"Its not that I don't appreciate the gifts," Kiri says into the reciever juggling a beautifully decorated box while trying to work his keys into the door WHILE trying to keep his phone pinned between his cheek and shoulder."It's just I thought we worked it out. You like Shinsou."
There's no answer because Denki hadn't picked up, but Kirishima feels like he needs to say more. "Like I said. I TOTALLY like the gifts bro. I mean I haven't opened it, but I'm sure it's great. It's just that... you should be sending Hitoshi courting gifts. Not me."
Ei almost squeals when he finally manages to press the tip of his house key into the lock. He almost loses his grip on the package, but at the last second he keeps it in his arms. "I liked the workout shorts tho. So when you hear this, if you wanna send me the link to them I'd--"
Kirishima's head jerks to the side as he hears a door open to his right. He swallows hard, his limbs freezing into place as the automatic sound of a woman says, "Voicemail exceeds time limit. Press 1 to restart mess--"

Kirishima pockets the phone, uncaring if he hung up or not.

His gorgeous, sweet smelling, rude as fuck, Omega neighbor.

Ei barely stops his Alpha purr when the blonde shuts his door and looks over at Kiri with his eyebrow arched.

Kami's courting gift burns in his arms and Kirishima has the urge to throw it iver the balcony.
He doesn't want Katsuki to get any ideas about him. He's 100% on the market! He /needs/ Bakugou to know he's free game. He desperately wants the Omega to look at him with WANT. He'd *beg* for a courting gift from the blonde if it wasn't wholly improper and disrespectful.
If only he was allowed to start the courting process! Then Bakugou would wake up with flowers and chocolates and fine clothes and scented jackets outside his door every morning!

He would be the BEST at courting gifts!

But that's not how it works.
With a forlorn sigh, Kirishima lowers his gaze when Bakugou starts toward him. He wants to keep looking, wants to savour the way his black tanktop hugs his pecs. But he's not allowed to oogle Bakugou without the Omega's permission.

Something he's obviously never going to get.
Without the phone, Kirishima can successfully unlock his door. He's about to scramble inside, so he can watch Bakugou's retreat through his peephole, when the scent of Chili flakes invades his nose.
"Hm." Bakugou grunts from beside him, close enough for Kiri to feel his heat. He gestures to the box, his arms crossing. "Somebody /clearly/ fuckin' likes you."

Embarassment makes Kirishima flush. He keeps his eyes down as he says, "N-no! Not really, man. It's my.. birthday!"
It's definitely not.

But Katsuki doesn't know that!

And he /really/ doesn't want Katsuki to think another Omega has a claim on him.

"It is?" Katsuki grumbles

"Yes! Yep. Absolutely! Happy Birthday to me!"

The silence stretches between them, and Kiri desperately wants to look.
"...you can.. fucking look at me." Katsuki announces gruffly. "I don't like that Alpha deferring shit. Me and you? We're equals you fuckin' hear me?"

Kirishima couldn't have stopped his eyes from snapping up at Katsuki's words. Surely it was a joke-- but no. Katsuki was serious.
"Anyway, I'm fucking outta here. I got shit to do."

Kirishima wants to reach out, but touching Omegas is prohibited without their permission, and as much as Kirishima wants to circle his fingers around Bakugou's wrist and invite him to his apartment, he doesn't have it.
Kirishima almost whines when Bakugou brushes past, his shoulder rubbing into Kirishima's ribs, leaving a trace of his spicy scent on Kirishima's shirt.

Great. Now he's going to have to rip the thing off and immediately cum all over it.


Katsuki HAS to be torturing him.
"Good luck with that Omega," Katsuki throws over his shoulder.

"I'll need it." Kirishima responds automatically, mentally cursing Denki, before he freezes.


"I mean, it's not a courting gift! It's my bir--"

Katsuki'sexpression is closed off. "Birthday. Yeah. /Right/."

See, except Katsuki isn't a fucking idiot. He knows the redhead's birthday is in October. He remembers the /hundreds/ of people flooding their hallway with their excited scents and like three cakes. He remembers the ALL NIGHT sounds of people partying next door.
It's not even goddamn FALL.

Plus, birthday gifts aren't usually done up in Courting colors-- Red, White, and Pink. And he's /never/ seen a birthday gift with heart-decorated ribbons.
Which had been embarassing /AS SHIT/ to buy by the way.

Almost as embarassing as it was that he timed his retreat from his apartment EXACTLY with the time Kirishima usually got home so he could see the Shitty Haired Alpha's reaction to his Courting gift.
And FOR SOME REASON, the fucker had LIED to his face, like Katsuki hadn't BOUGHT THE GODDAMN THING HIMSELF.

Birthday, his fucking ass. That was a fucking COURTING GIFT.

The workout shorts.

The new water bottle.

Protein powder.

And today's gift, a rut toy!
He covered all the fucking basics. Something to eat (protein powder was the best idea he had. He didn't know if a gymrat like kiri would like sweets.) To show he could nourish their future pups.

Something personal. The personalized Water Bottle to show he could be caring!
Something to wear! The fucking workout shorts which had added benefit because Katsuki got to look at Kirishima's fantastic ass in them-- to show he would provide for his pups.
And finally, the last gift before the Presentation part of Courting.

The sexual component. To show he'd be a good fuck.

And that /dick/ had said it wasn't a courting gift!

Fuck. Did he not *want* Katsuki to court him?!
Katsuki scrubs a hand over his face.


Should he just go home then? Maybe going to the pharmacy is a little too preemptive.

Technically the Courting Process was done on his part. Kirishima had five days to respond to the gifts with scented clothing, or it was a rejection.
And yeah, he could always try again, get BETTER courting gifts, but he knew he wouldn't.

If Kirishima didn't like these gifts, he wasn't trying again. If Kirishima didn't want him, he wasn't going to beg for his attention.
And if he did return Katsuki's favour, then they still had to go through the Presentation Process.

So.... no. Guess he doesn't need these morning after pills. Not yet. And not when Kirishima might not accept him.
Which means he didn't really have a reason to leave the apartment today.


