To provide another diversion--and some interest or joy--here is the first of what may be long thread of images from @SherlockUMN @umnlib featuring the art of Frederic Dorr Steele. Today's offering: a bookplate for "Jackie & Edward's Library" 
A second Steele image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib comes from the many Christmas cards he created to share w/ family and friends. While winter snows are fading and holidays now a memory, like Frederic, we lift a glass in your honor & in celebration of life. 
A new FD Steele image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib features Frederic on the cover of a December 1926 Bulletin of the Players Club in New York City. I'm sure, were he with us today, that Steele would salute the many heroic healthcare workers in NYC. 
Perhaps the best known Sherlock Holmes story is Hound of the Baskervilles. Here's a preliminary sketch Steele did for the 1939 film version compliments of @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Stay away from the Moor (and COVID-19)! Wishing you a safe & healthy weekend. 
Maybe an image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib we'd rather not see at this time--Sherlock Holmes as the dying detective--but Frederic Dorr Steele's haunting image also reminds us of the ruse & reality: Sherlock Holmes lives! Stay safe & well! 
#WFH introduced many of us to new technologies. Frederic Dorr Steele used a very old technology in creating this image @SherlockUMN @umnlib of another meeting from "The Problem of Thor Bridge"--cut & paste to change positions of hands & bodies. Stay safe! 
Mr Holmes had his collection of Ms close at hand in this Steele illustration from "The Adventure of the Empty House." Our @SherlockUMN collections @umnlib include plenty of digital resources & reference help. Both are a mouse click away. Stay safe & well! 
This unidentified scene by Steele from @SherlockUMN @umnlib features a lone figure carrying a burden down an unnamed street. The stark beauty of this image reminds us of two important lessons: we don't need to be alone; others can help with our loads. 
Steele created this menu cover for a farewell dinner in honor of Robert & Sara Logan at Mouquin's restaurant in NYC on May 20, 1909. Mouquin's introduced staples of French cuisine to New Yorkers unfamiliar with such fare. We hope you're eating well, too! 
FDS drew this self-portrait for a spread in The Players Bulletin, "Some Golfers I Have Met: Pictures and Insults by Frederic Dorr Steele." @SherlockUMN @umnlib contains the other original drawings in the series. No insults from us--only best wishes for your health & safety.
Untitled illus by Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib of nurse & children for Everybody's Magazine publication "Art in the new Everybody's." It's clear FDS held nurses in high esteem, a special place in his heart. We do to! A special shoutout to nurses everywhere. 
An unidentified seascape by Steele @SherlockUMN
@umnlib reminds us of what adventures await when our necessary & healthful captivity ends. In the meantime, we can daydream of far-off seas & smoking horizons. Stay safe & well. We're in this together. 
A sweet calendar illustration by FDS for The Marchbanks Press from the @SherlockUMN Collections @umnlib. Ice is now off most of our lakes & we look forward to languorous days on the water. In the meantime, as the calendar suggests, do a bit of reading. 
Steele created place cards like this for family dinners. At a time when family gatherings take place in a virtual setting, we hope this image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib reminds us to continually feed our relationships with love & kindness. Spring is coming! 
Another FDS self-portrait from @SherlockUMN @umnlib has a "working from home" feel to it. It also reminds us of the creativity mustered by so many to make a quick pivot in support of new ways to teach, learn, & support each other in community. Stay strong! 
Steele's image, "Dr. Lombard sketching Gull Rock," from @SherlockUMN @umnlib hints at something we may do while sheltering in place, #WFH: renew an interest in something previously put aside like drawing, playing an instrument, knitting, or other hobbies. 
Over 100 years ago, Steele created this holiday card sketch. It humorously reminds us of a new "Zoom" event we've experienced #wfh @SherlockUMN @umnlib: the appearance of pets at our various meetings & check-ins. Keep 'em coming & celebrate life today! 
