whipped culture coming through
interlocked fingers :((
they look really cozy 🥺
they kept on figuring out how the frying face game works lmao such cuties
g: hurry and practice now
s: you want him to hurry so you can already eat dinner?
g: no, i wanna go home
s: p'mew is that position comfortable?
m: yes~

gulf was waiting for mew and then at the end mew locked gulf's head with his arm THIS IS SO SOFT PLS
gulf said he was sleepy and mew said he's not because he was paying attention lmao gulf teased back and said mew sleeps more often than him during shooting
suppaseat remains winning despite all the chairs around and the big ass sofa beside them 😀
mew won't let go of gulf even just for 0.00001000100101001 seconds and eventually made the latter sit on his lap im tired
this was when they both have a misunderstanding and gulf was trying to reconcile by clinging to mew's arm but the older was just not having it sdfgshdhshs
mew turned a total of three times before putting gulf down and i guess it wasn't enough because he still hugged the younger in the end :((
imagine being mild and getting done with them every single freaking time 😬
shut up gulf really makes mew genuinely happy
mew was smiling ear to ear while gulf was filming his scene but he immediately changed his expression when he was being recorded sdfghshshg
mew came to the set to cheer for gulf but gulf said he was already done when he arrived 🤨

pf: no i should not stand beside them
m: then let's switch to tharn-pu fai
g: if you will do that, i'll be the 3rd party
m: *immediately hugs gulf

everyone was already busy packing up but then there's mewgulf hugging each other for more than 40 seconds without saying a word IM UGLY CRYIGNSGS AGAIN
compilation of mewgulf opening and closing doors because it's cute >////<
mew immediately hugging gulf as soon as they went inside the studio???? suppasit really does everything according to his own will 🤧
bRotHeRs wHo HavE lOvE fOr eAcH oThEr
this side of mew is really showing whenever gulf is around wbk
look at how much mew is having fun while teasing gulf sdgshdgs we know he did all of that to hug the younger 😏 and how they are holding hands from the back? I HATE THEM CLINGY BOYFRIENDS
pui fai is really adorable how can you even hate her character 🥺
let's talk about how everyone was already used to this situation i mean they were talking about something else while mew is busy wrapping his arms around gulf's waist I AM DUMBFOUNDED
wht is this so chaotic sdggshsgs mew and kaownah were practing a dance while mild was insisting to apply make-up on gulf aaaaaa best boys
look at how they were throwing lines with different cuddling positions possible this is probably why all their kisses, hugs, and even love scenes look so freaking real
mew helping gulf clean his polo what an attentive boyfriend :((
everybody shut up mew is concentrating
mew suppasit you mean gulf kanawut's co-actor/ managaer / bodyguard/ boyfriend? yeah i know him too well 👍
not at how gulf also copying mew's dab when he finally got to do it too sdfgshdgd these adorable boys
mew was holding gulf's waist the whole time and kokliang was not having it so he keeps on hitting mew's hand and the man really went "what's wrong with you?" 😂
- mew babying gulf again
- gulf giving mew a massage
- mew disliking the drink and gulf laughing at him

i just love how they're so comfy with eo 🥺
just another clip of mew playing with gulf's tummy sighs
gulf: wait a minute! camera are you ready? i worry about p'mew's back 😆
"oiii that's enough~"
"calm down phi"

remember when mew forgot they were just filming 😬
never forget that the official acc was the one who tweeted this 🙃
missing ttts boys hours [ OPEN ]
best boys
how to reconcile the type thiwat way 🥺

