The biggest crisis for our nation since WW11, the deepest slump since the Depression, and Parliament shuts down. SCARY for democracy, scary for the people. #coronacrisis
2. Congratulations to @vanOnselenP at Ten News for reporting to concerns with Democracy’s shutdown in Canberra. #coronavirusworld
3. #ScottyfromMarketing shut down the people’s voice - OUR Parliament - to take undemocratic advantage of #coronavirusworld.

New Zealand, yet again, shows us how a well-led Government in a democracy handles an existential threat.
4. I’ve argued better for Labor not to be in Morrison’s War Cabinet to allow constructive public input & accountability.

Changed mind after #ScottyfromMarketing (1st use by me since the crisis hit) shut down Parliament. He wants his way all ways, very dangerous for all of us.
5. We mustn’t forget we’re not allowed to protest in the streets or anywhere else in groups. Parliament is now our main democratic means to ensure Govt is truthful and honest in #coronavirusworld. Downright sinister that Morrison has shut it down, refused an online alternative.
6. It’s distressing, as a former Press Gallery member, to see the lack of interest or concern by members at Parliament’s shutdown during the existential crisis of #coronavirusworld.

From what I’ve seen only Ten’s @vanOnselenP has done a big story & he’s not in the gallery.
7. @gpaddymanning on PM shutting down Parlie for #coronavirusworld. Less critical of New ‘Commission’ - can see upside -but he’s spot on that a new UNLEGISLATED advisory body to PM escalates the need for Parliamentary accountibility. Thanks @cheryl_kernot
8. YES! The Govt can’t earn trust without accountibility.


How else can we get rid of Stuart Robert, a lying incompetent Minister with an ugly backstory (Morrison mate) in charge of CENTRELINK in #coronavirus world. FFS.
9.Journalism in #coronavirusworld, is essential.

Please subscribe. Please support.
Journos are now your voice to power. Help them.

They’re even more vital since Morrison shut down democracy’s official people’s voice - Parliament.
10. WORST #coronavirusworld scandal in Oz - lucky for PM he shut down Parliament to avoid accountibility.

Lucky for Stuart Robert, serial rorter who lied to the people to cover up his Centrelink incompetence. PM’s MATE survives due to Parlie shutdown.
11. Hey Press Gallery, still sanguine that Morrison shuttered Parliament in #coronavirus world? It has privately admitted illegally fleecing welfare recipients with Robodebt collection and will have to refund $550 million.
13. Thread by @mrseankelly shows exactly why Parliament should not be shut down in #coronavirusworld and maybe why #ScottyfromMarketing did it - to avoid blame if he’s got it wrong.

Parliament could force transparency.
14. VERY IMPORTANT piece by @CroweDM, senior Press Gallery member: Take off the blindfold, Morrison, and tell us the truth in #coronavirusworld

Parliament could force him to, but (so?) he’s shut it down.
15. Morrison flips to #ScottyfromMarketing - blatantly avoids a simple question - will you release your modelling on what could be in store for us in #coronavirusworld.

BRING BACK PARLIAMENT - journos can’t make him tell the truth on their own.
17. Chris Wallace says Labor can help recall the Senate in #coronavirusworld. Needs electronic participation but that could happen quick - should have been ready by now if Govt gave a shit.

@AlboMP opposed Parliament shutdown - do something about it?
18. Even experts working on serious #coronavirusworld issues can’t access Govt’s modelling on what’s to come.

So the people AND the outside experts are blindfolded.

Parliament, supposed to belong to THE PEOPLE, can make PM honest. He shut it down.
18. Here’s who voted for and against shutting Parliament down during #coronavirusworld.
19. Parliament House just another building without the people we voted for in it.

It now needs to virtually re-open now.

Our MPs need to be seen in their homes debating and questioning and making the PM & the Govt accountable in #coronavirusworld.
20. Oh look, Britain, the birthplace of Parliamentary Democracy, will hold virtual parliamentary committee hearings in #coronavirusworld.

Morrison just shuts our parliamentary democracy down. Convenient end to the people’s scrutiny.
21. Thank goodness for @vanOnselenP - he persists in slamming Morrison’s shutdown of the people’s democratic voice - our Parliament - in #coronavirusworld while members of the Press Gallery say nothing.
22. Via Britain, some useful work a Parliamentary Committee could do in #coronavirusworld if Morrison hadn’t shut down Parliament, the people’s voice in Government. @vanOnselenP
23. If only we had a democratic mechanism to force Morrison to be honest and transparent in #coronavirusworld

Oh, that would be the people’s Parliament he shut down.
24. Morrison to recall Parliament to pass the new economic package - up to Labor, crossbench, to insist Parliament stays open and does its job for the people in #coronavirusworld
25. NZ has managed to keep democracy open even in a #coronavirusworld lockdown.

Morrison shut It down till August, but may deign to bring it back for a moment to pass his latest economic package. Has he organised a virtual parliament yet?
26. Now PM will reopen for a moment the People’s Parliament he shut down till August to get economic measures through.

Senators, please force him to release his #coronavirusworld forecasts while you’re there. And vote for committees to sit virtually?
27. Deputy CMO promises to release #coronavirusworld modelling, at last, soon, after big pressure from the experts.

Hoping Senate steps up, reconvenes in virtual form, and gets to work making Govt accountable, assessing response & planning for recovery.
28. Congrats to @andrewprobyn - when will Parliament be opened to pass the job keeper legislation in #coronavirusworld?

PM doesn’t know, but gives impression it’s only to pass his bill then he’ll shut it down again.

Your move, @AlboMP.
29. Spot on. Parliament or its committees should sit during #coronavirusworld - virtually.
30. Orban just used the #coronavirus to end democracy in Hungary.
32. In UK, committee hearings ongoing & a maybe virtual Parliament organised before it sits on April 21

Here? PM orders short sitting session to pass latest #coronavirusworld package then gone again till August.

Labor? Silent. Senate? Silent.
33. Virtual UK Parliamentary Committees doing important #coronavirusworld work.

Here, zilch, without protest from Labor. What’s going on, @AlboMP?
34. Govt reneges on pledge to release #coronavirus modelling. Imperative that the Senate orders the PM to do so, and let’s hope the Senate votes to hold committee hearings too. Get to work, Parliament!
36. Time for Labor/Greens/indies to band together & INSIST Parliament sit and its committees operate in #coronavirusworld.

PM blatantly avoiding accountibility to the people. That’s anti-democratic & dangerous.

UK can do it virtually & so can we.
38. I question the bona fides of PMs Parliament shutdown in #coronavirusworld.

ANOTHER pretend sitting - he WANTS freedom from democratic accountibility? No virtual parliament & an horrific call that Parliamentary democracy is not an essential service.
39. A defensive accountability thread by @MathiasCormann DOES NOT MENTION Parliamentary accountability. They’re running away from Parliamentary democracy in #coronavirusworld and it stinks.
41. UK Parliament to meet virtually when it resumes on April 21; its committees already working this way.

Our PM calls small number of MPs to Canberra next week to quickly pass new #coronavirusworld laws as exeption to total shutdown till AUGUST.
42. Malcolm Farr, @farrm51, a veteran press gallery reporter now with @GuardianAus, asks Morrison if he sees a role for Parliament in #coronavirusworld other than quick, minimalist sittings to pass his bills.


Shocking. Unacceptable.

Thank you, Malcolm.
43. @AlboMP demands a Parliamentary Committee be created to oversee the Govt in #coronavirusworld.
44. Helen Haines, MP for Indi, proposes a special Parliamentary Committee to oversee the Govt’s response to #coronavirus world. Important thread-
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