It's been more than a few days since we've featured one of Steele's Sherlock Holmes illustrations from @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Here's one from "Sign of the Four" we particularly like, especially as it reminds us to shine a light in dark places. Stay strong! 
We found this tranquil shoreline scene by FDS @SherlockUMN @umnlib a perfect & peaceful way to start a Friday. In the midst of this pandemic we hope you are able to find moments of beauty & peace wherever you are. Share this beauty w/ someone in need. 
For many it was a rough weekend. Monday calls for another seascape from Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib. We're reminded of the prayer, "Be good to me. The sea is so wide & my boat is so small." We hope the day brings you peace and calm. Be well. Love life. 
This remarkable sketch by Steele for "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder" @SherlockUMN @umnlib is unfinished, a reminder that much of what we're experiencing is unknown, awaiting clarity and resolution--maybe FDS's way of saying "Keep Calm and Carry On." 
This Steele image @SherlockUMN @umnlib from "The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge" features John Scott Eccles, a main character in the story; he shares our befuddlement on some pandemic mornings. "Our client sat up with staring eyes." Stay well & keep informed. 
In honor of Wm Shakespeare, today's offering from Mr Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib is a cover from The Players in NYC featuring a new Holmes adventure (with a nod to the Bard in the background). "The game's afoot: Follow your spirit, and upon this charge..." 
As we move toward the weekend, here is a sketch by FDS @SherlockUMN @umnlib from "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist." Whether you're indoors playing the piano or outside on a bike, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable time. We're in this together! 
FD Steele gives us a perfect image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib for starting the week: a book jacket mock-up for Profile by Gaslight. Everything has a beginning, all is a work in progress. Be safe & stay well as we courageously mark another week together. 
It's a wet, rainy day, the 'net's on the fritz, & we're feeling a bit like this poor, collapsed soul. From an unidentified story as drawn by Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib. But the sun will come out again & we'll pick ourselves up--or get help from friends. 
We're overdue for another lovely sketch by Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib of Mr Sherlock Holmes. The penciled caption reads "See Heritage p. 178 #11 Empty House?" For those of you w/ ready access to the Heritage Edition, would you care to verify the note? 
It's always interesting to see work in progress @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Here FDS gives us a very preliminary sketch from "The Man with the Twisted Lip." There's one comment in the upper right corner we can't quite make out. Care to offer a thought? Be well! 
Steele gave us this Players Club cover in 1925. We're not "back to The Wells" yet, but we @SherlockUMN @umnlib are beginning to think & plan for the day we return to our libraries & start providing additional services unavailable to us now. Stay tuned! 
We haven't given you a FDS cover for Collier's in this long thread, so why not one that is appropriate to the month, if not the day. A favorite image @SherlockUMN @umnlib also used as a pin by @NEofMN. "Across this 'dreadful cauldron'..." Ah, Mr Holmes! 
We've met Miss Smith before in a preliminary sketch by Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Here she is in published form for Collier's issue of "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist" in 1903. Has anyone else contemplated music lessons during the pandemic? 
If anyone is wondering or keeping track, this is the 31st Frederic Dorr Steele image we've posted from @SherlockUMN @umnlib since we began working from home in mid-March--midway through our 8th week. Stay healthy & safe. Seek help as needed. #WFH #StayHomeMN #WereInThisTogether
A tender moment, beautifully lit by Steele in this 1925 illustration for "The Sussex Vampire" held @SherlockUMN @umnlib. We long to cradle our own grandchildren, as you might wish for a tender hug by those dear to you. That day will come. Stay the course! 
It's a different kind of fishing, but to all who take to the water, be it a sea or inland lake, we give you this FDS drawing of a fishing boat & gulls, probably near Monhegan island in Maine--a favorite spot for Steele and his family. Enjoy the weekend! 
Let's start the week w/ another Collier's cover from Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Among the many things we like about this cover-some might shriek-is the little "page 15" label & "p27 AD" note below the title. Signs of use & ownership. We all leave a mark. 
