Martial Law - mini thread
Again I’m not a disinformation expert
In order to “disprove” fact v fiction; it requires tedious checking, cross check and checking the cross check.
It also requires finding a nexus.
In my limited experience, disinformation is a weapon of chaos
Sorry had to delete a tweet.
Let’s be clear, the last I check our Country still has a Constitution.We, America are a Country where Rule of Law reigns supreme

👇🏻You might find this informative👇🏻

Martial Law and Constitutional Limitations  via
-sidebar - when I encounter a tweet that’s obvious disinformation, my best practice is to archive it.
That way the record is there’s should actual disinformation experts & researchers need it.
NYC - “martial law” disinformation - this video was uploaded to YouTube on June 20, 2013
NYC - this video was uploaded to YouTube on November 10, 2012
NYC - this video was uploaded to YouTube on November 14, 2014

NYC - this video was uploaded to YouTube on November 11, 2019 (presumably for the NYC Veterans Day parade)

Now a few examples of actual disinformation accounts, it would be super awesome if Twitter deployed a filter. But I digress.
This account @tyrone_brother 👈🏻should be suspended 
Sorry for the disjointed YouTube videos (I’m not sufficiently caffeinated)
For other researchers trying to find the various original YouTube videos, search: NYC, Veterans Day, Parade & add military
Based on my observation this account & thread
Now to (what I think is the most important tweet in this thread)
In my opinion this account should be flagged and twitter should take it down. It’s the nexus

Hoaxy: How claims spread online
Notice the concentration of engagements starting on March 20th?
I could be wrong but this account appears to be the hub/nexus of the
“holy shit we are now living under martial law” 👈🏻that’s nonsense, you get that?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised the littles I’d make them blueberry pancakes. They are savages especially when they are “I’m so staaaaarvveeeing” they are little drama llamas.
I hope this mini thread helped, if not - shittlestix “I’m off my game”
Class dismissed (for now)

@/Intellihubnews is a quagmire
Characteristics of a cyborg, mixing “reputable news” with QAnon.

March 17, 2020 account started using #/martiallaw & >80% of tweet since then misrepresenting
cc @SlickRockWeb @IdeaGov
Hoaxy: How claims spread online
I’m supplementing with a mini-thread from last night concerning rail-lines & DOD.
You may not know this but our DOD has various rails tracks identified as critical to our Nat Sec.
See 2 tweets below.
It makes me mad that our National Guard & DOD had/have to take time out of their extremely busy day because a bunch of Twitter dolts decided to weaponize disinformation.
For what? The notoriety of “going vile” or “more clicks” and/or followers. So STOP
Also just in case Twitter decides to nuke that “IntellihubNews” account, I took the liberty of archiving the whole account. In the remote chance actual disinformation & data experts or researchers need it 
I am legitimately UNAWARE that there was “a martial law” edict.
Setting aside the 10th Amendment and each State’s National Guard activation (of which Governors are the CiC, not Trump)
This claim seems dubious 
Even if there was a “modicum of truth” - for example let’s remember the now infamous @IngrahamAngle interview with AG Roy Cohn - darn I mean Bill Barr
Yes Barr does claim (absent evidence or case law) a “jihad” against Trump re hydroxychloroquine
AG Roy Cohn, damnit I mean AG Barr’s assertion about hydroxychloroquine - welp that’s not really a rabbit hole - did y’all forget about the DPA’s, the lobbying, the short circuit of clinical trials
Not the least of which the 4/24/2020 FDA updated guidance
Oh you’d like receipts about the;
Clinical Trials
And how Trump decided to “break the wheel” - these are not my opinions - these are facts and sourced to the teeth
Did you forget that AG Roy Cohn, damnit AG Barr
“any chief judge of a district court to pause court proceedings “whenever the district court is fully or partially closed by virtue of any natural disaster, civil disobedience, or other emergency situation”
The “only” thing I can think of is the recent @hughhewitt interview with AG Barr
But here even Barr acknowledges thar States have a right and that even in “an emergency” constitutional rights are not set-aside
Do we really need to go over Youngstown again?
You can disagree with me & I won’t take it personally
AG Barr has ALWAYS been Trump most dangerous accomplice
I don’t give a 💩about clickbait/followers
I care about facts
So reread this thread from February - I drilled down on how dangerous Barr is
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