Fuck.... this #QuarantineLife is now getting to me emotionally more and more. I'm crying, yelling at my parents, stressing over about everything and feeling like a failure, hungry, staying indoors all day, I'm missing my friends.
I want a hug real bad but well, you know.
So I might just make this an updates thread. So I'm doing a bit better now; talked with my older brother, @ShaunyRedComet. Y'alls should follow him as he's awesome. Also I know a lot of ya are now working at home but try not to over exert yourself too. Love ya💙
Hoi! It's been awhile since I've updated this thread. Been caught up in Animal Crossing a lot. Overall I'm doing fine; A few crying moments here and there and I've been getting frustrated with personal things but that's okay. ummmmmm let's see here... Ooh! I've been getting to
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