Here FDS gives us a page mock-up for "The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge." Having just come from a mtg @SherlockUMN @umnlib about continuing service & staff safety, we're struck by Holmes's serenity while just beyond the window.... Stay safe wherever you are! 
The end of Spring term @SherlockUMN @umnlib & what a semester it has been! We'd like to imagine Holmes telling students "Put your books down" in this FDS illustration for the "Three Students," published in Collier's, September 24, 1904. Congrats students! 
We see a fair number of critters during Zoom meetings @SherlockUMN @umnlib so we thought it time we shared one of Steele's sketches for The Hound of the Baskervilles. FDS created these in conjunction w/ the 1939 release of the Rathbone/Bruce film. Howwwwl! 
In honor of all those graduating this spring we give you this Steele illustration from "The Adventure of the Three Students" as published in Collier's Weekly, September 24, 1904. Congratulations & well done from @SherlockUMN & @umnlib! #SkiUMah #UMNproud 
We start the week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ children by the sea, described by FDS as "North of Bathing Beach, low tide and children." As we transition to more public openings, we hope you'll continue to keep safe distances & wear a mask when possible. 
Given what we do @SherlockUMN @umnlib, we were particularly drawn to the caption of this Steele illustration for "The Norwood Builder" in Collier's Magazine, October 31, 1903. Archivists & curators *love* "a mass of documents." We look forward to more! 
During the pandemic we've pulled out many a puzzle or game from the cupboard @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Some like FDS may have tried table tennis (aka ping-pong or whiff-whaff) or other games. Whatever your diversion, we hope it brings you joy. Stay safe! 
We sometimes hear @SherlockUMN @umnlib how taking risks should be part of our working mindset. Here Steele gives us an older Mr Holmes in "His Last Bow" & an example of the kind of risks we might take in service to our country. Be well in health & spirit. 
On Friday before Memorial Day @SherlockUMN @umnlib Steele gives us "Picnic fire on rocks at WikWak." As we picnic in the midst of a pandemic, we trust you'll also find time to honor & remember the men & women who died while serving in the U.S. military. 
Back from Memorial Day holiday @SherlockUMN @umnlib with another dinner place card by FDS. One wonders about the menus & conversations that took place around this festive table. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall or mouse in the corner to hear such talk! 
This FDS illustration for "The Dying Detective" in Collier's Magazine, November 22, 1913 @SherlockUMN @umnlib reminds us of the terrible toll exacted by COVID-19, of those who grieve loss, and our obligation to do all we can to support those who mourn. 
Just going to put this Steele sketch from @SherlockUMN @umnlib here because today that's all we've got. There are no words. Only sadness, anger, confusion, and a deep down desire to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. 
We'll end this painful week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ another Collier's cover by Steele, this from "The Dying Detective" published in 1913. Take care of those in need. Be kind to neighbors. Work to end suffering & injustice in our world. Holmes desires it. 
Steele gives us this landscape from @SherlockUMN @umnlib as a sign of hope, rooted in hard work that seeks our neighbor's good, of a faith that "is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." We work in love against all ills. 
Today @SherlockUMN @umnlib we mourn. We say his name. George Floyd. We reflect on his life, our community, and the hard work ahead, together, to address injustice & make our world a better place. We ask you to pause & do the same. Grace & peace. 
On this Friday we give you a Steele illustration from "The Three Students" & this caption: "I trust, Mr. Holmes, that you can spare me a few hours." Gilchrist has the hint of a "thousand yard stare" & wears what might be a black mourning armband. Be well. 
Steele opens our Monday @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ "Opus I" featuring a seascape & the tip of Manana Island in the distance. Perhaps today marks a first work by you, me, or someone close to us that contributes to healing a virulent medical or social disease. 
The Steele family spent quite a bit of time on Monhegan Island & still has a close association w/ this place, as evident in this map @SherlockUMN @umnlib, corrected by FDS & dated June 1936. The artist colony here was established in the mid-19th century. 
