to hide it, he just wasn't doing a good job. But he whined at the praise anyway, groaning as Kirishima sucked one of his balls onto his mouth and hummed around it.
Kirishima released him with a loud wet pop, his hands wrapping around Bakugou's thin waist. Bakugou didn't realize just how big Kirishima was until he felt the other alpha's thumbs touch.

"So small..."

"Fuck you, knot brain. If you're gonna suck my dick just do it."
Bakugou hissed, pushing the head of his cock into Kirishima's mouth "You won't make fun of me when I knot your mouth. Stupid alpha"

Kirishima moaned loudly, hips rotting against the air as he pulled Bakugou deeper into his mouth.

"Of course /you'd/ like that. Fucking perv"
Bakugou pulled his hips back and snapped them forwards roughly, moaning as Kirishima gagged on his thick cock. Drool spilling out of his mouth as Bakugou abused the back of Kirishima's throat, trying to force himself inside.

"//Swallow//" Bakugou commanded and Kirishima obeyed
His throat bulging around Bakugou's length as it slid in until his knot hit his lips.

Kirishima's claws dug into Bakugou's skin when his air was cut off, but he didn't pull away.
Bakugou grabbed Kirishima's neck with one hand to hold him stead as he began roughly fucking his throat.

"Good alpha, fucking take it" Bakugou growled feeling Kirishima's throat tighten around him "I'm going to make you my fucking bitch"

Bakugous could feel his orgasm coming
The urge to force his knot into Kirishima's mouth was almost too much to resist. Instead he grabbed it with his free hand and squeezed tightly, the pressure sending him over the edge.

Bakugou came with a shout, shooting rope of cum down Kirishima's throat, choking him as he
Struggled to keep up. It leaked out of the corners of his mouth and into the floor. Bakugou pulled out slowly.
Just before his head was out Kirishima shoved Bakugou back, coughing and gasping for air. He was grinning but Bakugou's still couldn't tell what the alpha was thinking, those scent patches were driving him insane. Without think Bakugou lunged forward and ripped one off.

Kirishima's scent immediately overwhelmed him and Bakugou staggered back. It was think and strong and heavy with arousal and... And something more

"Alpha prime" Bakugou breathed, covering his mouth and nose because there was more than that.

"You shouldn't have done that" Kirishima growled but he made no move to cover his scent.

"You shouldn't be in public, what are you crazy?" Bakugou tried to sound angry but the smell of a rutting alpha prime was messing with his head.

Kirishima took a step towards him.
Bakugou stated to take a shaky step back.


Bakugou's whole body locked up, his body felt like it was being crushed under the command. He watched nervously as Kirishima reached up and tore off the other scent blocker.

"W-what are you doing?" Bakugou gasped
Kirishima's scent was so strong he could taste it in his mouth

/rut rut rut/

"Stop scenting! You're gonna make me-"

Bakugou stopped when Kirishima touched him, the alpha prime's claws brushing against against his scent gland sending electricity up and down his body.
Kirishima grapped Bakugou's jaw with his huge hand, turning his head to the side to expose his neck. Bakugou snapped his teeth and growled, pushing back against Kirishima.

"No, bad alpha" Kirishima rumbled "//submit//"

Bakugou hissed, his body trembling as he struggled against
The command as Kirishima pumped more of his scent into the enclosed space. Bakugou felt dizzy, he could feel his temperature rising and his heart pounding. His gums ached to sink into flesh.

Kirishima licked a stripe up Bakugou's exposed neck and nipped his ear.
"//submit//" Kirishima repeated, his lips brushing against Bakugou's jaw.

Bakugou's head slumped to the side.

"Good alpha"
Kirishima leaned in and brushed his fangs over Bakugou's scent gland.

Bakugou's roared pushing Kirishima back enough so he could sink his teeth into the side of the alpha prime's face. Kirishima's claws pierced into Bakugou's triceps and that tumbled to the floor +
Biting and clawing at each other as their feral growls filled the room.

Bakugou was in pre rut already, his thread of control hanging on by a thread. He found himself on top for a moment and straddled Kirishima's hips, holding his wrists over his head.

"My rut... Why?"
Bakugou's managed to hiss before his mind completely slipped away.

"Just returning the favor" Kirishima smirked, rolling his hips up, his clothed erection sliding between Bakugou's cheeks.
Bakugou growled viciously ready to bite again when Kirishima flipped them over, slamming Bakugou's face down in a puddle of his own sweat. The alpha prime grabbed Bakugou's hips roughly, his claws cutting deep as he pulled his ass into the air.