mew hugging gulf like there's no tomorrow with his chin resting on the younger's back,,,,,kaownah and p'tong im so sorry 🤧 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
not at how mew was just playing with gulf's hair THE WHOLE TIME 😭 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
look at how much they were laughing at their lines during the table read 😩💖 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
that position looks really uncomfortable but there's mew having the best time 🙄 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
but the way mew immediately hugged gulf when he was embarassed sdhdgdhdhd that shit is so cute ok #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
clip of mew rubbing, shaking, and not getting enough of gulf's tummy for 40 seconds straight 🤧 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
their normal selves getting really clingy & cozy with each other 🥺 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
it still amazes me how gulf, a guy who is 185cm tall, automatically becomes a whole babie around mew look at how the latter can easily lock him up sdhdshhssh
not at how gulf was contemplating if he should lean his head on mew or not aw babie 😩 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
that 😳 sudden 😳 pull 😳 smoothppasit 😳
g: ai tharn! stop! i feel ticklish!
m: no one's touching you 😆
g: if you don't stop i won't make ❤ with you all week!
s: you don't need to make it cause tharn will
g: *repeats same mistake
s: you actually want it right?

ICONIC 💯 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
mew playing with gulf's chin just because
shut upshdhshd mew was finding gulf's tickle spot but the babie doesn't have one lmao mew said he's the one who feel ticklish instead 😂 #เพราะคิดถึงเลยรีรัน
cuddles and warm hugs
gulf: /doing random stretching and lunges out of nowhere/
staff: what are you doing?
gulf: huh? oh, im just waiting for p'mew

icb how mew was able to sleep in that position and how gulf was just letting his phi do his thing until the staff filmed them and he teased mew by picking his nose aCK THESE BOYS
mew deadass hit (still gentle tho) gulf's head because he must be saying silly stuff hnsgsbsg so cute 🥺
the last time i checked gulf said he doesn't eat strawberry unless necessary so because mew was the one feeding him,,,HE HAS TO EAT IT OF FUCSKJBG COURSE 🙃
gulf's hair was already stinging mew's chin so president mild gave him a tissue awe then there's kaownah just admiring them from the side 🥺
mew having so much fun watching gulf being too immersed in his character and look at his hand around gulf's waist 🤧
kaownah: may your love last forever, let's kiss let's kiss~

he literally just gave them his blessing 🙃
mewgulf were suddenly comparing their hand size so p'mild teased and got in between them sdhdhhdd mew then jokingly threw his hand and even pushed his food away aCKSHS HIS POSSESSIVE ASS
- gulf said all of his food support are mew's fav
- boys: ppl in love stink
- "he's holding gulf's belly"
- p'mame: mew wants to know how many months pregnant is gulf
- gulf: where is boat? let's show them your six pack

[caption trans] gulf was afraid that mew will lose his drama script so he wrote a mystic symbol to prevent it :)
m: does the handwriting need to be this big?
g: right? who did that? im confused too
t: do you want to watch the clip?
g: what clip? 55
t: here's the proof *attaches clip
m: your handwriting
g: 😖😖
clip that proves gulf was the one who wrote hugely in mew's script 😂
mewgulf spooning always hits differently
ever wondered what love looks like?
lift each other up, literally 😳
subtle yet THE IMPACT
another flip the bottle challenge and gulf would be very emazed everytime mew was able to do it shdhshhd the babie's dab when he finally got to do it
mew had a paper cut and you can really tell how gulf's face look so worried at 0:36 and the way he immediately asked the staff to give mew a plaster iM JUST GONNA,,,,GO,,,LIKE FOREVER BYE
not at how they were just sticking together on the side laughing and looking so lost again in their own world 🥺
s: how did you say sorry to p'mew?
g: ohhh, what did i do? i touched his neck and rubbed like this
m: if you rub like that it may spark soon
s: did it hurt?
m: so much ><
g: you are just acting

the assistant director is already crumbling because of too much feels yet mewgulf are still teasing her aCK I HATE THEM SO MUCH
kok really likes to tease mew by dragging gulf away from him 😂

g: i got bullied again
m: why do you love to bully gulf?
s: but you didn't help him this time?
m: im exhausted 🤦‍♀️