We @SherlockUMN @umnlib are drawn to this FDS illustration for various reasons: its early portrait of Peggy Wood; a Shakespearean quote describing our condition, yet urging us on; and that not far away in NYC the Harlem Renaissance bloomed. "I do; I will." 
FDS sketched this mock-up for an opening page of "The Norwood Builder," a reminder that @SherlockUMN @umnlib & others are skillfully designing new ways to do our work, deliver resources & instruction, and collaboratively build a better, just & safer world. 
The phrase didn't exist when Steele created this illustration for "The Five Orange Pips," but based on the penciled caption we're certain Holmes would have said what we @SherlockUMN @umnlib say now: "Black Lives Matter." Words to support & act upon. Do it. 
We posted a similar FDS sketch @SherlockUMN @umnlib from "The Hound" earlier in this thread. Whether it's COVID-19, social justice, or something else--we're all works in progress. Keep the faith, stay strong, continue to learn, reach out to those in need. 
Sherlock Holmes as the Green Man? Or a copper patina? Steele gives us this 1911 cover mock-up for American Magazine. Holmes in his element? That's what we @SherlockUMN @umnlib like about the Great Detective. Always something new--undiscovered country. 
Another FDS cover for Collier's Magazine. This one for "Black Peter" appeared on February 27, 1904. Today @SherlockUMN @umnlib we are drawn to Holmes's intense stare as well as the harpoon's cording. Knots, barb & gaze--all w/ purpose & intent. Understood. 
According to Andrew Malec this Steele drawing @SherlockUMN @umnlib was meant to represent the bound "Mrs. Stapleton" in The Hound of the Baskervilles; originally another illustration for "Sight Unseen" in Everybody's Magazine. Time to unbind the bound. 
A meta portrait @SherlockUMN @umnlib, layers of Steele & Holmes? One caption reads "FDS as Sherlock Holmes Jan 1943." The other indicates a sketch for "The Musgrave Ritual." For now, we'll imagine that Holmes is reading Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. 
A 1904 FDS illustration from "The Missing Three-Quarter" to start the week (our 16th in isolation) @SherlockUMN @umnlib. "We looked up to find a queer little old man, jerking and twitching in the doorway." We might caption it differently today. Stay safe. 
Sunrise or sunset? Regardless of the time of day, this Steele image from @SherlockUMN @umnlib reminds us of earth's bounty, our need to steward resources well, protect the environment, give thanks, share, and care for each other. Please be kind today. 
FDS gave us this illustration for "The Empty House" in 1903. We @SherlockUMN @umnlib note the caption: "Sherlock Holmes stood smiling at me over my study table." We hope he's smiling at you, too, in study, listening, or action--to make life safe & whole. 
Temperatures are climbing, but as it is now 6 months from a certain holiday we @SherlockUMN @umnlib thought it a good day to post a card from the Steele family & like them, wave to you from the door. As COVID-19 numbers climb again, please stay safe. 
It may be some weeks before we @SherlockUMN @umnlib view a woodland scene like this--given to us by Steele in 1934--but it's a good image for Friday; also a helpful reminder during the pandemic to care for ourselves & find moments or places of restoration. 
We'll start the week--our 13th in this series--w/ one of our favorite Collier's covers by Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib, this one for "The Solitary Cyclist" published in Dec 1903. Did you know bike sales are rising during the pandemic? Pedal/peddle power! 
A Steele portrait like this is fairly rare in our collection @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Who was she? A member of the family? Someone else? What occasioned this sitting? So many questions. And yet, we think someone knows the answers. Stay tuned. Be well. 
Butterflies & flowers, a sure sign of summer, are evident in this dinner place card by Steele. Both signify robust & beautiful new life, a thing we strive for @SherlockUMN @umnlib as we seek a just & healthy world freed from racism, pandemics & all ills. 
There seems to be such a strong sense of longing in this Steele drawing of the Monhegan shore and boats, with Manana in the distance. Perhaps the pandemic affects us @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Or a longing for justice & true freedom. "We hold these truths..." 
