The coronavirus impact goes beyond healthcare
Family Farms are filing bankruptcy at an alarming rate.
Farmers need customers, not tariffs
“What about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?”
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That video and subsequent thread is dedicated to @JWBoydNBFA he’s been sounding the alarm for years.
I’m lucky enough to call him “my friend” and he trust my opinions & research
The economic impact on small family run (multi-generational too) farms under Trump’s crushing tariffs
See supplemental thread
because this is going to be a really uncomfortable discussion but someone needs to have it before we lose a vital American Industry.
Before it’s too late & I fear we are on the ledge
From the USDA-ERS

“Net cash farm income is forecast to decrease $10.9 billion (9.0 percent) to $109.6 billion in 2020, relative to the 2019 forecast...”
Data & facts - me likely, a lot
FTR - when you see “financial insolvency” that’s a fancy way to say “bankruptcy”
Our farmers are facing a perfect storm;
-net revenues down
-inverted dent/income ratio
-climate change
-lack of stable leadership
-crops planted later
The most troubling part is the subset, dairy farmers. While production might be up, the net income is not (there are some mitigating & attributing factors) you drill down on this recent (Feb 2020) USDA report - the data supports the bankruptcy # s
Here’s the AL FRED delinquency data I used in today’s video
Apologies for the delay
I genuinely believe that if an account puts forth data, they should be required to show you their data source.
After all disinformation is a weapon  #ALFRED @stlouisfed
Sorry I just released I neglected to provide you the FRSAB April 2018 letter to lawmakers re Farm Bill (which eventually passed) concerning the inadequate mental health services for farmers & impacts to cutting funding for rural hospitals
Unlike that monstrosity of Trump/McConnell/Mnuchin bailing out big corporations
At least the House Democrats added farms, farmers & rural farm loans & addresses the rural telecom issues facing students
The ZERO interest loans & principal loan forgiveness, wasn’t even in the Trump/McConnell/Mnuchin ProBig Company Bill
I am very glad to see the House Dems include these critical protections, specifically for family farms
See sometimes the universe hears you
I have nothing constructive to say or add.’
Last week in Florida alone 10M lbs of crops destroyed
There has to be a better way - like maybe work with food banks?
Farmers destroy crops grown for restaurants, hotels  via @upi
...why not donate to food-banks or chefs at @WCKitchen
I don’t understand dumping and wasting
I mean come on...
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