Sexual Deviancy
By: H. R.


In the Masonic Quiz book, we find the Question asked of initiates Who was Tubal-Cain?

Answer: Tubal-Cain was Vulcan of the pagans.
Masons often wear lapel pins with a golf club & 2 balls which they call Two-ball Cane. The joke is, it actually represents the phallus & testicles. Vulcan is listed as an infernal name of Satan in the Satanic Bible, & for pagans, the Canaanite fire god & husband of Venus.
Leonard Nimoy, a Jewish Cabalist in real life, played Mr. Spock from the planet Vulcan whose greeting live long & prosper sign was the V.
Churchill & Nixon used the V sign as well but nobody recognized it as a satanic victory sign.
Gene Roddenberry probably did because he was a 33rd degree Freemason, & the V was the sign of Shin made by Pharisees & Sadducees as a victory greeting to one another for killing Jesus.
Freemasonry came from the Cabbalistic Jews who want to build the Temple & install their Priest King so here is one episode that has a few particularly novel lies.
Capt. Kirk is sent to a planet which happened to have the right temperature, gravity & the perfect atmosphere. Come to think of it, they all did! Kirk must battle a vastly stronger adversary called the Gorn.
The Gorn is a lizard & the Enterprise crew is watching helplessly from above as he desperately collects the necessary materials to create gun powder from salt peter, coal & Sulphur.
He fashions a barrel out of bamboo, which indicates there is life, & vast amounts of water on this planet.
He makes rope out of hemp to buttress the barrel just as people did for thousands of years until DuPont came along & made nylon.
He finds fields of huge diamonds for use as bullets. Fields of diamonds indicate this planet has carbon, & an earth like ability to transport the diamonds to the surface from 75 miles deep.
The flood did this on earth, so God must have flooded this planet as well.
Of course Kirk wins, but I am amazed by the irony of that example in regards to the earth today.
We have the technology to build non-radioactive nuclear fusion reactors, & the ability to send free unlimited non-polluting power virtually anywhere on earth using longitudinal scalar waves.
We have the ability to alter weather patterns for the good of mankind, the ability to steer devastating weather away from land or just clean the air in a polluted city as the Russians did in Indonesia in 1997.
We have the ability to kill dangerous bacteria, viruses &cancer cells with controlled electromagnetic energy.
The ability to use resonant bi-aural beat frequencies to quickly educate people, help them sleep, calm down or communicate with them anywhere on the globe.
We choose instead to use all of this incredible technology to spy on each other & electronically cage ourselves like dogs wearing an electronic collar.
We use this technology to trigger earthquakes & create devastating weather.
We use this technology to kill millions of people who were created in the likeness & image of their creator.
The elite think God will just stand by & let them have their way or think they can beat Him but they generally hire scientists who they have educated to deny His existence.
Quite the little web of lies, don't you think?
Now lets return to the root cause for these lies & follow the Canaanite descendants some more.
So far, they have built towers in Babylon, fortresses in Assyria, built the Trojan Horse, gave us the Phoenician alphabet, put us to sleep in their Phrygian Caps, & led Persians astray with their boy Zoroaster.
300 Spartans held off 300,000 Persians at Thermopylae, but Athens & her oracle were burned anyway leaving in the wake, Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Epicurus & Socrates all glorifying the things the Bible says not to do.
They created the Gods of the deep Neptune & Poseidon who rode chariots pulled by dolphins, the Gods of the stars Apollo, & Orion who rode chariots pulled by unicorns, & the Gods of the underworld Hades & Pluto who duplicated Heaven underground.
Their philosophy taught the Greeks about their larger than life Titan ancestors who ruled the pre-flood world & were able to escape God's puny little flood.
Plato wrote of an idealized society where there would be no marriage, no family & women would be the common property of every man.
Children should be raised anonymously, & society should have 3 classes. A small elite Ruling Class, a somewhat larger Military Class & a vast Worker Class.