Bringing in the boat; no doubt a scene repeated at the end of the holiday. We @SherlockUMN @umnlib hope you had a restful, perhaps contemplative, time away. The weekend reminded us of deep promises, and also how much work remains to fulfill those promises. 
This Steele illustration for The Players Club--and our viewing of "Hamilton" over the weekend--reminded us @SherlockUMN @umnlib how much we miss live theater, and how important artistic endeavors of all sorts are to our collective life. Support the arts! 
One of "The Six Napoleons" is featured in this FDS illustration @SherlockUMN @umnlib. We're glad this is a "before" image rather than "after" the smash, although it is another reminder of what remains. So: Do the work. Viva la revolution! Onward! Be well! 
You may have seen a similar Steele image previously in this thread @SherlockUMN @umnlib; this one is unfinished, an earlier state. It serves as a reminder that our work is incomplete. Be it racism, pandemics, climate, or more--we need to stay committed. 
Perhaps one of Steele's longer profiles of Holmes in artworks @SherlockUMN @umnlib, this from "Wisteria Lodge." We're not quite sure what to make of "the queer thing in the kitchen," but it's fairly certain to keep us up at night. Stay safe. Wear a mask. 
This title illustration from FDS @SherlockUMN @umnlib reminds us of a number of things, e.g. live sports have returned in some fashion. But also to pay attention to the little things & people on the margins of life. Be well, stay safe, and pay it forward. 
One of the more ethereal & haunting images from Steele @SherlockUMN @umnlib. His transformation of the coded figures into skeletal shapes perhaps hint at Doyle's interest in the spiritual realm. A nice reminder: art--and life--are open to interpretation. 
We'll step into the weekend @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ this Steele cover for Collier's and "The Adventure of the Second Stain." As it turned out, this was not the last adventure of Mr Holmes. Plus, we like his look here. Stay cool & safe. Reach out to others. 
We'll see this fellow again in another Steele rendering @SherlockUMN @umnlib, but for the moment it might pass for a selfie of yours truly after 19 or so weeks working from home. Lots up support & help available for those w/ 1K-yard stare. #wfh #selfcare 
A Steele illustration for "The Norwood Builder" in Collier's Magazine, October 31, 1903 @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Other portrayals of Holmes present an older detective. FDS reminds readers that Holmes started his career while at university (if not earlier). 
Back to this thread & this November 1904 Steele cover for Collier's @SherlockUMN @umnlib after a week away in the mountains. Getting out & about (sometimes w/ dogs) drew us to this illus. Holmes's country wear also reminds us about gearing up for Fall. 
It has been some time since we've posted a Steele place setting card, this one for Polly. While this might portray an unrelenting virus chasing us @SherlockUMN @umnlib, we're sure there's an earlier, more fitting story. Meanwhile, wear a mask & stay safe! 
For Friday, Steele gives us this 1932 scene from the Monhegan Dance Hall. Many @SherlockUMN @umnlib might want to hit the dance floor this weekend, but we're just gonna take a pass--too dangerous, no spacing, and no masks. We want you well! Wear a mask! 
We believe one of our friends @SherlockUMN @umnlib is writing a novel related to Cyrano & thought this might be of interest to her & others: Steele's illustration in The Players Bulletin. “She creates grace in her own image, brings Heaven to earth...” 
Time for another Collier's cover from Steele, this one from Oct 31, 1903--the 8th such image @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Holmes solved the mystery of the Norwood Building. We hope teachers & administrators solve the mystery of autumn instruction. Wear a mask! 
A very early Steele sketch for "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier" @SherlockUMN @umnlib. "He was outside the window, Mr. Holmes, with his face pressed against the glass." On the outside, looking in. Possibly looking for help from a friend. Offer it. 
