Since we’re all missing hockey, I figured I’d tweet some of the greatest goals in Penguins history. This one is my all-time favorite that I saw in-person. Great pass @IMHockeyskills (he had less room than you think) & that baby at the glass is now in his mid-20’s!
This game has to be on any “Greatest Games” list in Penguins history. Game 7 Double OT for a trip to the Final & Kunitz the hero. #PensQuarantineTheater
Not the most famous goal, but I just love this one from the Cup clinching game in 1991. Murphy pass off the boards, Lemieux onside (no two-line pass!) as if they choreographed it. #PensQuarantineTheater
“The Geno.” It was like everything he shot in this series went in. #PensQuarantineTheater
The Crosby Comeback Game from 2011. You just knew when you walked into the building on this night that you’d see something special. #PensQuarantineTheater
Petr Nedved in the fourth OT in 1996 vs. the Caps. So many crazy things in this game: Lemieux ejected for a fight, first ever playoff OT penalty shot & still the 5th-longest game in NHL history. #PensQuarantineTheater
Can you believe this was 12 years ago? #FirstWinterClassic #PensQuarantineTheater
On this date in 1996, Lemieux scores five goals vs. the Blues for his son Austin, who had just been born. One of the Pens’ most memorable regular season games. #PensQuarantineTheater
Kris Letang’s Cup-winning goal in 2016 in San Jose. You just knew there was no way they would lose this Game Six. #PensQuarantineTheater
This one from Jagr in 1999 vs. the Flyers should probably get more attention for being one of the all-time greatest goals for style points. #PensQuarantineTheater
Malkin has mentioned this one before vs. Tampa Bay from 2012 as one of his personal favorites. #PensQuarantineTheater
Since we’re starting our look back at the 2009 Cup Final with Game 3 tonight on @ATTSportsNetPIT, how about the eventual Game 7 Cup-winning goal from @Max25talbot. #SpoilerAlert #PensQuarantineTheater
Way before everyone was trying the between-the-legs shot, Mario did it back in 1996 vs. the Canucks. You just had to stay up late on a school night to see it. #PensQuarantineTheater
One of the signature moments from Crosby’s rookie season in 2005. The shootout winner against Montreal. #WaterBottle #PensQuarantineTheater
Lemieux ties a playoff record with 5 goals and 8 points (which still stand) in Game 5 in 1989 vs. the Flyers. Nice pass by that Errey guy! Tough series loss, but part of the process. #PensQuarantineTheater
Penguins have two Game 7 overtime wins in their franchise history: Kunitz in 2017 and this one from Darius Kasparaitis in 2001 featuring one of the greatest celebrations ever. #PensQuarantineTheater
Another great series clincher. This one from Bonino (!) in 2016 vs. the Capitals. #PensQuarantineTheater
Jagr told me once on @NHLNetwork that this was the biggest goal he ever scored in his career (even bigger than the 1992 Cup Final goal). 1999 vs. NJ to keep the Penguins alive. #PensQuarantineTheater
One of the great games that sometimes gets forgotten: Game 5 of the 2008 Final. Mostly known for Talbot’s late goal, Fleury’s OT goaltending & Petr Sykora’s “called shot” in triple OT. #PensQuarantineTheater
Jake Guentzel scored on his first shot in the NHL and pretty much hasn’t stopped scoring until his injury this year. #PensQuarantineTheater
With @ATTSportsNetPIT airing Game 7 of the 2009 Final tonight, remember it may not have happened without this Kris Letang overtime goal in the second round with Washington up 2-0 in the series. #PensQuarantineTheater
Lemieux scores five goals against the Rangers in 1993, gets a standing ovation at MSG and the Penguins set the NHL record for the longest winning streak (still stands at 17 games). #PensQuarantineTheater
The Geno breakaway slapper vs. the Flyers in 2008 after he got hit by Richards and the Igloo went crazy. #PensQuarantineTheater
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