Hellenic Greece (especially Athens) became a society dominated by the male homosexual elite
& nobody followed this arrangement more than the Celts whose pederastic male population was divided into a warrior aristocracy, & intellectual class of Druids serving as religious experts, judges, poets & teachers with rest being a mass of commoners & women being common property.
Our term "Money Bags" came from Greek pederasts who paid for young men to service them, & Kidnap came from young men who were seduced away from their families, & into a voluntary homosexual man-boy lifestyle, that repeated as the boy came of age.
Phillip of Macedon built up the Greek military & unified the Greek city states but after his death, his son Alexander the Great became obsessed with world domination & was given to fits of rage & sex with young boys.
Greek philosophers were universally, pederasts & made up the story Rape of Ganymede about the beautiful son of the king of Troy whom Zeus took to Mt. Olympus for a relationship.
Our term Lesbian comes to us from women on the Isle of Lesbos in Greece, & Gay comes from Ganymede.
Romans in typical fashion merely changed Ganymede to Catamitus to justify their homosexuality. 
British Knights had Catamites who were submissive sex partners & Butch Brown Shirt Nazis called theirs Femmes.
Socrates was made to drink hemlock rather than accept banishment for corrupting the youth of Athens & Plato said women were merely reincarnated men who lived badly.
Hellenes were derived from the homoerotic warrior cults of Thebes, Sparta & Crete.
Plutarch wrote that Thebans were made up of Sacred Battalions of 150 male sexual pairs who often fought along side each other to the death.
Later, Samurai warriors called Ninja mentored desirable young men called Chigo in similar fashion. "Wakashudo" was the term used for "The way of the youths". It's been said that over half of the Shoguns from 1358 & 1837 were having same sex affairs.
The Spartan Army inducted 12 year old boys who were entrusted to male lovers, & Cretans abducted & sexually molested young boys for 2 months prior to getting their military kit.
Homer wrote in the Iliad that Troy was founded by Dardanas from whom Ganymede descended, so it would seem the Tribe of Dan figures into these philosopher's ancestry.
They somehow made this blatant kidnapping & rape look virtuous in their writings as a pretext for glorifying homosexuality in Greek culture.
Of the many relationships Zeus had, his wife Hera took the greatest displeasure with this one & became the prototype nagging wife. She had Zeus change him into the constellation Aquarius which means Joves (Jupiter) cup bearer, the water-pourer.
Since we are in the Age of Aquarius now, we will see homosexual themes becoming more prevalent, open, legal & one day perhaps even forced upon the population.
In gay culture, the Age of Aquarius is an inside joke for the celebration of homosexual pedophilia.
The Mattachine Society began our Hell slide in 1950, followed by its lesbian counterpart the Daughters of Bilitis in 1955.
The Supreme Court legalized sodomy, with Sandra Day O'Connor's husband John attending Bohemian Grove rituals each summer.
Vermont Senator Cheryl Hooker introduced a bill to lower the consensual age for sex to 14, NAMBLA was founded by a Catholic Priest (Paul Shanley) & Michael Jackson was acquitted of pedophilia charges.
The Nazi empire began in the 1920s with financing from Prescott Bush & Averill Harriman using out of work homosexual WW1 soldiers of the Freikorps.
Unlucky for the world because Frei was the 13th un-invited dinner guest in Valhalla who was banned by Odin. Friday (Freis Day) the 13th continues to be very unlucky!
Homosexual Rovers (Karl Roves dad was one) united with the Freikorps to become the dreaded 3 million strong Sturmabteilung Brown Shirts famous for their "Seig Heil" salute.
They may not have known it, but its really just a high five to Satan which the later SS Black Shirts most certainly knew! They became known as Storm Troopers named after the Norse God of Storms, Wotan (alternative spelling, Odin & Woden) from whom Wednesday gets its name.
Homosexuality was criminalized in pre-WW2 Germany with records of offenders maintained at Kinsey Sex Research Institute in Berlin & later by Magnus Hirschenfeld's Institute for Sexual Science.