Well like hell, he was coming back empty handed. He was at least going to return holding ONE shopping bag, just incase he ran into his dumb Alpha again in the hallway.

A grin curls Katsuki's lips. It's devious and full of sin.

But holy shit does he have an /idea/.

"Bro. It's totally not manly for you to ignore my calls like this. I wanna talk to you, not leave this over voicemail. But fine. This last gift? /NOT OKAY/, man. I am flattered, Kami, really. But you know I'm not the Alpha you want! And you know you're my best bro!"
"It's.." He can't force himself to say *sweet*. "I mean it's clear you spent a lot of money," Kirishima sighs, tilting the fake Omega pussy to hear the slick inside slosh around. "But it's... weird. I don't wanna hurt you bro. But... I can't accept this. Please call me back."
Kirishima hangs up, feeling no better than when he left his other voicemail four hours ago. He'd damn near forgot about the gift by the time he'd finished stuffing his shirt into his mouth and simultaneously soaking it with loads of his cum.
He definitely hadn't expected a rut toy, even though logically he should have realized a sexual gift was the last one Alpha's were supposed to receive.

Honestly it was a shame the toy came from a bro, because it looked like it would be fun.
The toy started out filled with fake slick. And it came with a syringe and a bottle of lube to recreate the sensation after it was cleaned for future use. The slick was in an outerlayer, and was designed to naturally ooze into the hole of the toy when it was fucked.
Ei kept the lid sealed on it, not wanting to accidently dump the lube from inside it on the floor and also not wanting to be tempted to use i

Already his Alpha was whining for him to squeeze his cock in the tight hole, work his knot inside and then clean it out with his tongue.
Who even know where to BUY something like thi--
Kirishima stills, his instincts suddenly thrumming. He doesn't know why, doesn't have any reason for the hair on the back of his neck to stand up or for his claws to dig into the cushion of the kitchen stool he's sitting on.

No reason. Except the faint smell of chili flakes.
It's so... thick in the room. If he closed his eyes he would be convinced Katsuki was standing next to him.

Holy fuck... why....

Why is it suddenly so thick....
Kirishima sees the shadow of his mate, err... of Bakugou through his living room curtains.

The blonde must finally be coming back from the "shit he had to do" either.

Moving quickly, and trying for subtle, Kirishima jogs to his window for a better sniff.
For a second, Kirishima wonders if his window is cracked open. He can smell Bakugou so much better than usual. He can't check it though, without being seen. Not that he would anyway-- he *likes* the smell.

Through the red curtains, Kiri can see Katsuki's outline.
Instantly Kirishima's dick thickens in his shorts. Fuck, his omega looks so good carrying what has to be ten shopping bags. He's so strong, the thick corded muscles of his arms and thighs clearly not for show.

He would easily take anything Kirishima gave him.
Kirishima lightly breathes in the air-- it's not groceries his Bakugou his carrying and he doesn't recognize the solid black bags.

Should he open his door? Offer to help?

Or is that weird? Would Bakugou know he was watching if he did?
The decision is wrenched out of Kirishima's hands as he watches in horror as Bakugou trips on the last stair and crashes into the concrete ground.
Kirishima is ripping open his door to Bakugou's painful shout of, "FUCK!" and his bags spilling down the hallway as Bakugou clutches his no doubt skinned knee.

His bags open and everything tumbles out, but Kirishima pays no attention to it as he rushes to Katsuki's side.
He smells Katsuki's heady spice in the air, and he knows for a fact it's because the blonde is bleeding.

Concern makes his Alpha frantic and he doesn't think about how much trouble he can get in as he pushes out his own scent to calm his Omega without permission.
"Fuckin' jesus fuck--" Katsuki coughs, his hand covering his mouth. The action wipes his blood on his bottom lip and Kirishima has no control over his whimper. "Stop scenting so much, I'm fucking fine!"
But he's not fine. Kirishima can smell it. He can see the bright red on Katsuki's pale skin.

He needs to lick the wound. Needs to soothe his mate with his tongue.

"You're bleeding," Ei chokes out, clenching his fists before he grabs Katsuki.
"It's a tiny scratch." Katsuki sits up and rubs his skinned palms together. His cheeks are dusted pink. "'m more embarrassed than hurt. But fuck, it does kind of sting."
Kirishima sinks his claws into concrete to stop himself from reaching for Katsuki.

He's shaking, he can feel it, but he can't make it stop.

He's growling, he can hear it, but he can't turn that off either.

"You're hurt," he repeats again, his Alpha screaming at him to touch.
"I'm fine," Katsuki says again, this time as he works his tight pants leg up his shin until he can see the edge of the abrasion on his knee.

Kirishima almost howls.

It's just a scrapex but it's on his Omega's flawless, perfect skin...
"You're acting like I'm going to have to amputate." Katsuki says with a rough chuckle. His fingers come away from his leg and brush against Kirishima's cheek.

Leaving behind his intoxicating scent.
"Fuck. My stuff!" Kat shouts, taking in the scattered image of his items, moving to push himself up before whincing when it puts pressure on his newly injured hands

"Ow!" He says with narrowed eyes, his glare aimed at the concrete. "Fuck you." He curses, flipping off the ground.
Kirishima would be charmed if he wasn't currently about to go crazy.

"I'll get it!" He rushes out, scrambling to pick up the mess so Katsuki doesn't injure himself further. He stands up, grabbing the mostly empty black bags to hold while he stuffs the dropped stuff back in.
His eyes don't stray from Katsuki, whose angrily licking his palms, while he tucks the first couple of objects in the bags.

He wants to be the one to lick Katsuki's skin. He wants to heal his wounds with his tongue.
Kirishima watches, more than half hard as his fingers curl around a fake knot to out back in th....

As.... his fingers curl....




Kirishima turns around in a slow circle.


Knots and lube and


Kirishima chokes on his own spit as he drops to his knees to pick up a discarded plastic hanger.
The outfit sloppily attached to it, is straight out of Kirishima fantasies.
If he was able to rip his gaze away from the sports bra top with elastic body harness straps designed to crisscross and hug Katsuki's waist and hips, before connecting to tiny underwear and leg straps, maybe Kirishima could have glimpsed Katsuki's feral grin.
As it is, he stares for as long as he can get away with before shoving the outfit deep into the bag with bright red ears.

