Has anybody watched Tiger King yet?
Just started and Joe Exotic’s bangs have told me everything I needed to know so far #TigerKing
“And look at me now! I’m doing tiger shows”
Yep look..at..you. Reach for the stars homie #TigerKing
Wait. What happened to her arm? #TigerKing
Of COURSE he does country music. Of course #TigerKing
Animal print underwear
28 songs. 16 music videos. #TigerKing
So you saving cats by keeping them in a cage too?? Also you alergic to cats?!! #TigerKing
“You can’t put a price on playing with these tigers” well umm they did and you paid it sooooo #TigerKing
All his husband’s teeth are gone #TigerKing
and THAT’S what happened to her arm. Ok #TigerKing
Wait. What happened to his legs? #TigerKing
So you just got the elephant in the neighborhood, chillin? #TigerKing
Well i mean if a dead body rolls up on my lawn I’d think to burn it too #TigerKing
So you’ve been grooming young women for years is what you’re sayin... 4 wives 🙄 #TigerKing
Of COURSE his son looks like that 🤣 #TigerKing
So all three of them got married? There was a wedding. I need a minute 🤦🏽‍♀️ #TigerKing
I’m on episode 2 btw and I am lost #TigerKing
The big cat rescue music video #TigerKing
Also i’m a Dr of Mystical Science now #TigerKing
So it’s a cult . You changed your name. It’s a cult. #TigerKing
$150 a WEEK????! No ma’am #TigerKing
On episode 3
So TWO of her husbands went missing??! Ok #TigerKing
How in thee fuck did you get her diary??? #TigerKing
He just told you he was leaving for costa rica and you don’t know anything else? Ok girl #TigerKingNetflix
The van was just sitting at the airport with the keys in it and nothing just nothing. Ok #TigerKingNetflix
Carole fed that man to them tigers #TigerKingNetflix
Here Kitty Kitty
I can’t- #TigerKingNetflix
I should’ve watched this sober... #TigerKingNetflix
Oh so her and her brother weren’t close. Ok girl #TigerKingNetflix
I ain’t never heard of nobody writing a will in case of disappearance #TigerKingNetflix
WHY??? is this nigga in jail now??! WTF did Joe do??!! #TigerKingNetflix
He stole their logo and their number 😂😂 #TigerKingNetflix
Crocodilians? #TigerKingNetflix
THEY BLEW UP THE FUCKIN STUDIO?!!! Nigga! #TigerKingNetflix
Oh he used to have more teeth. Did a tiger knock out the others?? #TigerKingNetflix
Oooh Carol want the zoo #TigerKingNetflix
Free Jeff Lowe’s wife #TigerKingNetflix
So you just sitting on the bed with your shoes? Ok #TigerKingNetflix
Ok just started episode 5! #TigerKingNetflix
Every episode I look at joe thinkin “what the fuck you got on joe? What the fuck is you wearin???!” #TigerKingNetflix
Ok paused to finish my Marvel marathon with my friend will resume tomorrow.
Ok i’m back. On episode 5 and it starts with a chimp party #TigerKingNetflix
“Pizzaria” #TigerKingNetflix
Run for President fuck it why not. I remember when John Oliver talked about him 😂 #TigerKingNetflix
I put my head down for 2 secs and now this nigga running for governor #TigerKingNetflix
“I already knew he was bat shit crazy from our conversations at walmart”
That is a sentence. Sounds about right #TigerKingNetflix
“Somebody must’ve put perfume on my shoes”
Yep that’s it. Everybody knows tigers love perfume #TigerKingNetflix
Oh ok so meth took his other four teeth he had #TigerKingNetflix
A woman wanted him. A woman fell in love with those big ass gingivitis gaps #TigerKingNetflix
Sooooooooo this wedding blanket was for nothing #TigerKingNetflix
Meth addiction? *pretends to be shocked* #TigerKingNetflix
This surveillance tape with him doing the home alone face is sending me. #TigerKingNetflix
Travis is definitely Joe’s fault. #TigerKingNetflix
Talking about somebody’s balls at the funeral. Ok. Yeah you can tell his ass is tweakin #TigerKingNetflix
Of course he has to sing #TigerKingNetflix
2 months later you find another child bride whew #TigerKingNetflix
Ok Ep 6 begins #TigerKingNetflix
This series should’ve been called “How many bad decisions can these people make?” #TigerKingNetflix
Jeff’s impression of Joe #TigerKingNetflix
“Some mistakes were made...”
Joe bought you guns and trucks but the dentist office was just too busy unfortunately huh? #TigerKingNetflix
Meth heads. Everybody is a fuckin meth head #TigerKingNetflix
Everybody is a snitch too wow #TigerKingNetflix
Two what? Carol??! #TigerKingNetflix
“I chickened out and partied instead”
Amazing #TigerKingNetflix
So we just texting each other murder plots. Ok #TigerKingNetflix
Ep 7: this man let a monkey drink from his mouth bruh #TigerKingNetflix
If you see me wearin this shirt, mind ya business #TigerKingNetflix
“Who would’ve thought?” Certainly not me muthafucka! #TigerKingNetflix
I’m so happy this was made into a docuseries instead of a book because I wouldn’t believe this shit if I read it 😂😂 #TigerKingNetflix
James punk ass.. #TigerKingNetflix
His bangs got longer in jail #TigerKingNetflix
Awww lawd Lauren no!! I told you episode 3 to leave!! She’ll never get out now! Ughhhh the nanny!! #TigerKingNetflix
Dillon snatched that file with the quickness! #TigerKingNetflix
Jeff Lowe ain’t shit either 😂😂 shit #TigerKingNetflix
Great cover up tattoo. Nailed it. #TigerKingNetflix
22 years. Yikes. #TigerKingNetflix
I’m going to figure out a way to use this picture as much as I can #TigerKingNetflix
I loathe agreeing with this nigga but I mean... 🤷🏽‍♀️ #TigerKingNetflix https://twitter.com/ThatDudeMCFLY/status/1242878375473164290
Listen if my husband was being stupid and i got tigers and lions. I mean...they’re right there 🤷🏽‍♀️ #TigerKingNetflix
#TigerKingNetflix https://twitter.com/ErinABray/status/1242868604938276865
Shit maybe somebody did put perfume on joe’s shoes... #TigerKing #TigerKingNetflix
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