4/4 So please, for everybody's sake, practice #SocialDistancing, #WashYourHands , and take the coronavirus seriously.

#WeAreInThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve
2/2 https://twitter.com/AliNouriPhD/status/1240660209099563008
Another cautionary tale... and a young woman fighting for her life. I wish her all, and commend her stubborn bravery for posting this even as she is in this state. https://twitter.com/kr3at/status/1240296333354950658
Bjonda Haliti is 22 and has the #coronavirus.

Here is her story.

While the elderly are most at risk, anybody can be devastated by this disease.

#ShelterInPlace #WashYourHands #SocialDistancing https://twitter.com/baeonda/status/1240324132723544070
1/2 Again, this is NOT just a disease that affects older people. It strikes everybody. https://twitter.com/TrinityResists/status/1241504933058207744
2/2 https://twitter.com/bradleyziffer/status/1240676575168921600
2/2 “It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube.”
David Lat's tale is both one of hope for survival, and a cautionary tale of how even survival can be difficult. The best answer: don't get it to begin with.

I spent 6 days on a ventilator with covid-19. It saved me, but my life is not the same. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/04/09/my-near-death-experience-ventilator/
15 Children Are Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to COVID-19 https://news.yahoo.com/15-children-hospitalized-mysterious-illness-122427763.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw via @YahooNews
Former Obama health care head Andy Slavitt ( . @ASlavitt ) explains how COVID-19 is not just a disease that impacts the elderly, but also heavily affects those who are middle aged, from 45 to 64. https://twitter.com/ASlavitt/status/1265830745345581062
1/2 https://twitter.com/HelenBranswell/status/1287828410073600004?s=20
My thread here is dedicated to dispelling the lie that COVID-19 is "a disease that only kills the old."

I am sure it overlaps some with this thread that tracks children who have been lost to it.

There is no guarantee anybody is immune to the #TrumpVirus. https://twitter.com/Cleavon_MD/status/1280930511527923713?s=20
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