He ignores his thoughts of Katsuki fucking himself on all the fake knots as he cleans them up with fast efficiency and then places all the bags back by him.
He barely stops himself from telling Katsuki his knot would blow all the fake little puppy knots the blonde bought today out of the water.
Instead, Kirishima rushes to his Omegas side and sits on his knees. He's trying to look attentive and not ridiculously horny.

Of course, he's not doing the /best/ job he realizes, quickly folding his hands in his lap to hide his hard cock.
"Fuck," Katsuki suddenly groans. "I have to go back out. I don't have alcohol or peroxide."

Kirishima has to bite his lip to stop himself from reminding Katsuki that his spit will work much better than any of that stuff anyway.
When Kirishima says nothing, just bows his head, Katsuki frowns.

"Ah, shit." He tries again. "I ALSO DON'T HAVE BANDAIDS."
Poor Omega.

If only Kirishima was allowed to offer his help.

Of course, he doesn't have medical supplies or bandaids either.

But he has a very wet tongue...
Katsuki sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

His injuries must really hurt! He looks like he's barely keeping it together.

"Kirishima," he says into his hand. "Do /you/ have bandaids and peroxide?"
Kirishima lifts his head and piercing red eyes are already staring back at him. Katsuki's threading his lower lip through his teeth and his scent is...

/so good./

Kiri isn't dumb. He knows he's out of bandaids. But if he /tells/ Katsuki that, there's nothing left to talk about.
But on the other hand, if he doesn't tell Katsuki the truth, he can stay outside with the Omega longer!

But... should he really fib?

"Uh... I don't know!" He blurts out. "I could check!"
He stands up, prepares to stand in his bathroom for a few seconds before coming back, when Katsuki lifts his arms expectantly.

Kirishima's mouth falls open. Does.... does he want Kirishima to carry him? INTO HIS APARTMENT?
"Well!?" Katsuki grits. "You have to help me up, dumbass! My hands are cut!"

Kirishima sweeps down to gather his Omega into his arms, fast, before Katsuki takes it back.

He accidently rams his forehead into Katsuki's elbow in his excitement but it doesn't matter because warm chili flakes are so soft against his tshirt and his alpha is purring.
He swears he imagines Katsuki nuzzling his face into his neck as he bends down to grab the discarded bags and swing them into his foyer.

(He doesn't want anyone else seeing what his Bakugou purchased.)
Kirishima stands in the foyer with Bakugou scenting in his arms as he wips his head back and forth from his couch, the kitchen stool, the bathroom, and his bedroom door.

Logically, he should put Bakugou on the kitchen stool or on the edge of the tub in the bathroom.
/If/ he can convince himself to let his mate down.

But his eyes keep straying to his bedroom door. He could easily settle Bakugou in his sheets, surrond him in his scent. Cover him in the tshirt he came all over.
The top: https://twitter.com/ruingreystreak/status/1242173820825489415?s=19
"Where uh... where would you be more comfortable?"

There. Completely take the choice away from himself. That's safe.
Katsuki removes his face from Kirishima's neck long enough to look around his apartment. Before he says, "I'm not sitting on your fucking shitty ass couch. Put me down on in the kitchen."
Katsuki tries hard to keep the smug expression off his face as Kirishima slides him onto the stool at his kitchen bar and immediately trips over his own feet to go check his medicine cabinet.

Katsuki huffs at Kirishima pretty much unceremoniously dumping him and leaving.
He could have fanned over Katsuki a little more.

He /was/ actually bleeding.

Not that he'd fucking meant to be. He had meant to "trip" on the top stair and complain loudly enough for his Alpha to come running and see his scattered toys.
(Toys he spent 10 minutes in his car unboxing from descreet packaging so they would bounce out of their bags when he "fell".)

He hadn't expected Kirishima to already be staring at him through the curtains. Hadn't expected the scent of possession leaking through the drywall.
So yeah. He fucking tripped, pretending to fake trip.
But that actually worked to his advantage. Even if his hands and knees did sting.

Katsuki hums, looking around, while he listens to the repetitive sounds of Kirishima opening and closing cabinets in his bathroom.

Probably looking for bandaids that don't exist.
His apartment wasn't messy like he'd first expected. Surex he had some weights scattered across the room.

But it smelt nice, like Kirishima, sea salt and taffy.

There weren't dishes in his sink, (probably because Katsuki saw delivery outsude his door 4 times a week)
He didn't have mail scattered about but the counter was covered in--

Bright wrapping paper.
Katsuki's grin once again curls.
Kirishima rushes out of his bathroom before skittering to a stop. His breath punches out his lungs, so loud that Katsuki can hear his exhale across the room.

Katsuki sits, pretending to lazily inspect his RUT TOY, before rolling his eyes to Kirishima.
"Damn, Shitty Hair. This is a nice rut toy. Someone likes you."
Kirishima flushes brighter than his hair and lunges for the toy. He can't even get an excuse out of his mouth, just a choking sound.

"Happy Birthday to you am I right?" Katsuki says with a chuckle. He pulls the toy out of Kirishima reach and lifts it up to sniff.
"It smells good," he comments, before he presses the outside plastic to his scent gland.

Kirishima's hand drops to his side and all the spit in his mouth dries. He's too scared to move, to excited to see how Bakugou is going to torture him next.
"I've seen this one on the internet," Bakugou continues. "This one's the XL. For those Alpha's with a /real/ knot. Clearly some desperate Omega is hopeful." His eyes are sparkling with amusement.
Kiri barely breathes as Katsuki scent clouds his kitchen. His eyes are about to close he's so content but he wants to keep them open to watch what Katsuki does next

His teeth look sharp when he starts to untwist the tap off the masturbator. "I hear this one has slick inside..."
The inside of the toy is a sight Kirishima hasn't yet seen. It's fleshy pink and looks soft. There's faux puckered skin around a tiny hole in the middle that resembles an Omega's tight entrance.
Katsuki's scent is INTOXICATING now, and Kirishima briefly wonders if the toy is turning him on.