"//Present//" Kirishima commanded
Bakugou's whimpered his inner alpha fighting between the desire to take and the need to follow a prime's command. Bakugou clawed at Kirishima's hands, but he didn't know if he was pushing him away or pulling him closer

"Alpha!" Bakugou cried out, his voice coming out as a needy+

Kirishima scraped his teeth against Bakugou's inner thigh then bit into his firm ass. Bakugou screamed.

"Noisy for me" Kirishima slurred, licking the blood away before blowing a stream of cool air against Bakugou's hole.

Bakugou's pushed back towards his face but +
Kirishima kept him still in his steel grip.

"You want me?"

Bakugou's growled

"//say it//"

"I want you!"

Kirishima hummed and pressed his tongue into the tight ring of muscle. Bakugou's clamped down against the foreign sensation, but Kirishima moan and pressed in deeper.
Kirishima went to work opening Bakugou up with his tongue, holding the squirming alpha in place with one hand as he tried to focus enough to retract his claws on the other. It was hard to think clearly during a rut, but alpha primes seemed to be more coherent than lesser alphas.
When Kirishima deemed Bakugou ready he roughly shoved two fingers inside of him down to the knuckle. Bakugou's growls turned into a loud moan as Kirishima pumped his fingers in and out, forcing in a third finger.

Bakugou's alpha was going wild, he enjoyed the intense pleasure+
Even the burn had his eyes rolling back and his cock leaking, but he wanted to /take/ not be /taken/. The need to claim make his gum ache and his skin crawl.

Then Kirishima curled his fingers and Bakugou's alpha went quiet as he cried out in pleasure.

Kirishima added a forth finger and hit that spot again and again until Bakugou was a drooling whimpering mess, his was trying to milk Kirishima's fingers as he pulled out. Bakugou looked over his shoulder and watched Kirishima shred his sweats in his attempt to remove them.
/strong/ he alpha noted with approval.

Then Kirishima took out his cock and bakigai gulped. It was /huge/, easily the size of Bakugou's forearm, flushed and leaking pre. Kirishima stroked it and Bakugou watched it twitch in his giant hand couldn't even close around it.
The alpha prime caught him staring and smirked as he lined up with Bakugou's stretched hole.


Bakugou's body complied, his muscles going slack and his eyes half closed. He felt the head push against him and pop inside. Bakugou's eyes rolled back and his mouth opened
In a silent scream as Kirishima grabbed his hips again. The alpha prime moaned as he pulled Bakugou back onto his cock. Bakugou felt impossibly full, like there was no way he could take more, but Kirishima kept sinking into his right heat until his barely formed knot +
Kissed his entrance.

Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's arms and lifted him up until his back was pressed against Kirishima's chest.

"Good. Good alpha" he praised as Bakugou struggled to catch his breath. "You're taking my cock so well. So good. Perfect mate."
Bakugou whined, choking on a cry when Kirishima rocked his hips. Kirishima kissing and licking his neck, Bakugou's alpha hissing while Bakugou moaned and bared his neck for the alpha prime. He felt Kirishima's cock twitch at the submissive display.

"So good" Kirishima repeated
His thrusts gaining more force "look at how well you're taking my cock. Gonna knot you so good"

Bakugou moaned, opening the eyes he didn't realize is had closed and gasped. When Kirishima pushed all the way inside his cock caused Bakugou's stomach to bulge out slightly.
Kirishima rolled his hips and Bakugou watched the bumb in his stomach move.

"So big, alpha"

Bakugou felt Kirishima knot grind against his hole. The alpha prime wasn't even all the way inside yet.
Kirishima tightened his grip on Bakugou's arms, pulling them back to use leverage as the alpha prime set a brutal pace. The room filled with the sounds of wet slapping skin and the smell of sex and pleasure.
Each rough thrust would force a little more of Kirishima's massive knot inside.

"M gonna knot you" Kirishima moaned, his teeth teasing dangerously around Bakugou's scent gland "knot you, breed you, make you /mine/"
Bakugou's alpha roared at Kirishima's words. It's should be the other way around! Bakugou's snarled, struggling to free himself from Kirishima's grip. He tore his sweaty wrists out of the alpha prime's grasp and they fought for dominance again. Kirishima was build like a tank +
and strong but Bakugou was faster. Even through the haze of his rut Bakugou was still a more strategic fighter. He forced Kirishima back until he tripped over a barbell Bakugou had neglected to put away and then he lunged. Kirishima put his arm up to push Bakugou off and +
Bakugou's sunk his teeth deep into his forearm. Bakugou held Kirishima down with one hand firmly on his throat, the other grabbed Kirishima's thick cock and lined it back up with his entrance.

