Several media outlets including @IndiaToday , @BBCWorld are telecasting interview of "Epidemiologist" Dr Ramanan Lakshminarayan, who predicted that India will have 200 Million Coronavirus cases. So who is Dr Lakshminarayan?
First of all, he is economist and not epidemiologist. He worked with Public Health Foundation of India for 4 years. While working with PHFI, he launched two private companies without PHFI permission. PHFI did not renew his contract in 2016 .
PHFI sued him for stealing it's intellectual property . PHFI won the case against him and got back it's rights. The court even awarded legal costs to PHFI.
In addition to his role in CDDEP, he started company called Health cube, which works in the area of diagnostics. His second venture is "Public Health Technologies Trust". He has ongoing legal dispute with Mr Arun Nanda of Mahindra & Mahindra regarding PHTT.
In short, this fear mongering by Dr Lakshminarayan needs rigourous questioning, esp with reference to his credentials, his track record and his vested interests. This is a clear case of conflict of interests.
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