Brown Shirts would attend church services enmasse as a respectable cover for their activities but when they came to power in 1933,
the Judas Goats first actions were to burn 12,000 books & 50,000 photographs at the institute,
sign a Concordat with the Catholic Church & burn the Reichstadt building in order to blame the evil Communists who were led by the same sort of monsters who all learned their craft from the Theosophical Society.
Money + deviant sex = death.
Records at the sex institute indicated that not 10% of the early Nazis were sexually normal, & it most certainly didn't stop there!
If you need proof of the Bush family financing the Nazi's, first read Rise of the Fourth Reich at the watch unto prayer website, then come back. 
Evidence is very prevalent of George Bush's gay lovers:
Jeff Gannon (James Dale Guckert)
Just look up court documents of the Nebraska Boys Town pederasty trial or Larry Franklin cover-up for starters.
Ashe was introduced at the 2000 San Francisco mayor's meeting by Peter Jennings as "The Gay Mayor from Knoxville."
Alleged White House sleep over guest Jeff Gannon ran a male prostitution ring inside the Washington Beltway, & his late night visits were joked about during White House Press Corp. dinner in May 2006.
2005 at the same dinner, his wife Laura said "she is a desperate housewife who had to resort to going to strip clubs with Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Lynn Cheney because George learned about sex from milking a bull."
It's fairly well known that:
Rudy Giuliani dresses in drag as "Rudia",
SF Mayor (now CA Gov) Gavin Newsome & Barney Frank are gay,
Bush calls Vladimir Putin "Pooty Poot" & Karl Rove "Turdblossum"
I'm not judging anyone here; just pointing out this is happening now & has happened many times before.
God Makers II by ex-Mormon Ed Decker has interviews with eye witnesses that say Mormon prophets including Gordon B. Hinckley have safe houses set up for pedophilia & pederasty parties.
You didn't have to dig very deep into the Elizabeth Smart case to locate eye witness FBI & SLC police accounts of the mountains of child pornography culled from Ed Smart & his brother's computers.
She looked pregnant in pictures at the "Rave" party prior to her return home, & several of these agents say her uncle was the father & her father is gay.
Check it out & make up your own mind or turn a blind eye to it. My aim is not to rake the pond for scum, but to show this as a recurring theme throughout history.
Sodomy derives its name from Sodom. Sodom & Gomorrah were completely destroyed for the violation of just one sin. God (Yehovah) said a man shall not lie with man as he does woman (Lev 18:22), & in Lev 20 there is an entire section devoted to improper sexual relations w/ relatives
Satan knows this, that's why a homosexual waiter named Karl Ernst became a Nazi Brown shirt Lt. General! 
When Lot left the fire charred ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah, his daughters slept with him. The first child born of incest was Moab! 
God (Yehovah) wasn't instructing Israelites to go to war for fun; He was eliminating bloodlines that were created from sex with demons & incest that would infect the world unless He intervened!
That's great, I've always been interested in rank ordering abhorrent behavior!
The Encyclopedia Mythica says Plato used the Ganymede myth to justify his sexual feelings toward all his male pupils. 
Since Clinton officially introduced the new Age of Aquarius, we have seen Episcopalian & Presbyterian churches ordaining active practicing homosexuals & lesbians.
Open homosexuality is being promoted with many states legalizing same sex marriage.
Many cities have gay rights parades & Atlanta hosts over a million gay & "Fetish" revilers every year.
Ellen DeGeneres & Rosie O'Donnell shows are popular & draft dodger Clinton began the successful "don't ask don't tell" policies in the military.
At Fort Ord in California you can even take time off for a Wiccan full moon ritual!
Michael Jackson's children Prince Michael (Prince Michael Stewart of Scotland?) & Paris (Trojan prince Hector's brother?) only came out in public in feathered masks (Phoenix or Quetzalcoatl) just like we saw in Tom Cruise's movie Eyes Wide Shut.
