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Fascist leaders don’t know how to deal with a real crisis.

A difference between real and manufactured crises is that a manufactured crisis is controlled and doesn’t get out of hand.

That’s why “Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” (1984)

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Trump's solution is right out of 1984: He's working on persuading his supporters that China is the problem, and the Democrats are holding him back from doing battle with the real enemy: China.
Putin, Orban, Bolsanaro, and Trump all learn from each other.

I think Trump imitates Putin and Orban, and Bolsanaro imitates Trump.

I get tired of arguing with the Collective Wisdom on Twitter which holds that Trump is either a blithering fool . . . https://twitter.com/myers_mel/status/1241183811255390218
. . . showing that Trump crossed out "corona" and wrote "Chinese" to describe the virus?

This is what we call evidence that Trump deliberately changed "corona" to Chinese. Of course he knew this would enrage people. https://twitter.com/NBCPolitics/status/1240762627120381956
The guy is a conman. He's an actor. He's brought us to the brink of a regime change. We're in danger of being transformed into a full fledged autocracy.

Go back and read the testimony about Operation Ukraine. Trump was driving that.

Or read Comey's account of their meeting.
Read Comey on how he "eats your soul in pieces," or Michael Cohen's account of how he corrupts people, draws them in and manipulates them into committing crimes for him.

I rest my case.

(Even though no fewer than 20 people will tell me I'm wrong and he's dumber than a corpse).
Yale professor @jasonintrator, who studies fascism and propaganda, says that Trump is cynically using a set of fascist tactics to gain and maintain power.

We underestimate him at our peril.
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