Ok, I know we're all bored and stressed, but good news! I found this Victorian book of indoor games I forgot I had. Victorian's are the OG indoor kids, let's see what they have to say. #QuarantineLife #indoorkids
Hogtie men and make them roll around like weebles. Last one upright wins. #QuarantineLife
Suit and spats are NOT optional, btw, so come correct.
Tired of human weebles? Ridiculous! Ugh, fine. Tie a bracelet to your gaslight chandelier and throw bullets through it. You have bullets around right? What am I saying, this is America, of course you do. This should keep you ingrates entertained for a sennight. #QuarantineLife
What? You broke the chandelier? Your mother shall hear of this. Well. Let's move on to less zesty enterprises. One of you go hide behind the curtains, and we shall guess who it is from studying your footware. What fun! We're just like that Sherlock Holmes fellow. #QuarantineLife
No, I suppose it was foolhardy to play the shoe-guessing game with only three people. What of this? You shall be blindfolded and I shall ring a bell at your backside. Then you guess where I have hidden the bell. Jolly good fun! #QuarantineLife #indoorkids
These games are boring? How dare you. Very well. I was holding this back for when we really needed a lift, but you give me no choice. We shall play at apple snapping. I shall blindfold you and hit your face with an apple on a string. Surely there can be no objections to that.
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