ok but the way gulf went back to stick by mew's side 🥺
mewgulf: must cling all the time must stick together at all costs 🤧
glowing boyfriends
gulf has been really vocal about mew's great looks EVERSINCE 😭
gulf stressing how it hits differently when mew calls him "yaii nong" sdfhshd i hate how his khun pi won't stop teasing him until he eventually got shy 🤧
can yall imagine how good does a mew suppasit power hug feel like? you can't? well gulf kanawut can 😩
they wanted to pet the dog but won't bend down because they were hugging each other???? wAIT WHAT????
one of the few times where gulf actually looks taller than mew aw these lovely boys 🥺
s: honestly, do you act like a lovely little brother when mew is around?
g: no look like a big boy when i stand alone but p'mew is bigger than mew

gulf sulking because mew speaks sweeter to chopper he really said "ohooo~ it's so different 😔" HNSHSBG I WANNA PUNCH THE WALL
s: p'mew is very good at singing?
g: SUPERB!! 👍
s: can you cuddle the cat p'mew?
g: if chopper can smell the cat when you go home he'll def get angry and won't play with you!
g: *imitates chopper* where have you been?!

damn breathtaking
gulf's iconic "compared to p'mew my skin tone is called chocolate" and everyone, including mew himself, went "eieieiieie~" 🤧
teach us your ways p'mew 😩
side hugs and back hugs
the staff were giving them instructions and they were holding hands with their fingers interlocked the entire time also let's talk about how gulf squeezed mew's hand twice at 0:20 😭💘
this looks like the ones you see in romance movies except that it's true 🤧
babie gulf really rubbing his chin all over mew's shoulder and head they're either boyfriends or boyfriends NO IN BETWEEN
gulf in a man bun and mew with a side parting hairstyle probably one of the bests 🥺
the yin to his yang ♡
you always get the best behind the camera
gulf isn't included in the scene and everyone was telling him to go change already

g: i want to sit here (on mew's lap)
g: i want to go but p'mew doesn't want to
s: this is my scene! why are you here gulf?
g: /pretends to not hear a single shit

they went to change clothes for the next scene & mew noticed that gulf looks exhausted so he waited for gulf to ride on his back

g: im not really exhausted, just wanna ride on khun pi's back

ttts: when khun pi's not here, you can walk on your own right?
mac looks sick enough watching mewgulf i mean they were just rehearsing their lines what's with the unnecessary hugging 🤢
when i say mew takes care of gulf well i meant to say VERY VERY WELL to the extent that he's even doing the job of make-up artists wiping gulf's face 😭
someday im gonna buy myself a suppaseat also ok wATCH ME FAIL BECAUSE I AIN'T GULF KANAWUT 🤧
- sleeping mew but never letting go of gulf
- kok not having it again
- mild fixing mew's hair and giving him a soft forehead kiss 🥺
- gulf unbothered and comfortably leaning on mew

babie gulf who i only know babie mew 🥺
g: p'mew said to throw it hard so he will get angry easily that's why i threw it in full power
m: and i feel like i really got angry
s: don't need an effect anymore
g: because i want to help you 😘

that's why gulf kept rubbing mew's nape 🥺
- mew calling gulf "yai nong" to intensify p'jane's feels
- gulf confidently putting his arm around mew and even giving him a massage
- mew: i'll give you 20$ for this 🤑
they were literally asking gulf to go back or go sleep bc they can't handle it anymore and gulf was like "no my univ is already close i want to stay with khun pi longer" 🤧

oh this is nothing it's just mewgulf playing with each other's tummy :))
mew was rehearsing his lines already but he still wanna play and don't want to let go of gulf's hand so the latter said "wait p'mew i'll be song for you" 🥺🤧
mew was asking if they could censor gulf's pimple using stickers idk about yall but that's really thoughtful 😭
g: /imitates tummy growling sound
g: we need to finish this scene, kiss and we get to eat
m: we kiss and we get to eat, right?
g: yes~