Is Katsuki into Omegas?

Katsuki shoots him a teasing smile as he dips his pinky finger into the small hole.

He gasps loud, his eyes falling to half mast. "Ooh," he sighs.
"You got the *virgin* one. 's super tight." He whispers, before pushing his finger in deeper with a hum.
The wet sound of slick follows his words and Kirishima locks onto the shiny liquid now coaking Katsuki's finger when he pulls it out.

Kirishima's entire body spasms when Katsuki licks his finger clean.
/TAKE HIM/. His Alpha screams before he whines and whispers, /ASK PERMISSION FIRST./
They know better.

Even with adrenaline and the need to claim Katsuki pulsing under his skin, they know if they even think about making a move without permission, Katsuki can ban him from every seeing him again.
And as much as he wants. And HOLY SHIT, HE WANTS, he can't move.
He can ask though. He can ask to touch. To scent. To claim.
But it's a fucking struggle to form words when Katsuki's scent is wrapping around him.

Kirishima stumbles forward. Just a step.
Katsuki raises an eyebrow at Eijirou, before he pulls the toy up to his face.

Kirishima breath comes out as a snarl as he realizes what Katsuki's going to do.
Ei bites his tongue until warm blood fills his mouth. It doesn't matter though, even that sharp hint of pain is no match for Katsuki.

His cock jerks in his pants when Katsuki tips the toy to his lips. He doesn't move with any hesitancy, his tongue plunging deep into the hole.
He groans when the slick pours onto his lips and drips down his face.

Kirishima's nails cut into his palms and he's coming-- he's fucking coming--
Gritting his teeth, Kirishima uses every ounce of willpower he possesses to stop himself from crying out.

Semen shoots out of his tip and soaks the entire material of his boxers. His knot fucking catches and the seam of his pants digs into his skin painfully, threatening to rip.
He can feel his cum start to trail down his thigh, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter because Katsuki is licking his lips and Eijirou deliriously swears the rut toy's slick smells like Katsuki and then Katsuki is chuckling like he /KNOWS/ Kirishima just came in his jeans.
He gives one last drag on his tongue flat across the pink silcone before he drops the toy to the counter.

He uses his fingers to swipe up the mess, and licks them clean before he smiles. An actual smile.
It's mesmerizing.

His eyes collide with Kirishima's.

"Tastes so /good./ The best. Clearly the Omega who got you this wants to be your fucking mate."
Katsuki's words turn into a bucket of ice water that immediately dumps onto Kirishima's shoulders.

Fucking DENKI.

WHY. Why did Kaminari have to get drunk and convince himself Kirishima was his one and only?!
What was the point of spending an hour talking it out, deciding his best friend was actually in love with Shinsou, and designing a battle plan of attack for those two if Kaminari was just going to throw that all away to send KIRISHIMA courting gifts?!
Katsuki thinks another Omega has claim to him!


Quickly, with jeans full of cum, and a tongue imprinted with sharp canines, Kirishima tries to cover his own ass.
"N-no!" He stutters out.

/FIX/! His Alpha shouts.

Katsuki expression turns into shock and Kirishima plunges forward. He needs to understand.

"It's just from a friend! Not a mate! Not even a /potiental/ mate!"
Katsuki's hand slides off the counter and returns to his lap.

The scent in the air starts to dissipate, and Kirishima starts to panic when he realizes Katsuki is trying to supress his scent.


"I'm sorry that you probably think otherwise! Really it's just a stupid gift! I'm 100% available!"
Kirishima watches as Katsuki's shoulders curl in.

He frowns, as they start to twitch, and for a second he thinks Katsuki's laughing at him.
Katsuki sniffs, his hand pushing up to swipe his hair out of his eyes.

Kirishima's Alpha cries out in his head and Kirishima has to slap his hands over his temples the wail is so loud.
By the time the sound as stopped and he can open his eyes, Katsuki is pushing his pants leg down and hoping off the stool.

He's not looking at Kirishima, but even turned away, Kirishima can hear Katsuki murmur, "I thought it was a good gift."
Kirishima whine is very real when he realizes Katsuki is leaving. He steps to Katsuki's side, wanting to grab his Omega.

It's /wrong/ that Kiri can't smell him. Why can't he smell him?

Despite knowing better, Eijirou reaches out, he just wants to stop his Bakugou--
Katsuki whirls toward him, fangs at the ready with a nasty hiss. He slaps Kirishima's hand away from his body, his red rimmed eyes *daring* Kirishima to try to touch again so he can rip him apart.
Kirishima waits by his window for days.

Stalking Bakugou probably isn't manly, but he can't think of any other way to explain himself.

He'd felt like they were getting along, like Katsuki /liked/ him. He was pretty sure Katsuki had been FLIRTING.

His Alpha said so!
He's not really sure what he did wrong. But it didn't matter.

Shit, maybe Katsuki just took his sex toys incredibly seriously.

Afterall, he had TEN bags still sitting in Kirishima's foyer saying he did.
So if he could just corner Kat, and tell him what was going down with the practiced speech in his head, he was sure they would be able to recover!

/"Hey so! I think liking sex toys is totally manly. It's cool that you have a hobby! I didn't mean to insult the toy! It's cool!"/
/"My idiot friend Denki got it for me as a gift but I just wanted you to know it's NOT a courting gift! And even if he did send it to me as one, I wouldn't accept it! If YOU sent me a rut toy though, I would accept that! I would take anything you sent me! I like you, katsuki!/
But it didn't matter.

But Katsuki hadn't so much as cracked his door in four days.

Kirishima had only left his spot to use the bathroom, grab a frozen meal to eat standing up in the window, and to work.
Bakugou /could/ be leaving while Kirishima was at work, but he knew the blonde wasn't.

He hadn't smelled his scent in the hallway since the day he left Kirishima's apartment.
Kirishima's Alpha has been a fucking nightmare since, but the third day was the start of shit /really/ hitting the fan.

As a personal trainer, Kirishima could technically go to the gym for appoints with clients and then return home.
He usually stayed on sight for at least 6 hours, just incase a regular wanted to see him or a new client saw him around and wanted his advice.