In honor of Frederic Dorr Steele's birthday #otd at Eagle Mills, Marquette, Michigan in 1873, we @SherlockUMN @umnlib give you this self-portrait of Master viewing Master. Thank you for the joy & art you gave (and give) to the world! h/t @sherlockeditor 
Friday @SherlockUMN @umnlib gives you 1 of the 3 Students from a Holmes story by the same name, as depicted by FDS: Miles McLaren, "a gifted man but thoroughly dissolute and given to gambling." He's probably also pondering autumn's online instruction. 
Back from our North Woods vacation, where we saw plenty of trees, thus this Steele dinner place card. We're still "temporarily closed" @SherlockUMN @umnlib, but hope you continue to wear a mask & physically distance yourself, following the trees' example. 
Another set of FDS illustrations for The Players Bulletin. As you might gather, white men dominated club life. Women did not enjoy full membership until Helen Hayes was admitted as the first woman member on April 23, 1989. Change is sometimes far too slow. 
Paul Robeson may have been the first African American member of the club, admitted in the early 1940s, but I have not yet been able to verify this, or when other Black actors became members.
You've already seen the Collier's cover from Steele, but not in this state @SherlockUMN @umnlib. We'll admit to feeling very poorly today. The pandemic is a grind. Seek help where you can. Stay home if you're not feeling well. Mask up! Wash those hands! 
A small low res FDS image from "The Missing Three-Quarter" @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Alas, collegiate sports are not of such a resolution on campus; many are definitely high res, but struggling during the pandemic. Support them as you can. "Ski-U-Mah!" 
As we @SherlockUMN @umnlib move into Friday, we give you this Steele illustration from "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax." It's no mistake; we look forward to the weekend. We hope you have a great one. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. 
Perhaps apropos of the week, we give you a Steele sketch of Charles Augustus Milverton, "king of blackmailers." "With a smiling face and a heart of marble he will squeeze and squeeze until he has drained them dry." Stay away from folks like him & his ilk. 
This FDS illustration for "The Solitary Cyclist" might picture the aftermath of a thrashing, but it also gives a sense of coming to one's aid, a needful thing yesterday @SherlockUMN @umnlib. Thanks for your assistance! Reach out to the needy as you can. 
Wednesday. Hump Day. A perfect day @SherlockUMN @umnlib for another Steele landscape, this of fish houses, harbor, and Manana on the Maine coast. We find these landscapes restorative. How about you? Do you have a room with a view? We hope so. Be well. 
Another in a series of images Steele created of his golfing buddies. We @SherlockUMN @umnlib are drawn to his accompanying text, especially when golfing might be in the news. If you're not on the links, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay safe. Fore! 
For our 99th Steele image in this thread we're posting in honor of a longtime Friend of @SherlockUMN @umnlib, Dr C Paul Martin, invested into the Baker Street Irregulars as "Dr Leslie Armstrong" in 1986. We value his friendship & thank him for his support. 
A fresh week @SherlockUMN @umnlib. There's just something about how Steele dramatically lights this scene as an artist. What a gift! From "The Golden Pince-Nez" published in Collier's Weekly, Oct 29, 1904. We hope your week gets off to a brilliant start. 
A new month @SherlockUMN @umnlib & with it this Steele illustration for a September 1935 calendar. "To work again." In our case, still from home. We might amend the motto to "Good information is our business (and our service)." Stay safe! Wear a mask! 
We @SherlockUMN @umnlib don't know who made this layout decision, but thoroughly enjoy "Sheerluck" Holmes embedded in this advertising text. From Collier's Weekly, September 24, 1904, which also features FDS art in "The Adventure of the Three Students." 
Two days in a row @SherlockUMN @umnlib, giving you the long & short of it via adverts featuring Mr Holmes as drawn by Steele. "Sherlock Holmes & the Sleepless Watchman" appeared in Collier's Weekly, Oct 29, 1904. We're also wondering: What's Phloroglucin? 
On this Friday before a Labor Day holiday weekend @SherlockUMN @umnlib we give you the fruit of Mr Steele's labor--a 1943 illustration for Collier's Magazine featuring the one & only Mr Holmes. This could be a "super spreader" weekend; please stay safe. 