Here are a couple of questions:
Was Michael androgynous? Was he white or black? Is his plastic surgeon still employed? He always flashed the Il Cornuto hand sign, or is he too just a Texas Longhorns fan?
These masks are popular at Mardi Gras, a week long celebration prior to the 40 days of Lent which culminates in the worship of Ishtar, they were not made up by ignorant partiers!
Wife of scientology founder Barbara Marx Hubbard said in 1986 "Participants in the planetary Pentecost will have the powers of Christ to heal, resurrect the dead & even transform their bodies as Christ did."
In Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire we saw Transfiguration in action when Malfoy was turned into a ferret.
Chivalrous British Knight, Sir Elton John's wedding brought tears to the world's eyes as he married his homosexual partner & the Oracle, Warren Buffet seems immune to federal lawsuits concerning the Nebraska Boy's Town pederasty ring.
The Knights of AK-SAR-BEN "Hi Jinx in Hades" plays in Egyptian Goddess clothes must be quite a sight,
& the Nebraska State Capitol was designed in 1903 as a Temple of Baal by 33rd degree Scottish Mason & AK- SAR-BEN Knight, Roscoe Pound who went on to become dean of the University of Nebraska & Harvard University Law schools.
Anybody picking up the Canaanite, Phoenician, Tribe of Dan (Dan means Judge) thing here?
Roscoe's satanic priesthood called the "Innocents" still uses a severed head in rituals like the Knights Templar did, meets at night in the Capitol (Capitol means Temple of Jupiter) & conducts their rituals in red robes (color of Chaldean Magi).
The Larry Franklin Federal lawsuit brought out Buffets involvement with Temple of Set founder Lt Col. Michael Aquino in the abduction & US Army sanctioned brainwashing of young boys including George Bush's reputed lover, Johnny Gosch who was abducted from Des Moines, Iowa in 1982
The Republican majority Supreme Court legalized same sex union & sodomy. They have had ample opportunity to overturn Roe vs. Wade, & have not done so.
Very soon, Oregon's "Dr. Kevorkian" assisted suicide laws may spread to the entire US in the form of legalized euthanasia.
The 1982 abduction of Johnny Gosch aka Jeff Gannon made national headlines. He had resurfaced in the White House press corp., whose symbol is Aladdin's Lamp asking softball questions to his reputed lover George W. Bush.
Horus & Pharaoh both mean White House, so this is not surprising!
Bypassing Secret Service, Johnny had entered through the back stairs of the White House some 200 times according to secret service logs & operated a homosexual prostitution ring in Washington which he advertised on the web @ hot military stud dot com (no longer operating site).
George Bush's out of the closet homosexual college roommate, & reputed lover Victor (Victoria) Ashe was a 4 term mayor of Knoxville.
He was appointed to the mortgage insurer Freddie Mac in 2000, & according to CFR whistle blower Franklin Raines, bankrupted it.
Being in the CFR, I'm sure Frank is lying, but I'm also quite sure it is nonetheless bankrupt.
Victor was appointed Ambassador to Poland to avoid any hard questions of his relationship with the commander in chief.
Victor & George have been friends since their days in the drama club at the Phillips Academy (an Andover boarding School), & Yale University where Bush's nickname was "Lips".
They both were also on the cheerleading squad at the all male school, & took their satanic initiation in the Skull & Bones society the same year.
The ritual includes:
lying naked in a 2 person coffin filled with all sorts of creepy things, vocally espousing all their wildest sexual escapades in front of alumni like John Kerry, being lowered into a pit for some period of time, being "raised from the dead", and swearing allegiance to Satan.
Bonesmen in the ritual play parts dressed in costumes of the Pope, Uncle Toby, Don Quixote, Satan, Puritan Shakers & Skeletons.
The ritual concludes with the initiate being dubbed "Knight of Eulogia".
