Our doctors and nurses normally hear the sounds of ambulance sirens, of the emergency PA system, of the whimpers & cries of the patients, of the MRI machines; but today at 5 pm let us make them hear a different sound. The sound of untold gratitude. Come out, India. #JantaCurfew
The sound of gratitude. May it wander around the wards and whoosh through the drip tubings and permeate gauze and travel faster than a patient's scream and emerge through to the other side unscathed and may it soothe the burnt-out doctor and the exhausted nurse. May it.
In years to come, when they ask how did India lift the spirits of her doctors and her nurses battling on the frontline against all odds, show them this clip, of @Niranja83004384's dadi.
"Oh god, these idiots in Greater Noida are at it again - banging utensils and clapping and clanging bells. When will we learn?!"

"Er, that's actually Greater London."

"Oh, is it? Well, to be honest, this is so wonderful. Lifts the spirits. Splendid."
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