Some Progressives in California that got through their jungle primaries against Republicans or Centrist Democrats:

CA01: @audrey4congress
CA12: @ShahidForChange
CA18: @rishikumar1
CA29: @Angelica4CA
CA34: @davidkim2020
CA38: @MichaelTolar6
CA42: @LiamOMaraIV
CA53: @SDGeorgette
Texas Progressives who either are running against a Republican or in a runoff race against a Centrist Democrat:

TX04: @RussellFosterTX
TX10: @SiegelForTexas
TX14: @AdrBell
TX31: @donnaimamTX
Mississippi & Illinois, and are already running against Republicans:

MS01: @Antonia4MS1
IL03: @Marie4Congress
Progressive and @BrandNew535 candidate @NickRubando wins primary, and goes on to the general election in OH-05.
I missed @JulieOliverTX in TX-25, and I will continue to update this thread as more people who explicitly support #MedicareForAll and a #GreenNewDeal win their primaries.
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