The Chinese virus outbreak has shown the world the true nature of the Chinazi govt.

Check the date here:
Now they’ve banned US supply chains supplying Americans the medical products they need.

#ChineseVirus #ChineseParasite
Besides hoarding medical masks & covering up its crime against human, China also stole patent of antivirus drug Remdisivir, developed by US firm Gilead:
This Is CHINA:
Released deadly Wuhan Virus, told the world that it couldn’t be transmitted from human to human, forced whistleblower to apologize on social media.

Nationalized US supply chains in China.

Then profits from it by selling those supplies.
China just sold €4,320,000,000. worth of medical supplies came from nationalized US supply chains to Spain, the country with the 2nd highest deaths caused by the Chinese virus:


• 550M masks.
• 5.5M test kits.
• 950 ventilators.
• 11M pairs of gloves.
The whole world is being robbed at gunpoint (Chinese virus) by Xi JinLaden & his CCP terrorists:

Has your hubby Dick been hoarding medical supplies for China ?
Jan 31, 2020, @WHO declared Wuhan Virus a global health emergency.

After China had been hoarding medical supplies all over the world, left all countries, instead of China, unprotected.

@DrTedros & XinJinLaden’s CCP need to be investigated for crimes against human! 🤬
Can Spain get a refund for the crappy made-in-China test kits?

China, a country has no shame.
Released deadly virus, infected & killed people all over the world.
Then gets rich by selling counterfeit medical supplies.
340,000 Wuhan Virus Test Kits Sold To Spain By China Defected -
The crappy test kits were manufactured by Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology r Accurate Just 30% of the time. 
A Czech news site revealed that 80% of the Wuhan virusctest kits donated by China are faulty.

Malaysian news debunked China’s lies that the 10 Million surgical masks shopped from China are free.

German Health Minister said that the Chinese test kits r not accurate enough.
When your enemies say they want to kill you, you better believe it.

#WuhanVirus #ChinaVirus #VirusChinois #VirusCinese #VirusChines #VirusChino #ChinesischeVirus
Shame on @Twitter & @Jack for pushing this disgusting propaganda! 🤬
Arsonist who donates fire-extinguishers to the house he burned down wins a Twitter Moment.

BTW, had people forgot Canada donated 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China earlier?
Besides spreading Wuhan virus, lying that it couldn’t be transmitted human to human, stealing antivirus drug Remdisivir patent & selling faulty/contaminated medical supplies to the world -
Chinese hacking surges amid virus crisis.
China’s APR41 was embarking on a sweeping campaign in Jan that targeted over 75 customers of security firm FireEye alone.

The group used recently disclosed flaws on Cisco Citrix software to target firms in US, UK & Canada.

China is the most dangerous virus the world is facing.
Called it on Feb 8.

China had been hoarding medical supplies.
Florida, before Wuhan lockdown, while China & WHO were lying to the world that the virus couldn’t be transmitted from human to human.

Bitch’s laughing that there’s no mask left for Americans.

China is killing people all over the world with its Wuhan virus & faulty/contaminated medical supplies!

#ChinaLiedPeopleDied #MakeChinaPay
Ponzi China also sold craps to Ireland.



@joetsai1999 @JackMa
Apr 6, Public Health England’s Wuhan Coronavirus testing coordinator John Bell wrote in a blog that its antibody kits purchased from PONZI China were faulty, added the PM’s office would seek to get a refund.
Slovakian PM Igor Marovic said a Million test from PONZI China were so inaccurate they should ‘be thrown straight into the Danube’ 🤪

Ireland issued an ultimatum to China last week after 20% of the £176M worth of PPE were unusable.
BYD, Chinese electric car maker, now a “medical mask maker” 🤦🏼‍♂️ receiving a $1B contract from @GavinNewsom has a shady background.

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UK also ordered 3,500,000 Chinese test kits, but found NONE of them to be good enough for widespread use.

The British government said it was seeking refunds from the suppliers.
The head of Finland’s emergency medical supply agency resigned after a multimillion-euro shipment of masks from PONZI China was found not to be up to the standard needed by hospitals.
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