"I take /you/" Bakugou hissed, his words muffled by Kirishima's arm "make you mine"
Kirishima's wheezed, tearing his arm out of Bakugou's mouth to claw at the hand obstructing his airway and Bakugou's sunk down. He whimpered, drool and sweat dripping off him as he was once again stuff with alpha cock, the sensation causing him to clasp right around Kirishima's +
Throat. Kirishima's eyes rolled back as his face turned red, unable to get the leverage he needed to push Bakugou off.

"//submit//" Bakugou moaned, his face twisted into a crazed smirk as he stared into the alpha prime's eyes.
Kirishima bared his fangs but let his head fall to the side and Bakugou loosen his hold so Kirishima could breathe.

Bakugou's alpha preened, victorious, and he lifted himself up before slamming back down, bouncing up and down on Kirishima's length.
Bakugou felt amazing, his knot rapidly growing each time Kirishima slammed against his prostate. The alpha prime below him letting out a mixture of whimpers, moans, and snarls. Anytime Kirishima made a threatening noise Bakugou would squeeze his hand and choke him.
Kirishima would show his neck and Bakugou would let go.

"K-knot" Kirishima whined, rolling his hips up to meet Bakugou's.

Bakugou slammed down harder, grinding down against Kirishima's fully formed knot.

"Too big" Bakugou growled "won't fit"
"Knotknotknot" Kirishima chanted grabbing Bakugou's waist and forcing him down harder.

Bakugou put his hands on Kirishima's pecs to support himself, gasping and moaning as his orgasm approached.

"Won't fit" Bakugou groaned, digging his claws into Kirishima's muscles.
"//make it fit//" Kirishima growled

Bakugou's whined but felt himself relax immediately, Kirishima taking advantage of the effect his command had to flip them over. Bakugou but the ground hard, stars flashing behind his eyelids as his breathe left in a rush leaving his gasping+
For air.

Kirishima hooked his arms around Bakugou's legs and brought his knees to his head, bending the alpha in half underneath him. With one last forceful thrust Kirishima's knot popped inside, locking them together.

Bakugou screamed as he came, shooting rope of cum onto+
His chest, neck and face. The sensation of Bakugou's ass milking his knot sent Kirishima over the edge, he ground his knot deeper as he came, painting Bakugou's insides white. The alpha prime leaned in and sunk his teeth deep into Bakugou's shoulder +
Barely missing the alpha's scent gland. Kirishima collapsed, cradling Bakugou in his arms as be gently licked the blood from his fresh wound.
💦Kiri POV💦

Kirishima groaned and frowned, his brain felt fuzzy because of his rut. He tried to move his hips and felt someone clamp around his knot.

"Mmmm... Fuck" Kirishima moaned, shifting into a pushup position so he could see who he had knotted. He vaguely remembered +
Going to the gym to get some energy out before his rut... There was a manly alpha with no scent blockers...

Kirishima's breath hitched as he stared at the beautiful alpha under him. What was his name?... Bakugou...

Bakugou was still coming down from his orgasm.
His eyes half closed, face dusted with pretty pink splotches down to his chest. Bakugou was covered in scratches, bites and bruises.

"Oh shit" Kirishima breathed, fingers ghosting over the nasty bite mark on Bakugou's shoulder.

The alpha stirred, giving off a content scent +
That helped Kirishima relax a little.

"B-bakugou?" Kirishima shook him gently. He could feel his rut coming back, he wanted to at least see if Bakugou was ok before they started up again.
Bakugou grumbled and rubbed his face.

"W-what?" He had to blink a few times before be eyes focused on Kirishima "What the fuck?"

Bakugou immediately pulled away and Kirishima knot slipped out. They both moaned at the feeling, Kirishima looking down just in time to watch +
His own cum flow out of Bakugou's loose asshole, pooling underneath him. Kirishima growled at the sight, his alpha getting riled up again.

"I-I'm sorry" Kirishima mumbled, the feeling was genuine but he voice didn't reflect that.

"You better be fucking shitty hair" Bakugou +
Growled, touching his bloody shoulder "You /bit/ me! Bad alpha!"

Kirishima snarled "You were scenting so much I couldn't stop..."

"This is an /alpha/ gym I can scent as much as I want" as if to make his point Bakugou started scenting, pushing out the same wonderful scent +
That had triggered Kirishima rut in the first place.

