Tom Hanks aka #Hanx is not the man you think he was. This man is evil. This man has done some very bad things to kids for decades. He needs to be exposed to the world for the #Pedophile he is & punished w the maximum penalty.
#SaveTheChildren #PizzaGate
The 1st 24 seconds of Tom Hanks Golden Globes 2020 backstage interview is to say the least, extremely bazaar.
“Sometimes it’s 3am & sometime it’s 11 at night, in which you somehow put it all together, have faith in what the process is, & go there.”
👉COINCIDENCE that he announced his COVID19 diagnosis on 3/11?🤔

#LearnTheirComms #Pedowood
Reminder when @rickygervais absolutely RIPPED #Pedowood into pieces at #GoldenGlobes during his opening monologue😂🤣😂 He dropped bigger bombs on Hollywood than #POTUS dropped on Iran. He called out #PizzaGate & #Pedowood in front of the world
#SaveTheChildren #TheGreatAwakening
On March 11th, 2020, just moments after #POTUS finished his #OvalOffice Address to the nation announcing the travel ban for #Europe at exactly 9:12pm, Moments later #Hanx tweeted his announcement claiming he “tested positive for #COVID19. Timing isn’t odd at all...🤔
👉Inset #ChesterHanks aka #ChetHanks
Shortly after #TomHanks twitter post, his & #RitaHanks son, posted this bazaar video reacting to his parents announcement about “testing positive” for #COVID19. Still, Nothing odd about any of this....🤔 
If you didn’t notice, Chet has a few tattoos. To help you understand the significance of this video, let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Let’s start with the large obvious eye surrounded by a triangle on his chest
What is the meaning of the All-Seeing Eye & what does it symbolize?

“Today’s entertainment industry thrives on control, manipulation, & distortion. Its also all about debasing the masses from everything that is true, pure & healthy.”
The “OneEye sign in media serves another purpose: It proves that all outlets of mass media are owned by a very small, elite group.Think about the amount of money, power, & influence required to have all of these celebrities perform this specific gesture in videos & photoshoots.”
When you learn their symbolism, 👁you’ll start seeing it everywhere and realize it’s all been right in front of your face your entire life. We see you Chet. We see an [endless] amount of one eye symbolism in the elite & celebs worldwide.
👉 #Chet first posted the picture of his tattoos on Dec 22, 2019.
💥Which was The winter solstice💥
See the #WHO, World Health Organization, directly above the eye?
See The Rod of Asclepius, on the left side of his chest?
That’s not odd, that’s normal, right?🤔
This anon has an interesting theory about the clavicle tattoo
1650s, "a crown," from Latin corona "a crown, a garland," in ancient Rome especially "a crown or garland bestowed for distinguished military service," from suffixed form of PIE root *sker- (2) "to turn, bend."
Here’s where things start to get even more crazy. I can’t find a picture with a clear shot of the tattoo on the left side of his stomach but I think we can all confirm what it is.
The Hanged Man is the...
Side Note....
These scars on #ChetHanks chest are whats fueling the transgender rumors...🤷🏼‍♀️ so far I have not been able to find anything to confirm that. However, they are worth noting.
I have a lot more to go on this patriots! I was JUST getting to the meat & potatoes of this thread!!

But mom duty calls for a few hours❤️


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