Indians food and ration provision thru Public distribution system (PDS) & online (E-commerce) delivery. Shutdown of freedom of assembly, religious worship, movement etc legally put under Natl Disaster Management Act (2005) directly under PM & Centre.
India's richest state has 450 ventilators & 502 ICU beds. It has these 21d to "prepare its hospitals, convert a few stadiums into isolation centers, and procure as many ventilators as possible. So far,Modi’s administration has not done any of these things"
India's poverty & health alleviation in past decades was massive. But food security is priority during corona lockdown coz unlike other countries, its deep recession started 2019 & has decimated construction/agriculture jobs. ⬆️Food prices amid supply-chain breakdowns cd compound
Food (& cash) disbursement system is test of India's state-capacity. Fortunately, grain godowns are overflowing. Famines in democracies are rarely about shortages; always about distribution. A virus that preys on vulnerable & a callous State both deadly.
India's current relief package amounts to ~ 1% of GDP; a far cry from Germany/US etc ~5 to 10% GDP. Govts fiscal spending is limited by a shadow banking crisis that erupted in 2019 & led to mass layoffs in jobs-heavy construction sector. (thread ⬇️)
Good to see industrial MNC Tata rise to gravity of situation & put down ~$70 million to provide PPE, ventilators, testing kits. If there ever was a time for nation-building, "Bombay Plan" for Indian healthcare capacity, it is NOW.
People cast out with their babies at their back with no direction home. Such a monumental tragedy playing out in all the cities of India. Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee are scathing yet have constructive advice for the Modi Govt.
Photo: @choudharyravi
Given rural - urban divide in hospital beds, Duflo & Banerjee suggest mobile health teams that can be deployed to wherever there are surges. Its a simple idea that many other large countries could adopt.
Indina govt clears $2 billion package to buy PPE for health care workers, expand testing & train health care workers. India is importing 10,000 ventilators from China & has ordered another 30,000 from public sector firms under Defence ministry.
Case fatality has been relatively low ~0.7% in Kerala (which has one of the best public health systems). There has been little need for ventilators yet, & fewer fever cases in local clinics. That half the country is younger than 28 is in its favour.
Hospital bed shortages? Tens of thousands of trains shut down for the 1st time since 1853? Indian Railways comes up with a brilliant solution!
Indian govt preparing for a “two-front war”— Corona & and another to ensure food security — in anticipation of mega locust attack on farms across Gangetic plain this summer.
Locusts usually stop at western desert & this would be unthinkable but so is 2020
*Plague year*
Brain: Don't do it
Brain: Don't do it
Brain: Don't do it
Brain: Don't do it

Reads Mike Davis during a plague year. omg.
Corona lockdowns is India's 21st C Home Rule (in all sense of the term!). Home Ministry rules homes. All decisions made directly by the Centre. #lockdownextension
Modi's Marie Antoinette moment: "Let them eat roses"
Its now 40 days of a monumental tragedy of India's poorly planned lockdown. People walking out of cities to their homes hundreds of kms away in the blazing summer heat of April & May.
Indian govt (and others) must learn from the stunning success of Kerala.
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