What Americans should do to #FlattenTheCurve: An (Somewhat Educated) Opinion Thread

Everyone should wear a face covering of some kind. EVERYONE. Not the critical #PPE medical masks--don't be *that guy* who is taking resources away from where they are needed. But something.

Why should you wear a covering over your mouth and nose? Because we really do not know who is/is not contagious anymore.

Assume everyone, including you, is contagious. That's what we have to do. So the "mask" is not for YOUR protection. It's to protect everyone FROM you.
If everyone was wearing a sufficient covering of some kind--bandanna, homemade mask, scarf, one you already have & can donate to med workers--then those who actually are contagious would not be coughing or otherwise exposing others through their breath nearly as much.
Remember at the start of the #COVID19 pandemic, when #SARS_COV_2 started spreading, medical experts told everyone to NOT buy masks because they would only work to prevent those who are contagious from spreading it. Of course, that message was a bit contradictory with....
...the insistence that medical workers need the masks for #PPE. And people reasonably thought they were protecting themselves w/masks as a result.

NOW, however, we are in a situation where we have to assume EVERYONE is contagious and act on that initial advice WITH A CAVEAT.
Save the certified masks for #Medicalstaff #PPE. Make your own. Use something. But #CoverYourMouth. The more people using #DIYMasks, the fewer potentially contagious people will be spreading the #SARS_COV_2 virus that causes #COVID19.

You Do Not Know If You Are Contagious.
Wearing a #DIYMask will also keep you from touching your face w/o noticing it! Wearing a mask makes you aware of your face.

I know how this works because I was in home isolation by my county health dept 17 yrs ago after travel to China during SARS. THEY HAD ME WEAR A MASK.
So. Act. Like. You. Have. #COVID19.

#CoverYourMouth with #DIYMask.

Wash/Sanitize them OFTEN.



and #WashYourHands

One last note. This should be obvious.

Maintain Social Distancing.

Follow all other precautions.

Don't touch your face after touching something else.

Wash your hands before and after removing, donning, or touching your #DIYMask.
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