they're just talking about the kiss like oKAY LET'S GET THIS DONE ALREADY 🙃
just a smol kitten cuddling with his owner
s: this is the former drum major from what school ka?
m: from Satit Kaset School krub
g: /imitates mew/
s: this is an example of kuang mai (juggling the drum stick)
m: he's kuang (linking arms) mai right now 😂

gulf was watching mew play the drums on the side 🥺

s: can you do that again?
g: /claps exaggeratedly/ normally the crowd goes "woohoo!" after the performance
g: just keep on hitting it (drums) pi!
m: this isn't mine so i just hit it whatever
g: 5555
mew said he's heading home first & gulf went "what?! but im almost done?" the babie wanted mew to wait for him 🥺

m: susu na /hugs
g: /hugs back GRRR
m: why are u angry?
g: someone wants to get you
m: jealous?
g: yes!
m: /giggles

g: p'run looks like a tanuki (japanese raccoon dog)
m: /laughs/ why are you so naughty yaii nong?

the way gulf was clinging tightly unto mew and how the older always laughs at the younger's jokes I SAY BOYFRIENDS #มกปฟก
"what are you doing?"

gulf: getting cool air because the weather is very hot today

the suppafan:
they wanted to go home early & the staff said that her sister is also waiting for her at home

s: do u understand my feeling?
m: yes gulf, do u?
g: u said u wanted to go home also like me
m: no, i said when the time is over

the way they scrunch their noses
personal space? they have no idea what is it
it's their break time mew wanted to sleep & gulf wanted to play games or browse on his phone but the two don't want to be apart from each other SO THEY DO THIS 🤧
some unnecessary skinships they just wanna do it so yeah go on 🙃
daddies vs. cuties
they don't know where and what to eat dinner so they played rock paper scissors 🥺
gulf doesn't know how to play with the storage tube while mew was rocking it so the staff asked him to practice with the broom instead and the babie was really about to look for one IM CRYINGSGS SO PRECIOUS
so basically gulf was telling his p'mew how they had to reshoot his scene for a few times because of techno and the way mew was listening to his babie attentively while carrying him on his lap & playing with his tummy 😭
aren't we all p'nun tho 😩
clip of khun suppasit messily, hurriedly & adorably eating his ice cream 🥺
gulf and his lazy but convenient ass 😂
mew wanted to try acting in a musical or drama so he played with p'ghing during their free time

m: why are you being like this to me?!
g: im so sorryyy /immediately hugs

the way p'ghing got flustered and gave up so easily HONESTLY SAME
they just won't get off from each other so the staff legit went straight beside them and lied down WHAT KIND OF DISRESPECT IS THIS MEWGULF
f: gulf is my team
g: no i don't want to take a side
gi: pls say you're my team p'mew
m: i want to eat mcdonald
gi: alright i will order everything you want

love how mewgulf always keep their working environment healthy & fun 🥺🥰
professional soccer player gulf kanawut teasing a newbie shdhdhd the way mild threw something at him 😂
so cute how they met in the middle and mew immediately grabbed gulf's waist 🥺

g: im so hungry now (lowkey asking)
m: but im full and plan to go to sleep
g: we'll meet in the next scene pi~
m: yes i have to rest before working
m: /happily rubbing gulf's tummy
g: today i'll finish the job first
m: /confused/ no we'll finish at the same time
g: you have a solo scene remaining
m: really? /dumbfounded

look at gulf rejoicing because he'll finish the shoot earlier than mew MY BABIES
mew suppasit really sleeping anytime & anywhere whenever he gets the chance 🤧
little type just snatched gulf's phone from his hand

b: oh you have this game too?
g: i already played 3 games
b: i played this game too!
g: he's only six years old 😆

ttts official account caption:

"one of khun pi's favorite things is yai nong's tummy :)"

s: let's look at the real excited person
t: no im not
s: really?
t: yes, im actually fine
*hiter, mew & gulf sending him encouragement*
t: ok im more excited now 😆

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