Gonna track news of higher ed layoffs as information drops. @ me if you see more.

Harvard*: layoffs of nearly all dining workers, w/ unionized direct hires getting 30-days pay. No pay for those laid off by third-party contractor.

*awaiting confirmation
And a statement tonight from @harvard, after news of these layoffs caught fire on Twitter. In a seperate phone call, university rep emphasized the situation is very fluid.
Employees at Western Michigan U. whose work hours are fully or partially curtailed will need to rely on banked leave hrs, as well as an emergency allowance of 80 hrs. Those who expend those hrs will be shifted to non-pay status, but not laid off...
However, if an employee's no-pay status lasts for 2 weeks, it is recommended they file 4 unemployment with MI. As of now, WMU says no layoff plans have been invoked. Per statement, it appears the main focus for the U is keeping employees compensated until the end of the semester.
And then a statement from @WesternMichU @pres_montgomery. Expect more moves like this from public institutions, especially public regionals. A lot of U's like WMU will be trying to make the least harmful decisions they can, forced to pick from a suite of really shitty options.
Regarding @WesternMichU, one more thing. @Pres_Montgomery's cabinet have each forfeited at least two weeks of leave, in addition to "contributing an additional $10,300 dollars to student emergency needs."
Hiring Freeze at Boston U. Thanks to @0xFanZhang
for pointing out the previous link was from a decade ago. Sorry about that, folks. https://www.bu.edu/covid-19-information/impact-on-staff-and-faculty/
An update about the layoffs at Wingate, as well as additional information about future terminations at John Carroll U. https://twitter.com/danbauman77/status/1246920609709404160
UW-Oshkosh will pay "$200 total across two payments in April. Students in federal work-study jobs will earn their hourly wage for the average number of hours worked by students across campus. The payments will last until the federal money is exhausted." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2020/04/08/coronavirus-college-students-unemployment-stimulus-fafsa-financial-aid-work-study/2963877001/
Furloughs at Union College for workers who can't work remotely. Per the CARES Act, Union said the unemployment insurance and benefits should be comparable enough to what workers were receiving before furlough.
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