Quarantine Day 0: my family has all been social distancing already, which is good, but now I’ve been thrown into the mix and I’ve more than likely been exposed, so I really don’t know how that’s going to affect them in the coming days
Quarantine Day 1: I tried to teach my mom how to use DoorDash and Instacart. My dad is officially WFH.
Quarantine Day 2: I downloaded Tik Tok
Quarantine Day 3: I subscribed to BritBox and began a binge of Classic Doctor Who
Quarantine Day 4: I finally got my boxes that I shipped from Florida. I was very tempted to try to make pasta from scratch
Quarantine Day 5: I’ve officially reached the point where I’m feeling crafty. I’m seriously going to try to build a bench.
Quarantine Day 6: I did some homework.... that’s pretty much it.
Quarantine Day 7: There is pressure behind my ears which could be the beginnings of congestion meaning I could be getting sick and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared....
Quarantine Day 8: today was the first day that I actually, truly felt antsy. It seems as though my introvertedness shielded me for exactly 1 week. Good thing we have minimum 6 more weeks to go
Quarantine Day 9: Found a book that moves at a pace I can handle right now (which is a very important and not often discussed aspect of reading) and now I’m watching Frozen II. So honestly not a bad day
Quarantine Day 10: I almost forgot to post quarantine updates so it’s a good thing I’m not planning on doing this forever. I was very productive today. It was strange but it made me feel better
Quarantine Day 11: I actually honestly truly felt like I was struggling today. I couldn’t look away from Twitter and everything felt so heavy. But I forced myself to pick up a book and was able to get lost in fiction for a few hours
Quarantine Day 12: Watched some Doctor Who, learned some German, talked to my friends. Overall 1000000x better than yesterday
Quarantine Day 13: I am SpyMaster on Club Penguin Online, say hi if you see me
Quarantine Day 14: This is my last update on this thread because I know no one wants to see 3 months of these, but basically I don’t have coronavirus (woo!) and will continue to self-isolate until this thing ends.
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