Towards the end of the week, Kirishima couldn't leave his apartment for more than an hour.
And when he did return home, he rushed to Katsuki's door to spread his scent all over the doorway.

He tried to knock, even tried the doorknob, but nothing.

He didn't even smell Bakugou inside.
His Alpha was a constant snarl in his head, the presence completely beyond words by day four and only able to communicate with growls and feral scratching that left Kirishima with insomnia and a headache.
When Kirishima woke up on Friday, the fifth day since he'd seen Katsuki he had no idea where he was.

He lifted a hand to rub the sleep from his eyes, alarmed to find.... plaster? Coating his fingers and chest.
Barely making out the silhouette of his bedside lamp, Kirishima reaches up to pull the chain and illuminate--

The hundreds of scratch marks in his bedroom wall.

His Alpha was quiet, but smug, in his head.

The fucker had tried to claw its way to Katsuki.
When Katsuki was little and sick, his mom used to give him orange medicine out of a clear plastic bottle.

He remembers when the bottle was running low, but he still needed meds to stop his fever, Mitsuki would use a pipette to suck all the liquid out.
Now, almost twenty years later, he remembers that pipette. He knows what the bottle must have felt like to suddenly have everything inside of it sucked out.

He knows what it feels like to be empty.
He'd say it hurts, but he doesn't feel pain.

He feels nothing.

So he does nothing.
/Bad Omega?/ He hears softly in his head.

It's the ninth time he's heard the question since he came back to his own apartment.

He doesn't know how long it's been, but its finally dark outside.

He knows he should sleep, he's already in his nest, but he isn't tired.
So he just stares at the ceiling and thinks about being sick when he was a child.
Morning comes.

He knows because he's awake for it, watches as the light break through his bedroom curtains.

He doesn't get up for breakfast. He's not hungry yet.

He just wants to lay in his nest. He just wants to...

He just wants.
#depression #happyendingIswear

^take care of ya selves.
The next morning when his Omega asks, /Bad Omega?/ Katsuki realizes it must be true.

/Bad Omega/. He agrees.

Bad Omega.
On Thursday, Katsuki knows somethings wrong.

He hasn't gotten up from his nest. Hasn't eaten or drank anything. Hasn't slept as far as he remembers, but admittedly things are a little fuzzy for him to recall.

He knows he has a fever. He can feel it. Sweat soaks his nest.
Bad Omega.

He thinks deliriously.

Can't even stay healthy.
Katsuki wakes up, his head filled with cotton, his mouth open around a wail.

He's cuts the sound off as soon as he realizes its /his/ voice.

He's shivering. Cold. He's cold.

/Alpha warm/ he hears in his head, fainter than he's ever heard his omega.
Katsuki moves to roll over in his nest, but oh yeah.

He shred his nest.

He doesn't deserve a nest.

It's not like he's going to fill it with pups or a mate or or

He's cold.

Why is he cold?

He tries to make his hands rub his arms but they won't listen.
What day is it?




He needs to check his door!
His Alpha could have left him clothes!
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Katsuki collapses on the floor as soon as he tries to stand. His whole room spins, the greys and bright oranges blurring together with black and green

His eyelids flutter, trying to slide closed, but like fuck he's letting his body beat him.

He FEELS for the first time in days.
Katsuki struggles, but he stands.

He frowns as he shakes again and a wave of heat makes his skin clammy.

Fuckin'... his body's losing it's goddamn mind.

Is he wet right now? Or is sweat from the fever?
It smells of faint spice, nothing like it should, but still the smell of sex.
Katsuki almost drips twice on his way to the door. And he has to lean against the wood once he gets there before he can command his fingers to work the knob.

He's whining. Or his Omega is.

He's scared. He's so fucking scared and he knows if there's not scented clothing...
Katsuki closes his eyes. Tries to breathe.

And opens the door.
To an empty fucking hallway.

Katsuki kets out a sob and crashes to his knees.

Bad OmegaBADOMEG--
"Oh my GOD!"

Katsuki can't do anything more than let out a whimper when he sees Kirishima in all his glory, sitting with his back against the wall under his window.

He's wearing clothes, Katsuki notices dizzly. And he scented the door.
Katsuki's clearly in heaven. Because there's no other excuse why he feels instant heat wrap around him.

Kirishima doesn't have verbal consent to touch him, he's breaking the law right now, pressing Katsuki to his chest and squeezing him between his heavy pecs.
It doesn't matter.

It feels so good and if Katsuki could make his mouth work he would scream his consent maybe scream at Kirishima too because he's a fucking idiot.
Katsuki chokes on the heavy scent of stressed Alpha but it's good it's so good because Kirishima is still touching him and his lips are on his cheek and he thinks the Alpha is crying but that's okay too because so is Katsuki.
"Katsuki, Katsuki," Eijirou kisses into his skin. "I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry."

Katsuki tries to nod. Yeah, he better be. Fucking idiot. Does he even know what he put Katsuki through?
"You're dropping Katsuki, you have to tell me what to do." Kirishima says frantically. "I don't know what to do."



Katsuki tries to shake his head.
Not him. He wouldn't drop for some shitty Alpha. Wouldn't self destruct because of a rejected courting gift.

Not Katsuki. He's too strong. Too independent.

Dimly, he registers the inage of Eijirou's claws clutching into his skin desperately.

Huh. Why can't he feel that?
"I don't.. Katsuki I d-don't know what to do... I'm s-sorry."

Katsuki tries to swat at Kirishima dumb beautiful face. Why is the idiot crying?
"Katsuki. Look at me. I can't do this okay? I gotta make sure you're okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Katsuki blinks, trying to understand. He doesn't know what Kirishima is saying.
All he can do is stare as carmine eyes slowly fill with black.

Katsuki sighs contentedly, pressing his face into his Alpha's stomach.

Alpha will fix.
"My Omega."

Katsuki tries to nod. Yes! Yes, his Omega, his--

Katsuki SCREAMS.

Kirishima's hair falls around them like a curtain as his sharp teeth sink into soft scent gland. He groans into the bite, tongue working to soothe as he hardens the hold until Katsuki is squirming.
Katsuki is only more out of it when Kirishima's teeth slip free.

