1/21 We like to believe that good leaders lift people up to their level.

But that isn't always the case.

Somebody can be an effective leader and yet, instead of lifting people up, drag them down, invite them to go lower and embrace their darkest desires, their fear and hatred.
2/ Donald Trump is such a leader. He's not smart or competent or truthful or moral, though many of his followers insist otherwise.

He's cruel and crude, greedy and selfish, vengeful and angry, arrogant and oafish, suspicious and vindictive.

He doesn't guide.

He unleashes.
3/ He did it with immigrants, with Baltimore, with San Francisco, with judges, with law enforcement, with minorities, with women, with the press.

And now, while his flock sneers that calling the coronavirus the "Chinese virus" isn't racist, he is unleashing them again.
4/ While his flock sneers that calling the coronavirus the "Chinese virus" isn't racist, his tacit approval of that term is leading a growing rash of racism, violence, and harassment against Asian Americans, particularly of Chinese heritage.
5/ Watch as he all but chortles when called out during a press conference.

He deflects, using the classic defensive "who said that" every pretend victim instinctively knows, makes the reporter repeat herself, & then tacitly approves of the racism and says its victims would also.
8/ https://twitter.com/weijia/status/1239923246801334283
11/ https://twitter.com/JiayangFan/status/1240111033550766080
13/ https://twitter.com/PaulRieckhoff/status/1240439564583526400
15/ https://twitter.com/RKJ65/status/1240581132686671872
17/ https://twitter.com/MiekeEoyang/status/1240346158452654080
19/ https://twitter.com/PaulWuster/status/1240488570332180480
21/21 Ultimately, it's the same old story.

Trump has a problem, so he finds a victim he can conveniently target to distract from it.

What happens to his victims he never cares about.

After all, the whole world is full of potential Trump victims.
1/2 I wish I could be surprised that Trump personally edited his speeches to make them more racist and xenophobic, but I am not. https://twitter.com/briantylercohen/status/1240709061328297984
2/2 Here is Trump crossing out "Corona" and replaing it with "Chinese" Virus as he speaks with his coronavirus task force today at the White House

The #RacistInChief hard at work spreading his message. Seems #TyphoidTrump is contagious in many ways. https://twitter.com/jabinbotsford/status/1240701140141879298
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