We are giving away $50,000 on Twitter to families who need it. There is a lot of need out there. Let’s do all we can to help. If you can help chip in here. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/web_humanity_forward?refcode=navbar If you need help go to the thread below. #YesWeCare #MoneyForThePeople https://twitter.com/HumanityForward/status/1240960277690155008
Please do reply to this thread if you can help. Let’s get a whole thing going. 😀
You can actually see who it’s going to in real time on the @humanityforward thread. Again if you need help go there and we will do our best.
You all are incredible. We have raised $60,000+ today thanks to you! Money has started to go out to people who need it. Thank you. If you keep giving they will keep getting. 👍🙏❤️
Make that $100,000+ and counting! Makes me proud. Imagine the relief and gratitude on the other end. It’s not just the money. It’s the fact that people care enough to help. We can - we must - take care of each other.
And now we are past $140,000! Every dollar will be given to a family in need pronto. Thank you for being such awesome humans. 😀🙏
We are nearing $200,000 in total contributions! And the money is going out too. THANK YOU. Every dollar is going back into someone else’s hands who needs it. Giving people money is fun! I highly recommend it. Feel free to give to people directly too. 😀
And we are now approaching 225,000! Thank you. 🙏 Every dollar is going to someone in need right now. The needs are vast and we all need to do everything we can to keep people safe and secure.
We are now past $275,000! Every dollar goes to someone in need. Thank you to everyone who has given so generously. It means a ton to the people on the other end. 🙏 @cthagod
We have given out nearly $200,000 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and will be up to $150,000 at http://www.movehumanityforward.com  today! THANK YOU to everyone who helped make it possible! People need you more than ever.
And now we are at $300,000! As you keep donating we’ll keep giving. You all are incredible. Being able to help others during this time is an awesome thing. 😀
We passed $330,000! People’s generosity is staggering. Again every dollar donated is going to someone in need right now.
And now we are past $360,000! Thank you for making it possible for us to help others. Every donation winds up in someone else’s account. That’s what Humanity Forward is all about. 😀👍
We just broke $400,000! You give to @HumanityForward and we give every dollar to someone who needs it badly. One thing we’ve seen is that the fact that someone cares is often as important as the money. We are all human. #HumanityFirst #HumanityForward
And now we broke $440,000! We keep sending out money each day - THANK YOU for your belief in us and @HumanityForward. Head to the website http://www.movehumanityforward.com  as website submissions are now the way we are identifying recipients. 👍🙏😀
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