Black threatens the edge of his vision and he starts to laugh as Kirishima tries to pull him to his neck.

He pushes Kirishima's chest. He doesn't want to lick Kirishima's neck, he wants a kiss--
Kirishima growls, and pushes harder, until Katsuki's lips slack against Kirishima's neck.

He smells nice, but Katsuki struggles. What does his Alpha want?
"KATSUKI. BITE." Kirishima rumbles.

Oh! Okay.

Fuck okay.

Katsuki leans forward and draws a chunk of Kirishima's flesh in his mouth.

He bites down as hard as he can, but because of the last few days and how close he is to dropping now, its barely hard enough to tickle.
"Bite!" Kirishima tries again, pressing his fingers under Katsuki's jaw to try to get him to break skin.



He needs Katsuki's fangs in his scent gland or the bond won't form!

And if the bond won't form, Katsuki will keep dropping. And if he keeps dropping-- NO.
"Omega BITE NOW."

Katsuki glares at Kirishima, feeling like a petulant child as he chews on Kirishima's salty skin.

He is!

But he wants a KISS.
Growling, Kirishima rips Katsuki away from him until his back is pressing into Kirishima's chest and his Alpha's legs are being thrown over Katsuki's thighs, pinning him, so he's trapped, sitting up against him.
Kirishima jerks his own wrist up to his mouth and bites down hard on his scent gland. He cries out in pain, but doesn't stop.

He slams two fingers into Katsuki's warm, wet mouth, and pushes down his tongue so that it's flat.
He tips Katsuki's head back and then grinds his prebitten scent gland on Katsuki's fangs.

Katsuki hums around the large intrusion, his tongue darting out to taste.
Instantly Katsuki's teeth clamp down.

He feels Kirishima's pleasured shout behind him, relaxes into the fingers his mate slides through his hair to praise him.

Katsuki bites down harder, he tastes Kirishima, he tastes his Alpha, his blood hums, he feels so good, he tastes so-
Kirishima's arm falls out of Katsuki's mouth, spit dripping from his lips as Katsuki sinks his claws into Kirishima's thighs and grinds his ass back into Kirishima's thick erection.

Stars burst behind his eyes as he comes, his body convulsing hard with his orgasm.
With each aftershock, Katsuki feels Kirishima's strength and health fill him. The bond does its job well, leveling out Katsuki's hormones, until he's not so dizzy.

In seconds, he feels normal, besides incredibly wet.
His Alpha makes a pleased sound behind him as Katsuki sags against his chest.
Kirishima's firm fingers find Katsuki's chin and jerks his face up until their lips are centimeters from brushing together.

Black eyes rake over Katsuki like he's being evaluated for next meal. "Do I have permission to kiss my mate?"
Katsuki purrs. "You have permission to /ruin/ your mate."
If it's possible, Kirishima's mouth tastes even better than his skin.

His Alpha is talented with his tongue, knows exactly where to lick and suck, and when to inhale so that he takes the breath from Katsuki's fucking lungs.
The bond feeds Katsuki strength he didn't have, energy he didn't make. He's finally able to think clearly, clear enough to remind himself that after he takes Kirishima's thick knot he's going to punch him in the face for hurting him and making him fucking drop.
For now, he kisses Kirishima with urgency, twists in his lap so he can wrap his legs around Kirishima's stomach and bring their cocks together.

His fever hasn't dissipated, infact, its currently sweeping through Katsuki like lava, making him pant.
Kirishima pulls his mouth away, kisses down Katsuki's jaw, under his ear, down his throat.

This isn't right.

They skipped some steps. Kiri was supposed to give him scented clothes days ago.
And then Katsuki was supposed to Present. Let Kirishima look his fill. He had plans to wear his new lingerie (Lingerie he had no idea where was at this moment) and try to tempt his future mage into begging for a touch.
But being in Kirishima's lap, rocking his soaked jeans on Eijirou's half formed knot wasn't bad either.

Kirishima's breath fans against his collarbone. "Do I have permission to undress you, Omega?"
"I said yes eariler! Stop wasting time by asking!" Katsuki reaches down for his shirts hem, preparing to rip it over his heas himself. For a second, he hesitates.

He probably needs a shower. He knows he smells like sweat, his hair is a mess.
But can he hold himself back from Kirishima long enough to take a shower?
"FUCKKKK," Kirishima groans. "You smell like heat." His hands shoot up Katsuki's shirt and grip at his pecs. "You make me want to take you right here. Want people to hear how good I knot you."
"S-Shut up," Katsuki gets out, ancoring his hand behind him on Kiri's thigh so he can get a better roll of his hips. "I don't want... shittt. I don't want people watching me f-fuck."

"Whatever you want, Omega." Kirishima's fingers pinch at his nipple. "Where's your nest?"
Kirishima braces Katsuki in his lap with a hot hand under his ass, before effortlessly raising to a stand.

Katsuki gasps, before tightening his thighs.

Oh fuck. Kirishima is /strong/.
Like he owns the place, Kirishima invites himself into Katsuki's apartment and kicks the door shut with his bare foot.

"Nest?" He asks again.

Katsuki barely stops his whine. He doesn't have a nest. He *destroyed* his stupid nest.
Where was he going to invite his Alpha?

Where was he going to get bred?

The floor?

Was he really going to risk Kirishima's seed taking on the floor?

His pups deserved a warm, comforting nest!
Kirishima pulls back, drawing Katsuki's face out of his chest. His expression is soft. "Omega. Nest?"

"I don't have one." Katsuki admits, shame colouring his cheeks. "I got rid of it."

"Hm." Kirishima looks around the room, eyes calculating. "Bedroom?"
Katsuki points in the direction of him bedroom, mouth opening to protest. He knows it definitely smells like sweat and stress and depression in there and he doesn't want to be reminded of the pain of rejection.
For some reason, Kirishima goes to Katsuki's couch and pulls the cushions off of it. He shifts Katsuki to one hand, and takes the decorative pillows off and tucks them around Katsuki in his arms, before yanking of the stuffed seats and lifting them over his shoulder.
Cushions tucked around them like a giant marshmallow, Kirishima instructs Katsuki to reach down and turn the knob.

