Quarantine, Day 8: Today I remembered I used to tell myself I’d eat so healthy if I worked from home.
Quarantine, Day 9: Can I not breathe because I have Coronavirus? Or can I not breathe because I’m out of shape and attempted to run?
Quarantine, Day 10: considering cutting my own hair.
Quarantine, Day 11: I never want to see another push-up again.
Quarantine, Day 12: Spending the day thinking about how our president had no idea what takeout is.
Quarantine, Day 13: I’m missing FaceTime calls because I’m on FaceTime calls.
Quarantine, Day 15: I watched Uncut Gems last night, and I would rather quarantine myself for another 2 weeks than have to watch that again even once.
Quarantine, Day 16: sharing 2.5 year old tweets.
Quarantine, Day 17: my mother would like to know if I’m dating.
Quarantine, Day 18: I just remembered that at 3am I ordered a home gym system on Groupon ?!
Quarantine, Day 19: I really miss holding (other people’s) babies.
Quarantine, Day 20: Why does 8 hours of sleep only feel like 2 these days?
Quarantine, Day 21: Banana bread is the foundation of my personal food pyramid.
(It has replaced “lazy charcuterie” in case you were wondering)
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