MY GIRLFRIEND: We don't really have anything tying us together, it might be a problem if something happens. Maybe we should do like a living will
ME: Yeah
MY GIRLFRIEND: Or we can just get married.
ME: Okay
MY GIRLFRIEND: Wait, did I just propose to you and you said yes?
ME: Yep
This is the story of how my girlfriend and I got engaged 20 minutes ago while I was making dinner.
"These are funny, your friends are funny" -my fiance reading people's replies here
Just an update on this. Yes, it is 100% true. The county is mailing a marriage license. Civil ceremonies are suspended but if I can talk a friend into getting ordained and a couple more to witness it from 6 feet away or more we'll be married in a week or two.
Update: Barring the complete collapse of society, we're getting married Friday.
Total attendance, including us: 5
Total number of time the bottle of Purell was used: 12
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