These modern day Knights Templar are committing ritual sodomy, & swearing allegiance to Satan just as they did in the 13th century, but the difference now is, they are doing it in the New Age of Aquarius led by the Jovian cup bearer Jupiter.
"the most high ruleth in the kingdom of men, and will give it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest (morally despicable) of men" (Dan 4:17)
"He (Antichrist) will seek to change the times and laws" (Dan 7:25).
As it was in Greece, homosexuality is becoming sanctioned & legal, & God will allow it to overcome the world for 3 ½ years!
Sodomy gets its name from Sodom & Gomorrah which were both destroyed by fire because Jesus (He often appeared in Old Testament times) asked Lot to find just 10 people in the entire very large cities not practicing this kind of behavior.
He could not, & 2 angels sent by God to give Lot & his family safe passage out were even propositioned at Lot's door.
Victor Ashe, Jeff Gannon, Karl Rove, Scott McClellan, Mehlman, Ted Haggard & many more all surrounded George Bush

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3)
The book Pink Swastika says:
"Parents in Greek society resorted to sending their children to and from school with chaperones... wives were regarded as birthing machines leading a wretched existence... armies of Thebes, Sparta, and Crete were a homoerotic warrior cult as are modern Islamic terror groups.
Princeton professor William Percey wrote an article The Sexual Revolution During 600 BC-400 AD,
"Cretan sages evolved a system of delayed marriage and institutionalized pederasty... seclusion of females, nudity of males... herds of boys living in gangs in the wild... postponement of marriage until 30."
The apostle Paul writes in Titus 1: "Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies."
Paul was describing Phoenicians who settled in Crete. Their priests were called "Curetes" who were possibly the first to have devotees pledge oaths so common in modern Knightly Orders.
They were also devoted to the orgiastic rites of the Fertility Goddess, Rhea which had origins in ancient Phoenicia as Asherah "Mother of the Gods."
Phoenicians called Asherah, "El's counselor" & "Baal's mother."
Around 1000 BC, her rituals were conducted to the eastern star's (Venus) rising, & included: offerings of bread & wine, ritual dancing, laceration of breasts & tearing out of one's hair, very similar to the male Islamic counterpart called "Dervish Orders".
"be not deceived: neither fornicators (Bohemian Grove),
nor idolaters (owl of Moloch, Baal statues),
nor adulterers (Clinton),
nor effeminate (Hi Jinx anyone?)
nor abusers of themselves (ascetics like Silas in Da Vinci code, Bacchanalians, Dervishes)
nor drunkards (Ted Kennedy),
nor revilers (burning man festivals),
nor extortioners (Mafia),
nor thieves (Dov S. Zakheim missing $2.3 Trillion)
shall inherit the Kingdom of God.
Cursed be he that lieth with any manner of beast (milking a bull or helping sheep over the fence anyone?) "a man shall not put on a woman's garment (Hi Jinx) "shall not bring the hire of a whore." (Bohemian Grove, UN blue berets).
If you are doing any of this, you had better hope, the
bible is a story book! Better yet, why don't you pray for forgiveness to Jesus Christ because none of this is unforgivable!
The 12 Atlantean Gods & Goddesses were promoted by Greek philosophers, & the Romans adopted the paganism of Greece by changing the names of these Gods.
The warring Zeus whose planet was Saturn changed to Jupiter who will fill the role of Antichrist in his peaceful androgynous form.
This is why NASA exploded Galileo's plutonium power pack in Jupiter's dense atmosphere to create another giant red spot,
& tried to explode Cassini's 72 lb. plutonium package in May 2008 in Saturn's atmosphere in order to create an artificial sun as a counterfeit biblical sign in the Heavens for the 2nd coming of Christ.
Why a 72 pound package? 70 Muslim virgins, 70 Valkyries, 70 Priests of Jupiter in Babylon, College of 70 Cardinals in Rome, the 70 Sanhedrin judges & Quorum of 70 in Salt Lake City, all of whom have Antichrist & False Prophet added to them of course!
