While we're all stuck indoors, we're going to be shining a spotlight on some of the fantastic ways artists and creatives are adapting.

Are you a freelance youth theatre professional? Join Summerhall residents @YTArtsScot tomorrow morning for a Zoom check-in to chat about the coming months.

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#SummerhallAdapts https://twitter.com/YTArtsScot/status/1242134668109021186
. @SHDrinksLab, @JuniperFestival and @fiftysixnorth are teaming up for the world's largest gin tasting tomorrow eve!

Grab a local bottle of gin and join them for a virtual tasting across social media from 5:30pm.

Details 👇 #SummerhallAdapts

Summerhall residents @RedNoteEnsemble are putting together an online version of their popular Noisy Night scratch nights! They're looking for composers to take part - deadline today.

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#SummerhallAdapts https://twitter.com/rednoteensemble/status/1242822944696471555
Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh & @ScotlandXr are hosting a free online introduction to XR this Sunday.

Join their Zoom chat to learn more about the climate crisis, ask questions, and find out how you can get involved.

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(Eagle-eyed Summerhall fans will have spotted '5 Soldiers' and 'Key Change' on that list, two *brilliant* shows which were part of our 2017 and 2015 Fringe programmes!)


5 Soldiers: @rosiekaydanceco
Key Change: @OpenClasp, @northernstage
Edinburgh Ceilidh Club @Edceilidh are now hosting weekly Stuck at Home Ceilidhs! Live-streamed from their Facebook page every Tuesday at 8pm.

There's no better mood-lifter!

#SummerhallAdapts https://twitter.com/Edceilidh/status/1244679824989356033
Feeling down after yesterday's Fringe announcement? There are lots of laughs to be found in BBC's My Left Nut!

Adapted from @micktheejit and Oisín Kearney’s Edinburgh Fringe hit - as seen at Summerhall in 2018.

#SummerhallAdapts https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p083sj8y/my-left-nut-series-1-episode-1
. @EdSciFest is defying the pandemic with the just-announced 'Elements of #EdSciFest'!

We were excited to have the EdSciFest team at Summerhall this month, but we're even *more* excited by their online programme - now live! 👇


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