The instant the door opens, Kirishima floods the bedroom with his scent. He brushes his wrist against the furniture as they walk by, stepping over tatters and fluff
He scents hard, like he's staking a claim. Like there's fifty Alphas near them and he need them to understand Katsuki is /his/.

He doesn't even give Katsuki the chance to smell anything undesirable. It's just pure Kirishima, mate, and happiness.
Kirishima deposits Katsuki into the middle of where his nest was, before he bends down and starts tucking materials and cushions around him.

Katsuki squirms, not used to someone touching his nest, even if it's broken, but not really wanting Kiri to stop.
Kirishima's tongue pokes out while he works. He draws his clothes off, every single article, and tucks those around Katsuki too.
When he's got nothing left to work with, he sits back and admires the image of his mate in a nest he built for them. The nest he's going to start their life in, if he's allowed.

"Fuck, Eijirou. Get in here. I feel like I'm burning up."
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Eijurou lets out a chuff, and closes his fingers around Katsuki's ankle. Which a jerk, he pulls his mate down until he's laying flat and Kirishima can crawl over him.

His chest rumbling with pleasure, Kirishima starts working on Katsuki's jeans and tshirt.
He wants to take his time, wants to kiss every inch of his Omega's skin until he's crying and begging for more.

But even if Katsuki would let him, and it's clear he /can't/ right now, rapidly scissoring his legs under his mate, Kirishima couldn't find the self control.
"Eijirou. Please. It hurts."
"Shhh, Omega." Eijirou hushes, dipping his tongue down to Katsuki's shin.

He trails up, licking softly, careful with his mate's practically healed knees. Up. Up. His tongue traces the dips in Katsuki's muscled thighs before stopping just shy if where his Omega wants him to be.
Katsuki lifts his leg, before curling it around Kirishima's neck, forcing his Alpha closer. He's panting, and his scent is dipping into something sweet, beguiling.

He's going into heat.
"Omega. Do I have your permission to--"

"Fucking--!" Katsuki shouts, leaning up to grab two handfuls of Kiri's hair. He pulls forcefully, until Alpha is yanked forward. Katsuki lifts his hips, instinctively knowing how to tilt his ass so that Eijirou's mouth slams right on him.
He cries out when Kirishima's lips press between his cheeks. His Alpha wastes no time, fingers digging in to spread Katsuki open as he devours the Omega's slick like it's his last meal.
Kiri practically vibrates, groaning into Katsuki's flesh, holding him open to spear him with his tongue.

Red hair is practically being ripped from it's roots, as Katsuki's humping against his face with keens of ecstasy, his thighs squeezed tight around the sides of Ei's face.
When his Omega cums the first time, Kirishima's eyes roll back in his head.

Katsuki instantly goes limp, but Kirishima doesn't stop. He doesn't want to, not with the scent of slick and cum in his nose and mouth.

He needs more. He needs to make Katsuki scream.
Kirishima slicks up all the slick he can, drunk off the taste. His Omega is perfect. Sweet. His.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

"Eiji... /fuck/, Alpha." Kirishima watches as Katsuki's head lolls to the side and he swipes his tongue over his dry lips. "Empty."
"Pups." Katsuki suddenly says, a whimper sliding out between his teeth as his hand slides down to his abdomen. "Pups, Alpha."

His voice sounds so heartbreakingly beautiful. He's so perfect.

The gravity of the situation slams into Kirishima when Katsuki snarls at him, tugging on his hair again.


They're actually going to have pups.

They're mated.


Katsuki is his /mate/ for LIFE.
"Inside," Katsuki starts to chant, his hips lifiting up, chasing the hint of Kirishima's warm skin. "Inside, inside,"

It's getting hard to resist, not that Kirishima wants to. He knows a good Alpha should prep his mate, finger him slowly on one digit before adding another.
A good Alpha takes his time.

A good Alpha offers soft kisses and gentle touches.

A good Alpha makes his Omega come at least twice before seeking out his own pleasure.
A good Alpha /submits/ and let's his Omega pick the pace.

A good Alpha lets the Omega top.
Kirishima isn't exactly average. His cock is quite larger than most. Even soft (something its NOWHERE near right now) it's quite intimidating.

But rock fucking hard, dripping precum, with the beginning swell of his knot?

It's downright daunting.
He needs to work Katsuki open. Pool saliva in the center of his tongue and lick his Omega so throughly he won't be able to walk tomorrow.
"KIRISHIMA!" Katsuki's eyes are full of tears now, and even though he's came, his cock is angry red and jumping against his lower stomach. "Stop fucking torturing me!" His wet face rubs into Eijirou's neck. "Fucking /please/, Alpha. No more teasing."
Kirishima's hands are shaking as he grips Katsuki's hips. His education tells him he needs to roll over, switch their positions and let Katsuki take his own pleasure. It's the /right/ thing to do. He's a good boy.

But his Alpha is screaming at him to do the opposite.
He needs to force Katsuki down into the nest. Turn him over and shive his face in the tattered remains of his nest. He needs to sink his teeth into the back of the blonde's neck, pin his hands down into the floor and split him open on his knot until he can smell Omega cum.
He must hesitate too long on his decision. Because Katsuki's ass is lifting like a cat trying to get bred, like he's searching for something thick to fill him.

He's whining so loud, frustration knitting his eyebrows. "Fine! Fine, fuck! Lay back! Let me up!"
Kirishima feels his Alpha pull back in his head, just enough to give himself some clarity. His Alpha did his part--he saved Katsuki's life. He got the Omega to form a bond and stopped the drop.
While he's sure his Alpha wants to stay around for breeding, and he's sure that once he actually *gets in* Katsuki he'll make another appearance, his Alpha doesn't know what to do.

Instinct drive him to /fuck hard/ but doing so is wrong and would insult his Omega.
Kirishima's still debating the logistics of mating, when Katsuki slams into his chest as a flurry of fangs and teeth.

