movie/tv-show recommendations for your covid quarantine needs. THREAD
1. A mini series (binge-worthy) for historical true crime lovers #AliasGrace
2. Wanna bawl your eyes out? Watch this movie #TheGardenofWords
3. Virus outbreak films.. have fun.
4. #FunnyGames, but nothing funny about it + u can watch two versions of this creepy movie
5. #TheHunt(a mix between The Purge & Ready or Not). If u don’t think about it too much, it’s enjoyable.
6. Every fairytale has a dark side..
7. YOU MUST watch a black & white movie every once in a while, so here's one..
8. The robots, sci-fi visuals, the mystery, the scenery, the soundtrack, the plot, Mind. Fucking. Blowing.
9. Mini-series (4ep) about overcoming societal limitations & escaping a bleak reality
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