"That's not helping" Kirishima whined, he felt drunk on Bakugou's scent.

He pulled Bakugou closer despite the alpha's protests, putting his mouth around his scent gland and sucking hard.
"Taste so good" Kirishima sighed, licking up Bakugou's neck, pumping out his own scent of arousal and desire as his rut took over his mind again "/fuck/ so good"

"S-shit don't do that" Bakugou growled, his claws digging painfully into Kirishima's scalp as he pulled him closer +
Despite his own words "We're in public"

"Too late. Need you now"

"We should lock the door then"

"No. Stay." Kirishima grunted, wrapping his hand around Bakugou's half hard cock.
Bakugou hissed and thrust into Kirishima's hand his scent instantly changing from aggression to pleasure. It tasted sweet on Kirishima's mouth and all he could think of is how he want more. More sweet scent, more moans, more Bakugou.

The alpha pushed Kirishima off and lunged +
The feral look in Bakugou's eyes went straight to Kirishima's cock as they grapples on the dirty gym floor. If it weren't for the heavy scent of sex in the air it would look like the alpha's were trying to kill each other. By the time Bakugou managed to pin Kirishima on his +
Stomach they were both covered in sweat and blood. Kirishima had a black eye and Bakugou's nose was probably broken. Family had a hand pressing firmly down ing the back of Kirishima's neck. He craned his neck, watching Bakugou wipe the blood off his face with the back of his hand
Bakugou slapped his ass before spreading Kirishima's cheeks apart and let out a low possessive growl.

"Slut" Bakugou snarled and pressed down on the knotted plug sitting snug in Kirishima's ass.

"Fuck me damn it" Kirishima hissed, pushing back against Bakugou desperately.
Bakugou made a low guttural sound with his throat and pushed Kirishima harder in to the ground before getting closer. His fangs scraped across Kirishima's skin leaving goosebumps as Bakugou bit the end of the plugs and pulled it out quickly with his teeth. Kirishima gasped and +
Moaned his stretched hole clenching around nothing. He felt empty, his alpha going crazy urgently needing stimulation, any stimulation, that could calm the fire burning inside him.

"//knot me//" Kirishima cried feeling Bakugou's body trembled at the command "//knot me alpha//"
The air was punched out of Kirishima's lungs as Bakugou slammed himself to the hilt, giving the alpha prime no time to adjust before setting a brutal pace. It burned, Bakugou was so much bigger than the little plug Kirishima had, but it felt so good.

Bakugou grabbed a +
Fist full of Kirishima's hair and yanked his head to the side to gain access to his scent gland. Kirishima mewled as Bakugou's teased him with his tongue, running his claiming fangs across his scent gland, causing a burst of pleasure through Kirishima's whole body.
It was a dangerous game, Kirishima shouldn't let Bakugou get so close, but in his rut high he couldn't care less if a stranger claimed him. Bakugou closed his teeth around Kirishima, biting down with just enough pressure to have him seeing stars without breaking the skin.
"Good alpha" Kirishima moaned "Good /good/ alpha!"

Bakugou's thrusts got impossibly faster, his growing knot catching more and more. Kirishima scrambled to fist his own cock, jerking himself off in time with Bakugou's hips. Soon he was spilling into his hand, mouth open in a
Silent scream as Bakugou continued to fuck into him, ramming against his abused and over sensitive prostate.

"Claim." Bakugou growled, biting down harder "Mine."
Kirishima's mind was finally starting to clear up as he felt Bakugou's teeth barely pierce through his skin.

"Oh shit!" Kirishima gapsed, trying to push Bakugou's mouth away "Bakugou! Alpha //stop!//"

Bakugou's body froze at the command and Kirishima slipped away, putting a +
Foot of distance between them. Kirishima was panting, adrenaline pumping. He felt the shallow bite around his scent gland. It wasn't deep enough to be a mating bond... That was too close.

The racid smell of frustration and angry hit Kirishima's nose and made him gag.
He turned back to Bakugou's who was still frozen, body twitching as he struggled to break free of the command. His fangs bared, drool overflowing in streams down his chin. Bakugou's eyes had a dangerous look in them, his pupils so dilated only a tiny sliver of red could be seen.
His cock hung heavy between his thighs, fully erect and throbbing, the head was an angry red color and leaking pre. Bakugou's knot was fully formed at the base.

Kirishima had /edged/ him and he was pissed.

