thread of mewgulf interacting with their mother-in-law, an essential 🥺
gulf introducing his parents and mew politely greeting them 🥺
gulf was thanking his mom and dad here because he wouldn't have been born if not for them and look at how well behaved mew is beside gulf's mom shshdhshs
mew comfortably lying his head on gulf's lap even if the latter's mom was just sitting beside them 😀
mew just having a casual conversation with his mother-in-law
gulf's mom transferred seat and mew just quickly took a glance on her, smiled, and continued to fix gulf's hair sdfhshdhsh
mew did all of that right in front of her salad
their moms at the back talking if there's really nothing going on between the two if they could flirt like that :))
mew's mom to gulf's mom: sis we don't need a confirmation from them, we already saw it with our own eyes 🤡
mew getting all handsy and possessive with gulf's mom on the side pretending she didn't see a thing asdfhshdhhs HELP
gulf said the price of the dowry will increase or decrease based on mew's behaviour so mew went finding gulf's mom to negotiate about the dowry to her instead INDEED ICONIC
mew mistook gulf's mom as a fan and also waved at her look at the way his whole body vibrated while immediately apologizing i can't stop cACKLING
mewgulf doing merits with their moms [managers & friends] during their day-off 🥺
after the merit they all [with their moms of course] had a meal together and they just needed to exhibit this boyfriends behaviour
mewgulf's moms saying they are really proud of their sons receiving the BEST COUPLE AWARD im gonnsa sobdhsdhsgs
can we talk about how gulf's mom isn't really fond of her pictures or videos to be taken but gave a video greeting during mew's birthday and wished him wellness and success THE SWEETEST THING
mewgulf's moms are definitely bffs 🥺
how mild was so playful towards gulf's mom and mew was so formal around her sdhsgshdhs THE FREAKING DIFFERENCE
remember when gulf went at suppasit's residence to surprise mew on his birthday and mew's mom had to calm chopper down during their first meet-up THAT WAS WILD
gulf completely forgot about his mom and was about to go home with mew oHMYSGOSHS SO CUTE
mewgulf and their moms in their separate worlds aw this is adorable :((((
mew's mom was so happy that mewgulf were receiving the blessings together she's even conversing with the fans and making sure she's not blocking the view :((
celebrating new year with their moms and mewgulf be really sitting beside each other well boyfriends indeed 🤧
the way mama suppasit is smiling at mama kanawut while mewgulf is busy minding their own business
during the last epsiode of ttts, mewgulf were watching together upstairs while their moms were also watching downstairs
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