His fingers claw over Kirishima's arms as he tackles him backwards. His fangs are half way down his chin when he snarls, "FUCKING PAY ATTENTION TO ME."
When he bites Kirishima's scent gland in warning, every molecule in the redhead's body turns to stone.


Katsuki growls into the bite, blindly throwing out a hand to slap against Kirishima's cock.
He's not even trying for gentle as he yanks Kirishima's member up, lines them together, and pushes his hips back roughly until--

Holy shit--

Kirishima shouts as the tip of his cock is swallowed by the tightest, wettest, fucking /amazing/-

Kirishima watches in a haze, panting through his mouth, frantically trying to get air in his lungs as he feels like his cock is getting sucked in by a vaccum.

Katsuki whines, his head thrown back in his shoulders, eyes unseeing the ceiling, as drool drops down his throat.
The Omega rocks his hips, tries to take more, he just wants more //goddamnit//, but his body is weak after starving for five days and his shitty Alpha can't catch a fucking hint.
When Kirishima's broad tip finally pops inside, Katsuki lets out a loud mewl, sight unfocused as he watches pearly cum leak from his cock and drip down the shaft.
"Fucking /ah!/ fuckin' shitty haired goddamn" Katsuki squeezes around Kirishima cock. "/fuCKIN YES/ worthless Alpha!"
Slick leaks around Kirishima shaft, making Katsuki descent easier. He mewls, trying to fight through the exhaustation, trying to convince himself this is fine, this is good, this is what he wants.
At least, Kirishima's shaft is doing an /amazing/ job of making him forget just how nice it would be to be railed hard and forced to submit as his Alpha fucks him full of cum.
"Worthless," Katsuki pants as he uses a hand on Kirishima's chest to brace himself. God, he's not even half way down yet.

Kirishima growls at him, angry realization of Katsuki's degradation *just* now flicking across his face.
"W-what?" Katsuki exhales, trying to keep his tongue in his mouth long enough to finish a fucking sentence. Fuck, Eiji is stretching him so fucking good. "What's a /unh/... what's a matter you fucking /puppy/? M-mad?"
Kirishima snaps his teeth, eyes narrowing as his grip on his Omega's hips turns to the side of painful. He shifts his weight to his heels, glare calculating as he slams his hips up /hard/, stuffing half his fucking dick in Katsuki with one thrust.
"OH GOD! FUCK!" Katsuki hears his spine pop, he arches his back in pleasure so fast. God *yes*, this is what he fucking wanted!

Kirishima doesn't hesitate, lifting Katsuki off him, a wave of slick gushing over his released cock, before he slams him back down to the hilt.
Katsuki fucking /SHRIEKS/, his nails dragging lines down his Alpha's pecs as he rocks his body, desperate for friction.

Every baby thrust makes Katsuki's toes curl harder and it's getting hard to hold himself up.
GodDAMN. Kirishima's knot is already so good, and Katsuki tries to keep up the feign of anger but he doesn't look very intimdating gasping on his mate's dick, his ass clenching so hard Kirishima probably has no circulation in his cock.

He needs more! He needs--
"Touch my cock! Alpha! Touch!"
"No." Kirishima snarls harshly into his ear, teeth catching on the lobe. With a whine he yanks his cock all the way out.

Katsuki barely gets out an indignant scream before the room is spinning and his face is being shoved into his nest with a firm hand on the back of his neck.
Kirishima's cock makes Katsuki's eyes cross as it carves it's way directly into his prostate. His lips open on a sob as Kirishima growls, "Make yourself cum."
Oh f-fuck.

The material around Katsuki's mouth is drenched with his spit. He's unable to shut his mouth as Eijirou's chest presses him down into the nest and fucks into him hard, his thighs slapping against the back of Katsuki's hard enough to leave marks.
Sharp nips of pain lick across Katsuki's freshly bonded scent mark as Eijirou slobbers and bites at the skin accompanying thrusts of his erection with huffed out groans.
"Take it all, Omega!" He shouts out, pressing Katsuki deeper into the nest until his nipples are sensitive from the friction, and his cock has made a puddle around itself but he's still not there, he needs relief, he needs--

"Pups! Give me pups!"
Eijirou's sweaty forehead drops to Katsuki's shoulder, each thrust of his dick punching out little chirps of sound from his Omega.

"Wanna feel you come," Eijirou says with a rough moan. "Come for me and I'll fill you up. Bred you until you're stuffed."
The husky words combined with the drag of Eijirou's cock and the sudden throb of his growing knot, does Katsuki in.

His hands are nowhere near his own cock as he comes solely from the pleasure Eijirou's fucking into him.
Katsuki's hole flutters and clenches with every spurt of cum from his cock. It feels like his body is drenching Kirishima in slick while simultaneously trying to suck him in deeper and the pressue is so blinding Katsuki's face is covered in tears.
Right as he's sure he's going to pass out from rapture, he feels Kirishima's knot expand completely, testing the limits of Katsuki's soft walls, before he hears his Alpha shout.
"HOLY FUCK!" Katsuki manages to scream at the exact same time Kirishima cries out, "MINE!"
Cum fills Katsuki so forcefully it might as well be thrusts of Kirishima's cock.

He never imagined cum would feel so fucking /good/ inside him, or feel so /strong/ or go so /deep/--
"Unnnnngh." His breath chokes around a purr, his ass twitching on it's own accord, his body making sure every last drop of semen fills his hole.
When it's /finally/ over, Kirishima collapses onto his back, a thousand degrees and soaked.

He doesn't stay long, gathering Katsuki in his arms and maneuvering them to the side to make them comfortable while they're stuck knotted.
They're breaths are anything but normal, both of them sucking in quick giant inhales as they come down from the best orgasms of their lives.
Katsuki's Omega is purring in his head, properly content for the forst time in his life.

Unable to stop his subgender, he nuzzles into Kirishima to show his enjoyment.
His stomach bumps the top of this thighs when he shifts to get comfortable, the skin slightly distended with the outline of Kirishima's erection and all the cum he poured inside.

Gods. He could not ask for a better mate,
Gods. /I could not ask for a better mate/, Katsuki reflects joyfully as Eijirou kisses his cheek.

Even if his Alpha is fucking dumb.
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