#medtwitter- now not time to dress up at work. Do it like staff in operating room. #COVID19 #ICU #pulmcc #PedsICU

1. Wear “Commute clothes” from home. Old stuff/shoes you don’t care about.

2. Remove commute clothes before any pt/team contact in office/locker room.

3. Wear Surgical scrubs from machine if possible- if you don’t have access see if you can get it. Otherwise keep several clean pairs of scrubs in locker/office

4. Deposit scrubs end of day or if not from machine,keep in closed bag.

#covid19 #medtwitter #icu #PedsICU #pulmcc
4. Wear Commute clothes home, straight into wash.

5. Repeat.

Trust me this is important- do not wear your clothes home. #SocialDistancing #covid19 #medtwitter
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