We'll admit that it was the caption of this Steele illustration that first caught our eyes @SherlockUMN @umnlib, especially after a long weekend & the first day of school to many. Kudos to all parents helping their children navigate school this year! 
This may be one of our favorite Steele seascapes @SherlockUMN @umnlib. We note the year, 1931, as a reminder of the power of art even as a Great Depression crept through lives previously untouched. Let art touch you today, even in the midst of a pandemic. 
Little things count. Take, for example, this header for "The Norwood Builder" as it appeared in Collier's Weekly, October 31, 1903. Have you ever seen a more evocative skyline? Or--to give you a non-Holmesian earworm--dance to Mary Poppins "Step In Time?" 
We @SherlockUMN @umnlib head into the weekend & leave you with this FDS illustration for "The Mazarin Stone" in Collier's Magazine. A violin-key to the story-sits on the desk, reminding us of music's power in times of danger, painful memory, or distress. 
Monday and a new week @SherlockUMN @umnlib brings us this 1904 Steele Collier's cover for "The Three Students." Is FDS testing us w/ an image contrasting two actors, one British, the other American? A Blakiston vs Gillette smackdown? Holmes rivalries? 
A third iteration of a Steele illustration for "The Hound" to appear in this thread. We @SherlockUMN @umnlib are interested in documenting all phases of work like this. Each piece tells a story. Our work continues, even masked & wfh. Beware of the moor! 
Some cutting & pasting in this Steele illustration for "The Dancing Men" @SherlockUMN @umnlib. It's slightly different than the one found in Collier's Magazine, December 5, 1903. "The local surgeon, an old, white-haired man" looks a bit frazzled. No masks. 
Charles Augustus Milverton from the tale by the same name as drawn by FDS. We @SherlockUMN @umnlib are not fond of this character, modeled on a real life art dealer who preyed on any number of people, including the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Stay safe! 
We @SherlockUMN @umnlib start this week w/ a very preliminary sketch by Steele for "The Adventure of Black Peter." It appears it didn't make it into the 1904 Collier's publication, but we love it all the same; it inspires us for the week ahead. Stay safe! 
Time for some light in dark places. This 1912 Steele illustration was made for "The Speckled Band" and still causes us @SherlockUMN @umnlib a catch in our breath. For many this is their favorite Holmes adventure. Light a candle as you can. Be safe & well. 
As long as this pandemic continues, we'll post these daily notes from @SherlockUMN collections @umnlib. Today we give you another FDS image from "The Hound" done in conjunction w/ '39 Rathbone film release. Another film drops today. Gonna watch it? We are! 
"Who the devil are you?" kind of fits this morning @SherlockUMN @umnlib as we sit in on an Edinburgh conference about Conan Doyle & almost all the faces are new to us. That's what outreach is about, right? Getting to meet new people! #acdedinburgh 
A 1926 FDS illustration for "The Retired Colourman" of Holmes & villain Josiah Amberley. Perhaps another version of those we contend with still, "a misshapen demon with a soul as distorted as his body." In a time of remembrance, hope & act for better days. 
We'll start the week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ a more refined Steele illustration for "The Blanched Soldier" than his sketch posted weeks ago. This one dates from 1926 and appeared in Collier's. Still a haunted face. Watch & care for folks w/ such a look. 
We @SherlockUMN @umnlib love the atmosphere of this Steele illus from our favorite Holmes tale, "The Bruce-Partington Plans." It appeared in a Dec 1908 Collier's. Our beloved "Sigerson" @NEofMN, "Mac" McDiarmid, also held this title as his BSI investiture. 
Steele's illustration for "The Veiled Lodger" encapsulates a terrible tale of abuse & eventual salvation, thanks to advice from Holmes. Our advice follows a similar vein: take care of yourself, seek help from an abusive, sinister world. Your life matters. 
