Relapsed last night for the last time. Pursuing #sobriety In the midst of a pandemic is one of the hardest things imaginable but I’m seriously doing this thing. If Tom Brady can move to Tampa I can stop drinking for sure.
2 days in I’ll periodically throw some updates in here but essentially I fired off a tweet so naturally now I gotta back it up.

Today’s highlights: walking my dog, gaming, watching the circle with @ces520 and getting fathers office classic burger on doordash
Day 3. Walking Theo and ran into some banksy-esque street art. #SocialDistancing
Day 4. Morning coffee hittin' different. Glad to be alive on this beautiful Monday morning. Stay at home, y'all. We gon be aight, shoutout Kendrick.
We out here on day 5, checking in. You already know I went viral yesterday (no corona) on the LA Rams official twitter. Keep the blessings coming, Lord. I'll be waitin' on 'em.
Ah ye, Day 6, feeling good. Today, I'm kind of channeling my Twitter bio but sincerely. I'm thankful for social media rn. Seen a much better side of it since lockdown. Without y'all this would be so much scarier. Also gratitude for my job, my roommate, a roof over my head, etc ❤️
Day 7. Had a little bit of trouble falling asleep last night. Reality really starting to set in that we are in this thing for the long haul re: Covid. Unless Trump gets us out of it by easter (lmfao). That being said, thankful and ready to take on another day!
Had some shit to do this morning, so I'm just getting to this. Day 8. Still off the sauce. Inspired and grateful still, somehow. Finishing Tiger King tonight. Joe Exotic for president. Looking forward to a quiet relaxing weekend. Hope y'all are good. Prayers up for everyone.
Day 9. Happy Saturday my peoples! Still cranking away, trying to enjoy the weekend even though really ain't much to do. Staying sober tho. That's of course the key. Love you all
10th day off the sauce. Feeling really good. ‘The way back’ with Ben affleck hit me right in the feels last night. I think more than just addiction and alcoholism, it nails overcoming adversity and stepping outside of yourself to help others.

Have a great and blessed Sunday
11 days in. Did my first virtual aa meeting last night. Was a little weird but pretty similar to irl. Gonna add those to my routine daily I think. Blessed to have a job right now. Lots of work to do today. Love y’all let’s get it!
12 days off the sauce. No real updates, besides digital AA meetings are solid - outside of a random troll coming on towards the end of one of them repeatedly yelling the n-word. You really hate to see it. #TrumpsAmerica
Day 14, that's 2 full weeks. Admittedly felt myself losing a bit of the early-stage sobriety magic yesterday. Had some good chats with a couple diff homies tho and after a good night's sleep I'm back on the grind feeling good. One love. Let's get thru this
15 days. Man, I won't lie to you Twitter fam I wanted to drink last night. Really badly. But powered thru with the help of friends who know who they are. Happy to have made it another day!
Day 16. Yesterday was rough. Def feeling like sipping, especially since it’s the weekend and it seems like that’s what everyone is doing to cope. Didn’t tho and gonna ride this thing out. Everyone check in with your friends. We are all hurting rn
Day 17. Had a great day yesterday, having a more optimistic outlook. Really enjoying the little things. Went to the dog park which was fire! Gotta say, making this thread has kept me accountable and sober so I thank all of you for reading it. I kno it’s weird lol but it works
Day 18 of sobriety. Blessed and thankful. Nothing else to really share here. Hope you are all ok.
Day 19 sober! Anyone else’s dreams buck wild in qtine? Again, sorry for still doing these updates but they are working to keep me from letting y’all down. Let’s gooo
Day 20 off the sauce. Time to keep this thing going
Day 21 without alcohol. Kind of getting into a groove here, but that is sometimes the scariest. Complacency can lead to a slip. Had a great Zoom-therapy sesh yesterday, though. Gonnna be iight. Prayin for all of yall
Day 22 off the sauce. Fridays are not as fire as they used to be pre-tine. But we out here. One day at a time, we gon get this thing poppin'
Day 23 sober. Bored boys in the building but we doing it on this beautiful Saturday! Let’s go
Seems like the only activity worth doing on qtine weekends is drink which makes actively NOT drinking extremely difficult. Let’s get this damn 30 days tho. Time to lock in. #sobriety #23days
Day 24. Hasn’t been an easy weekend but I can 100% say this thread has kept me sober. Thanks to ALL of you. Even if you see these and just “smh” at em it’s helping me so much more than you may ever know. Happy Easter bbs!
Day 25 sober. Busy ass Monday, so I'm just getting to checking in. Hope you're all good, we out here.
Day 26 sober. Happy to be alive. Let’s get it!
27th day without alcohol. Feeling real clarity. Found a really great blog post, through a friend, that kind of nails my exact experience. Give it a read if you're interested. So much more to it than just will power. Stay blessed y'all!
Day 28 sober. This week is going faster than any other in qtine so far. Got a solid daily routine during the week. Have some stuff planned for the weekend. Finally beginning to adapt to these crazy times. Hoping this will be over soon but for now doing my best to enjoy life
Day 29 w/o alcohol. In quarantine.

One more to 30 feels good, but going a day at a time. An hour at a time, really. The benefits of staying sober are really starting to take shape. Avoiding negativity and self-doubt. Anyway, thanks for being on this journey with me. Holla!
Man right at midnight imma go ahead and post that your boy is 30 days sober! Came on twitter originally with this knowing it was unorthodox but after another time of letting myself down I’m proud to say it got me a month and that’s huge.