Zeus's Greek wife, Hera became Juno who as a feminist, had violent arguments with Zeus over his extramarital affairs.
Poseidon became Neptune & represents the Beast from the Sea we call the New World Order.
The Poseidon remake turns things upside down (as above, so below) & the Captain says just before the rogue wave capsizes the ship, "Poseidon is the God of the deep, who was there as humans first crawled out of the sea."
According to him, God must have sent the wave & killed them all, but this movie is really just an occult signal that Scalar energy will be producing more rogue waves very shortly.
Fitting is the movie's ending which has one ready made family as sole survivors finding a raft (ark) that is luckily is right in front of them as they climb out the bottom of the boat.
As rescue helicopters approach, their search lights form a very overt V as Poseidon sinks into the Abyss.
Demeter became Ceres who represents nature & fertility so popular with Druids.
Apollo didn't change, but his sister/wife, Artemis changed to Diana who represents goddess worship, most notably with the Ephesians who continued to worship her at the Temple of Artemis/Diana, one of 7 ancient wonders of the world. (Trumps knows Apollo)
Hephaestus became Vulcan the Canaanite fire God represented by military chevrons, the peace sign, the Vulcan 1st officer, Mr. Spock & the Roman numeral V.
Volcanoes (Vol-Cain) are named after Vulcan who is really the god, Cain the first murderer. Greeks hid the worship of Cain in Zeus' father Cronus who ate his offspring as they were born.
Pallas-Athena became Minerva. In legend, Athena killed King Pallas of Arcadia with a spear adopting the name Pallas-Athena.
Later, Sir Francis Bacon's Merovingian Knights of the Helmet wrote under the name Shakespeare alluding back to Pallas & Athena shaking their spears at each other. Clever eh?
Aries became Mars the God of war who destroys our kid's health with Mars candy bars & once built canals on Mars... NOT.
Aphrodite became Venus the Goddess of love, orgies & venereal disease.
Hermes became Mercury the God of healing which is why vaccines have mercury in them.
Alchemy is healing by transformation, so Mercury's symbol became the winged phallus wrapped by a double-headed serpent which was adopted by the American Medical Association,
& mercury or Quicksilver became a secret ingredient to the Alchemists searching for immortality on their own rather than from Jesus. Originally, Hermes was known as Thoth to the ancient Egyptians, & Hermes Trismegistus to Ptolemaic (Greek) Egypt.
Hestia became Vesta the symbol of virginity or celibacy. The Vestal Virgins of Rome became Catholic nuns over time, & celibate (although likely homosexual) monks prosecuted the Spanish Inquisitions.
Today, they are called Opus Dei.
Cathy O'Brien wrote a book about prostitution industry run by government officials called Trance Formation of America. If only 10% of this book is true it means our country is in big trouble, & she is not only person coming forward with this information.
In a nutshell, she says girls from ritually satanic families are trained from birth using electric cages, sleep deprivation & molestation to become mind controlled prostitutes for government officials, corporate execs & Illuminati kingpins.
If you look into the Elizabeth Smart case a little, the evidence suggests this may have happened to her baby. Yes, she was pregnant.
Cathy's book is full of names dates & descriptions of her & her daughter's ordeal at the hands of her handler WV Senator Robert Byrd (born Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr) who she quotes "All the world is a stage & I'm the theatre owner."
It's been said that Reagan was never really the President, he only played one on TV. Cathy quotes Ronald Reagan saying "All the world is a stage. I'm the wizard, but George Bush is the director."
Ron apparently loved making movies of her with Larry Flint's pornographer Michael Dante. He called himself "Uncle Ronnie" & triggered her mind control programming with different color jelly beans kept on his White House desk.
He said she was his Iran-Contrabution to the New World Order.
Clinton used her sexually & as a courier during the Iran-Contra affair when he was AK governor running drugs for Oliver North into the Mena Airport.
Researchers say that several billion dollars of Columbian cocaine profits were laundered through Hillary Clinton when she was a partner at the Rose Law Firm.