This FDS drawing for "The Three Garridebs" appears to have been folded a number of times. Why? We're also drawn to the text that "Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law, was a short, powerful man...The general effect was chubby and rather childlike." Hmmm. 
We'll end this week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ a Steele "Hound" sketch few have seen, part of his work related to the '39 film release. "I find that before the terrible event occurred several people had seen a creature upon the moor." Stay safe & wear a mask. 
Some time ago we saw a more finished version of this Steele sketch for "The Norwood Builder. It's always a thrill @SherlockUMN @umnlib to see (and document) the creative process. We hope you have a very creative & safe week. Wear a mask. Save a life. 
A Steele illus for "The Six Napoleons" & inspired by actor William Gillette, who performed as Holmes on stage, screen, & radio. The tale also includes a timely quote: "The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you only know how to use it." 
Lost track of time. So, before the day gets away, here's a Steel illustration for "The Creeping Man." The tale includes a timeless quote: "Come at once if convenient - if inconvenient come all the same." Substitute "come" with "vote" & you're good to go. 
Our first Steele image @SherlockUMN @umnlib from "The Abbey Grange," here w/ some more cut & paste positioning. It appeared in Collier's on the last day of 1904. And, yes, many of us found ourselves over these months "exhausted upon a couch." Wear a mask. 
We've seen this rough sketch @SherlockUMN @umnlib by Steele before; here it is as part of a page layout. FDS sometimes gives us these treats, of one thing building on another toward a greater goal, kind of like life-and this series, now w/ its 127th image. 
Another FDS book jacket mockup for "Profile by Gaslight," this w/ a bit of color. Hints of autumn, we think. Which makes us wonder: what is an artist's favorite season? Here @SherlockUMN @umnlib we're partial to this time of year. Also time to wear a mask. 
Our first Steele post @SherlockUMN @umnlib of an illustration for "The Illustrious Client" drawn in 1925. "And you needn't look at me like that, my fine lady." We'll look for additional drawings of this tale. In the meantime, stay safe, please wear a mask. 
Okay, it's a special day @SherlockUMN @umnlib, so we're posting a cherished FDS drawing. It's a favorite of many, combining as it does, Steele & Starrett. Were we to try, it would take considerably longer to "dash it off." Meanwhile, please stay safe. 
We end the week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ this 1903 Steele illustration from "The Empty House." We truly hope there are no snarls of rage in your life, but if there are you have a chance to vote & perhaps change things for the better! Be well. Take care. 
Another snarl to start the week @SherlockUMN @umnlib, this from "The Empty House" & our "strange old book-collector, his sharp, wizened face peering out from a frame of white hair, and his precious volumes...wedged under his right arm." Have a good week! 
Looking for Halloween costume ideas? This sketch by Steele for "The Three Gables" might inspire you. Lots of Holmes spook night possibilities @SherlockUMN @umnlib. At the same time, we hope you follow @MayoClinic's COVID-19 Halloween safety tips. Be well. 
"It was pleasant to Dr Watson to find himself once more in the untidy room of the first floor in Baker Street...." So begins "The Mazarin Stone," 1 of 2 tales written in third person. FDS didn't use this sketch. We wonder why to both questions. Stay safe. 
It's one of those days @SherlockUMN @umnlib when we need Mr Holmes to sweep his light, discover a clue, and assist us through the gloom. We hope you can be a light to those around you, helping them in moments of need. Meanwhile, please wear a mask & vote! 
We end this week @SherlockUMN @umnlib w/ a sniffing dog. You've see this Steele illus before as a Collier's cover, but not a cut & paste version for "The Missing Three-Quarter." We hope you can take a walk this weekend, w/ or w/out a dog. Be well. 
In case anyone's wondering (we'll admit to being curious), today's Frederic Dorr Steele image was the 136th from @SherlockUMN @umnlib we've posted in this thread since we started it on March 24--a 30 week span over the pandemic. We'll share more, but hope for pandemic's end.
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