Part 2: Documenting Cases of #Corruption In #CPS
#FamilyCourt #FosterCare & #CrimesAgainstChildren

Dedicated To The Children, Nancy Schaeffer & Linda Collins-Smith

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @flynn_neill
“The simple truth is to achieve consistent nonbias support of the Rule of Law, like in the legislation/Govt, we have to remove the potential for it, so even if a judge were deviant or corrupt, there would be no exposer to it or the ability to engage it, protecting “ @Tmc1650
“July 2019: Colorado #CPS Caught Having Secret Meetings While Passing Along False Case File Information”
“Arkansas: Davis Family Has Children Taken From Them Illegally by Lonoke County, AK #DHS 1 Week After Ashley Munnerlyn Davis Testified Against Her Sister-In-Law, Tonique Hatton, Who Embezzled $6 Million in Federal Funds... … “
“From Child Food Program As DHS Worker for 16 Yrs

Davis Family’s Children Were Taken From Them 1 Week After Ashley Munnerlyn Davis Testified Against Her Sister-In-Law, Tonique Hatton, A DHS Worker for 16 Yrs Who Engaged in Scheme to Embezzle $$ From Children’s Feeding Program”
“Tonique Hatton, Former DHS Worker Admits She Acceped Bribes To Illegally Disburse $6 Million in Federal Funds - Guilty of Fraud in Children’s Feeding Program” #Corruption #CPS #FamilyCourt
“Washington State Congratulates #CPS Workers For Making Quota in Terminating #ParentalRights Quickly & Adopting Children Out Quickly - Each Child Brought $4,000.00 Bonus To the State”

If an individual or private company did this it would be called #ChildTrafficking
“Sen. Nancy Schaefer published a report called "The Corrupt Business Service." She came to believe there was a link between elite-level #childpornography, #childsextrafficking & Child Protective Services #CPS misconduct. On March 26, 2010, Nancy and her husband Bruce...” @Urylle
“Suzy & Peter Saad Traveling From TN to CT, Stopped At Hospital In CT Where Suzy Was Forcibly Drugged & Had C-Section Performed Without Her Permission - The Staff Then Made Up Accusations of Neglect, Brought In #CPS & Took Baby Sophia” #MedicalKidnap
#CPSCorruption #MedicalKidnap #FamilyCourt “Judges Breaking Up Families With No Procedures in Place For Remedy”

“Lengthy & Informative Narrative Re: #Justice4TheTheodoras #BringSophiaHome #LetOurChildrenGo
“Foster Care Continues to be Child Sex Trafficking Pipeline in 2020 – How Do We Stop It? I think we all deserve an answer as to WHAT our government is doing to HALT this system that’s taking children from their parents with NO charge of a crime...”
#CallToAction Requesting @POTUS To Instruct AG Barr To Meet with Asst AG #CivilRights Division, Eric Drieband, & Open #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #CPS #FamilyCourt Nationwide For Denial of Rights To #American Citizens Resulting in Unlawful Separation of American Children...
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