Cathy says she was prostituted to many in the Nashville city government & country music industry which she says is run largely from the Stockyard Bar by Mayor Richard Fulton.
She says many entertainers like Loretta Lynn are themselves mind controlled slaves & adds that stars are made, not born & nobody makes it unless part of the game.
She serviced the elite of Mackinac Island in upstate Michigan where Gov George Romney, Lee Iacocca & Gerald Ford frequented.
Far fetched? George was raised by 5 polygamist step mothers,& his son had two terms as president!
She says the drug, porn & white slavery industries are controlled by the Illuminati & the mafia who are really one in the same & aided by governments committed to the New World Order.
Heroin & cocaine come in from Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Virgin Is., & Puerto Rico on NCL cruise ships which unload in Key West with the help of CIA operative & Parrott head, Jimmy Buffett
or on Long Is. docks that are controlled by NY congressman Guy Ackerman & the longshoreman's union.
She recounts Dick Cheney & Bush Sr. hunting & then raping her & her daughter like animals in a sport they call "A most dangerous game."
She says that traumatic events are recorded in the mind (of abused slaves) photographically.
A very telling quote for me was a memorized message she delivered to Saudi King Fahd from Reagan;
"The negotiations you are about to embark on are not only critical to the world peace process, but may solidify US- Saudi relations beyond your wildest expectations.
You have my word that what appears to be the building up of forces in Iraq is but a mirage in the whirlwind.
When the operation is completed and the dust finally settles, you will see that the sands have shifted in time, running out on our adversaries and shifting all power and control to our united effort.
United we stand to conquer all in the name of world peace and world order, and I am confident that together we can not fail.
The more Saddam destroys is that much less for us to do and deal with when we implement the Order."
3000 tons of depleted uranium munitions were exploded in Iraq since then. What do you think?
Whatever else happened on 9/11, it was at least a gold bullion robbery, massive insurance rip- off & money laundering cover-up (Marsh/AIG) and mass murder which will topple the US from the world stage.
In its wake, Iraq is nearly destroyed, its oil has been diverted to Israel, a re-institute of the draft is being put forth, the military industrial giants have bankrupted the US & 4 aircraft carrier battle groups are now (Dec 2006) in the Persian Gulf.
Afghanistan is supplying 90% of the world's heroin, & is being grown on land contaminated with toxic radiation that will slowly kill its users.
In 2006, heroin output increased 60% from the previous year's crop to 2100 tons of opium which converts to 610 tons of heroin.
At 1700% profit margins, some pretty awful people in Turkey, Israel, the US & Britain plus the Taliban & local thugs they call "Ali Babbas" are getting filthy rich!
The land between China & the valley of Megiddo is now totally controlled by Iran, Pakistan, the Taliban in Afghanistan & Iraq is in all out civil war.
The $2.5 Billion Baghdad embassy was quickly built in the shape of a 5 pointed star, with streets laid out in the shape of a swastika.
Oil pipelines take Iraq's oil away from their citizens & transport it to Haifa Israel where the Tribe of Dan set up Golden Calf idols & Jeroboam built a competing Jewish Temple, so you be the judge if her book is too incredible too believe!
I suspect that Cathy may still be mind controlled & the book's intent is to make us "throw the baby out with the bathwater" due to its incredible information, you'll have to decide that.
Her co-author, Mark Phillips is a known CIA mind control programmer who says he "got her out."
The bible says once a person blasphemes the Holy Ghost, it will not ever return. In other words, the person is now Satan's property. This is why Billy Graham & George Bush fooled so many people.
This is true of 33rd degree Masons, everyone of the 2000+ people in the Illuminati, the 121 PDS members, Cabbalists above the 6th degree, high level witches & many other committed New World Order agents.
These are the people Jesus describes as "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways." I believe once you're in the CIA, you're always in the CIA so take this information with a grain of salt but remember that the best false teachers tell as much truth as possible!
End of thread.
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