Work has just begun. Sry that I’m corny!
31 days sober. That’s a full month of zero hangovers. Damn.
32 days. Feeling a lot healthier. Less anxiety, more stability emotionally. Lot of work to do today, but honestly blessed to have work to do and that's just another example of changing my perspective. See the positive instead of dwelling in the negative 'defeated' space. Let's go
33 days sober. Part of me wants to update this less now than I'm past 30 days and I don't want to be "that guy". But it's working, and it's working well to check in daily. So I'mma keep doing it even if it might *feel* embarrassing in some ways. Accountability is key rn.
34 days off the sauce. Had the casual late night earthquake last night. Sh*t is really getting WEIRD rn. Oh well, we should be aight. Stay safe everybody!
35 days w/o drinking. Definitely stressed out right now, mostly with work stuff but some life stuff too. It's rough but coping in the 'demic. Just got to work hard and try my best to find pleasure in daily small victories and little things in life that make me happy. ya heard?
36 days! No alcohol! Yezzir... I know some of y'all might've thought you caught me slippin. Sike!

ha jk, but yeah I've been working p hard this morning on some fun projects for work. Feeling good. But yeah, important to check in here.

While I got u here:
37 days sober feeling incredible. Working on ways to be proud of my choice and confident in it, even though society emphasizes drinking so much and it can be seen as antisocial or strange not to sip. I know after years of trying... I can’t. Gotta stay true to yourself! Always. ✌🏾
Man... the streets been talking. Is that boy Steve really 38 days sober? Can’t be. Nah, say it ain’t so! I don’t believe it. Yeah; I’m here to address the rumors. Eff all the haters it’s midnight and I’m not drinking, which means... yet another successful day off the sauce. #LFG
39 days later, still no drinking. Here we are, another Monday morning in quarantine trying to grind. Let's all do our best today! It's all we CAN do. Take care of yourselves and those around you. One love.
Day 40 sober. Man, who woulda thunkit? Trying my best to survive and thrive in the dang 'tine. Hopeful for all of us, keep the faith
41 days sober. Past 2 days been a grind. A bit of anxiety, but no excuse to drink and really throw out the baby with the bath water. We are in unprecedented times. I'm trying to find ways to remind myself of that, even when work is demanding and life shit is still trudging along.
42 days off the sauce. Had a rough stretch of a few days, there, if I'm honest. But feeling a lot better. Got my Coronavirus test results back and they were negative so I feel more safe going to see my parents this weekend. Love up on your loved ones! They're all we got
43 days, no drinking. Man, like I said I was going THROUGH it this week (for no real reason). Just in my head and overthinking. But didn't pick up, even when it felt easier to do so. Luckily rode it out, because today I'm feeling so much better. On top of things. #sobriety ftw
I’m up and it’s past midnight and I’m sober as a saint, so let’s go ahead and clock in day 44. Gta was a clutch purchase. Just watched uncorked on Netflix s/o to my @mom for that rec. Hyped to go home to visit the folks this weekend. Life=moderately good!
Day 45. Another midnight weekend post. We sober? Still?’ How??! Wut. Damn the kid is actually off the sauce. Nah, but seriously I haven’t drank in 45 days. #LFG
Day 46 sober. Another Monday, back on the grind. Grateful. Let's all lock in.
Day 47 sober. It's Cinco de Mayo, which normally would be a little bit of a challenge, but of course not in the 'tine. A coworker shared this tho. P funny.
48 days sober. Really great LI post I saw yesterday that resonated with me. Dude really turned his life around. It's powerful when we share stories to inspire others. Humbly, I'm nowhere near able to wrap my head around 10 years yet, but I aspire to get there. 1 day at a time.
49 days off the sauce. Things still aren't perfect, but I can say for a fact they're a lot better. Energy levels and mood are where they should be, not overly high or overly low. Work is much more manageable and letting life come to me instead of forcing it. Gotta keep at it.
Day 50 without alcohol. Happy Friday everyone!
Day 51 not drinking. Doing the lil midnight weekend post. Hope you all have a great weekend, sober or turnt the fuck up. Either way, we gonna make it.
Day 52 sober! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!
Day 53 without alcohol and still in the damn 'tine. But we doin aight! The benefits of this lifestyle are super motivating. Anyone who may not even have a problem with substances, if you're considering sobriety give it 30 days and see how you feel. It's honestly p amazing.
Midnight, day 54 off the sauce. Feeling clearminded and at peace. Bout to go to sleep. Big things await in the AM. ✌🏾
Day 55 sober. Admittedly tired, a bit weary. Not feeling as gung ho. But resilience is the key. We gon be aight. This too shall pass.
56 days sober. Might fuck around and get two months off the sauce!
57 sober days. Can't believe I started this thread almost 2 months ago. I know we're all having a tough time in the 'tine but I appreciate you all for giving me a safe space to (probably over) share my journey.
Sad kings man. We real sad in the ‘tine tonight, but made it another 24 hours without drinking so chalk up 58 days! Here’s my dog protecting a bird taken earlier today in Marina Del Rey. If we can’t protect others, what does that say of ourselves?
Forgot to connect it to the thread so here it is again: 59 days sober in the ‘tine. We gon be aight. Let’s crank dat 60 tomorrow #noSouljaBoy
Damn. I’m really 60 days sober.
The question is never not looming in my dome piece.. are these updates too much? Is it worth it to keep doing them? The answer: I am 61 days sober and I can say without a shadow of a doubt it wouldn’t be true if I didn’t update this thread so stay tuned for more from the boi!
62 days sober. Carry on.
63 days sober. Life is good.
64 days sober. Long weekend. Man, things could undoubtedly be worse.
65 days sober. Bout to go hiking. My white half is thrilled!
66 days sober.
67 days sober baby. Y’all already at bars with 45+ people? I’m at home watching Selling Sunset we r not the same
68 sober days. Still a lot of work to do but looking forward it!
to* it damn.
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