"H-hey I'm sorry man" Kirishima said sheepishly as a low snarl +
Bubbled from Bakugou's throat.

Kirishima's tried backing up slowly but Bakugou's body was already flying towards him. Bakugou collided into Kirishima with the force of a truck, fists and claws flying. Bakugou pinned Kirishima chest first against a wall with his body, rutting +
Against his ass. Kirishima opened his mouth to tell Bakugou to calm down but the alpha shoved his middle and ring fingers deep into his mouth, keeping him from saying any commands.

"No claiming" Kirishima slurred, feeling Bakugou's hot breath against the back of his neck.
Bakugou growled but backed off and the alpha prime breathed a sigh of relief

Kirishima moaned around Bakugou's fingers when his cock breeched him again. Kirishima felt Bakugou's knot and he pushed back against it until it slipped inside.
Bakugou came instantly, teeth sinking into Kirishima's shoulder blade as he ground his knot as deep as it would go. With a growl Bakugou bit Kirishima's other shoulder blade causing him to cry would and clench around his knot milking out the last drops of cum.
**Baku POV**

Bakugou woke up feeling as if he had gotten mauled by a bear. He sat up alarming noting that 1) he was no longer in the gym but in someone's trashed apartment 2) he was alone in what used to be a bed and 3) he had a fucking muzzle on. Bakugou fumbled around with +
The muzzle as he inspected his surroundings, catching a glimpse of himself in a broken full length mirror.

Bakugou looked awful, he had a broken nose and a black eye, and he was covered in nasty bite marks that miraculously avoided his scent gland. Clearly someone has tried +
To clean him up while he slept, so at least he wasn't covered in dried blood and cum.

Bakugou stood up, wincing as cum leaked from his loose hole. Apparently he had been the last one to get knotted, stupid fucker.

There was a note on the door addressed to him.

Sorry about everything. I had to go clean up the gym, but make yourself at home if you'd like. I made breakfast for you and left you a change of clothes. Feel free to use my phone... We kinda destroyed yours. Sorry I'll get you a new one.

My shower is broken so you'll have to use the gym ones down stairs.

"down stairs?" Bakugou groaned and rubbed his face, too distracted by hunger to think too deeply about it.

He found his poorly cooked breakfast on a little table in the middle of a torn up apartment.
They really did a number on things...

Bakugou grabbed Kirishima's phone to call Deku, his nerdy roommate was probably shitting his pants, but when he saw the date on the phone be nearly choked.

His ruts usually only lasted 3 days, but the phone said it had been a whole week.
Bakugou took a few minutes to compose himself before putting on the clothes Kirishima had left for him. (Kirishima's clothes were huge on Bakugou but he assumed if his phone hadn't made it his spare clothes had bit the dust as well)

He went down stairs on wobbly legs to find +
Kirishima and possibly the remains of his stuff and rain face first into another huge alpha with silver hair and teeth like Kirishima.

"Fucking watch it" Bakugou hissed, holding his sore nose.

"But you ran into me..." He grumbled, blushing as he looked Bakugou up and down
If you're looking for Kirishima he's *cough* still cleaning up the, uh... The /mess/ in the gym"

The alpha gestured behind him with his thumb. The double doors were a mess, one had been ripped off of its hinges and was leaning against the wall, the other had a couple of +
Holes where one of them must of punched through.

Bakugou muttered a quick "Thanks" before heading inside.
If Bakugou had thought the apartment was a mess the gym was a fucking disaster. The mirrors that covered the walls were shattered, weights were scattered everywhere (some embedded in the dry wall somehow), punching bags had been torn open spilling sand on the floor.
And standing in the middle of it was Kirishima with a mop. The alpha prime's hair was down, a white head band holding it out of his face, and he had in a crop top and sweats.

Bakugou couldn't suppress the smirk th at stretched across his face. Kirishima was even more beat up +
Than he was. The sight of him went straight to Bakugou's dick. Kirishima stiffened and turned around, his eyes wide and face red.

Oh yeah... Bakugou still wasn't wearing scent blockers.

"Breakfast was shitty" he barked, stepping over an over turned bench to get closer.
Kirishima forced a smile and rubbed the back of his neck "Yeah? Sorry... I'm not much of a cook."

"I could teach you." Bakugou mumbled, taking the mop out of Kirishima's hands.


"After we clean this up I could make you lunch at my place... If you want."
A blinding smile stretch across Kirishima's face.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

❤ the end 💛
I'm slowly putting this up on Ao3! (Fixing typos and fixing the pacing)
Thank you for reading! 
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